Which celebrity is considered a sex symbol, but you just don't see it?

  1. A few years back I would send emails to my buddy and write multiple lines of "i love machine gun Kelly" in a white font at the bottom. You wouldn't know it's there unless you click-dragged, but after a while it changed all his advertising algorithms to just serve him machine gun Kelly news articles, advertising, music videos, etc. He thought MGK was stalking him. Good times!

  2. He looks like the record labels public relations interpretation of what a rockstar should look like. His little rat face and California tattoo make me feel stabby.

  3. Blake Shelton. I couldn't see it when they voted him sexiest man, I still can't see it a few years on.

  4. I’m fairly convinced the World’s Sexiest Man Alive award is sold to the highest bidder, which makes sense of so many of the judges on The Voice winning it

  5. Friendly reminder that he ran over a turtle on purpose, bragged about it on Twitter, and gave a half assed apology after getting backlash.

  6. My favorite line about this, I can't remember who said it, was "Sexiest man alive? He isn't even sexiest man at your friends bbq". Just floored me.

  7. Nobody understood that