What drink is a 10/10?

  1. There’s a melon cream soda in Japan. The bottle has penguins on it. I only came by it twice, but both times I was very hot and wanted a yummy, cold, refreshing drink.

  2. Thai iced tea actually loses a point for being too perfect. The experience always ends on a very sad note because I suck it down in like 90 seconds because it tastes too good.

  3. I’m not Thai, but I’m amazed how this isn’t massively popular in the US like Starbucks. I think SB just has the trendiness. Because I feel like Thai Tea is by far better than most SB drinks I’ve had. I’d also say boba tea is usually preferable to SB personally, as well. But Thai Tea is the best hands down

  4. Holy fuck this might be the first mention I’ve seen of that! They’re soooo good! Thai iced coffee is excellent as well.

  5. Shit, I almost forgot about that. Damn, close call. I really like a good iced chocolate chai latte. I could probably drink either one by the gallon if they weren't so expensive.

  6. I had a banana smoothie at a music festival in Hungary. It was the single best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. The perfect balance of sweetness, temperature and texture.

  7. Damn I now lust for your mythical Hungarian banana smoothie. I love those weird perfect foods/drinks you can stumble on sometimes, I once had the perfect apple from a market stall in a small town in Argentina, I have never been able to find anything remotely like it again, I even went back a few months later and couldn't find the stall or any apples like it.

  8. Try a mango lassi from an Indian restaurant - I can’t promise it’ll be as good but I think it’ll be close.

  9. In high school, my Spanish 3 textbook had the most amazing banana smoothie recipe...I ended up making one most days after school. This was the 90s and that smoothie recipe was so good, I ended up carefully tearing that page out if the textbook at the end of the year. I remember it had fresh squeezed lemon.

  10. About 10 years ago I was playing at a music festival and I could tell the sound guy was just not feeling it - he was slumped in a chair most of the time and looking utterly depressed.

  11. I didn't realize this was my answer til I saw it. I've never ever had a lassi that was less than delicious, and I've never not been sad when it finished. Agree w the other reply that the only thing keeping from drinking 2L a day is type 2 diabetes.

  12. Had my first mango lassi whilst also tripping on acid for the first time, I was going for a walk and this Indian food stall guy was like semi harassing me into buying one and I’m so glad I did, magical experience

  13. Thank you! I was going to keep scrolling until I saw pina coladas mentioned. They taste like heaven to me so I can’t understand why they’re not more popular.

  14. I’m this way with sprite. I never drink soda, but once a year or so a sprite just sounds like the best thing in the world. I grab a bottle, enjoy it, and don’t have any desire for another for months at least.

  15. Discovered what a real Mai Tai is this summer, ended up going through a whole bottle of Orgeat. Granted, I started using it to make almond lattes as well…

  16. On vacation my uncle ordered a mai tai and we were all confused by the beverage received. So, we ordered mai tais at every place we went to. We never got the same thing twice 😆

  17. My favorite part about this joke is that several years ago Yoko Ono was curating an art exhibition in Iceland. Someone submitted this as an art piece and she

  18. I remember how absurd this seemed to me when it first aired, but having seen a lot of modern Japanese art since, it was spot on.

  19. Or, if you live somewhere it's 102 (39 C) or higher basically every day for half the year, a drink of cold water out of your insulated water bottle that's covered in stickers.

  20. I prefer 3 (edit: more like 3.5 if I'm being honest) oz your style bourbon, 1oz simple syrup, 3-5 dashes of aromtaic bitters, 1 Maraschino cherry.

  21. I remember the first time I was reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I reached the section talking about the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster and could not make any progress because I couldn't focus for laughing. I took the book to my mother to read it out loud for me, and was literally on the floor with laughter.

  22. A somewhat local brewing company to me has this as a beer. Crushed 4 of em raking the backyard one day. I would recommend.

  23. I was looking for alcohol before this, but fuck, after seeing this, a glass of cold horchata just hits perfect! Do you want thirst-quenching? BOOM! Horchata! Do you want something sweet? Fucking horchata. Do you want a bite of cinnamon? Guess what- you want horchata.

  24. Never had horchata until about 5 years ago. Co-worker was going to get us lunch at this awesome taco place. Gave him my order order and he asked what I wanted to drink. I told him water, he said, "are you sure? They have horchata." I told him I had heard of it, but had no idea what it actually was. He told me, "have you ever drank the milk after finishing a bowl cinnamon toast crunch?" That sold me on it. Holy shit was he right and it was amazing. Everytime we got lunch at that place I always ordered it.

  25. Ya or like a lemonade while mowing the lawn. Specially one prepared by someone else who brings it outside to you. I’ve never experienced this but sounds dreamy.

  26. People think I'm crazy for saying it, but the cucumber-lime flavor is the best. Nothing makes me feel more re-hydrated than chugging a bottle of that after a long stint of yard work in the sun.

  27. Versatile as all hell too. Need something to quench your thirst? Raspberry lemonade is there. What shall I mix with all this Tito's to give it that ~zest~? Dump in some Raspberry lemonade, fam. Need a beverage that is appropriate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Knock knock. It's Raspberry lemonade.

  28. Coca Cola used to have this Cherry limeade fountain soda. I haven’t seen it for years. Man. It was so damn good. Used to get it in high school. Twenty+ years ago.

  29. When I worked at Sonic, that Cherry Limeade competed with Coca-Cola as the most popularly sold drinks. Nothing else even came close.

  30. Mt. Dew Code Red with fresh lime juice has always been a weakness of mine. Called it a Lime-Rickie, after the camp counselor who showed it to me

  31. I hadn’t even heard of it until I started working at sonic. Finally tried it and it’s a lot better than I expected

  32. I had one of these at a work outing, and the bartender made it look really fancy. A few people saw how delicious it looked and ordered the same without even asking what it was.

  33. When I was very young, my mom worked as a hotel manager, and once every couple of months, she'd have to stay overnight to be the Manager On Duty. My dad had to work early, so she'd take me with her.

  34. I drank a lot of these when I was out with my dad in shady bars and diners. Nothing like a ST from a 60 year old waitress with bad lipstick and attitude.

  35. I remember the good ol days, I'd go to Swiss chalet and order a Shirley temple off the kids menu and my granddad would laugh at me because he thought it was gay

  36. What the actual hell. I didn't at all expect I'd have to scroll so far, let alone click on "see more results" to find this. Arnold Palmers are easily, easily a top 5 beverage IMO.

  37. Best drink I ever had to this day was a fountain pepsi from a local pizza joint after laying out some mulch and doing landscaping with my cousin on a hot ass day. Orgasmicly rejuvenating

  38. Pepsi tastes so much better out of a soda fountain for some reason. There's actually some technical/chemical reason I read long ago but forgot it.

  39. Pretty much any soda is amazing when paired with pizza. I don't drink a lot of it, but I do pretty consistently when I eat pizza. There is nothing like having a mouth full of pizza and quenching your thirst with a big gulp of it.

  40. You might like a good genmaicha as well. It's bancha green tea with puffed rice in it. 8/10 drink consistently. Buy it loose and brew it yourself.

  41. 50 percent bottom shelf highest alcohol content tequila under 12 dollars or equivalent based on the location I guess 50 percent mountain dew Baja blast. aka a "trailer park margarita from taco bell" ideally mixed in a half-drunk bottle of either. 10/10 will it ruin every single relationship you have but like 10/10 everything hurts thinking about those days but you know stories ya know. then it's code red aka a bloody trailer park margarita. then voltage aka blackout fuel then nothing 10/10 ah youth why ill never want to be 22 again. now it's like room temperature water or straight black tea at 100 degrees (i like it warm okay) or coffee from a vending machine preferably in a can ya wild

  42. I'm a pretty big bearded dude and everytime I order an Aperol Spritz I get weird looks like what is with the lady drink.

  43. I was hospitalized in 2018 with pancreatitis. The treatment is total abstinence from food or drink, not even water. By day 3 ALL I could think of was ice cold unsweetened iced tea. Once I was finally allowed food/drink, it was the first think I asked for...and it was GLORIOUS.

  44. The Negroni is a perfect cocktail. It’s sweet. It’s bitter. It’s crisp. Three ingredients, all equal parts, it’s elegant. Anyone can make it, but a really good one can still impress you. 10/10 drink.

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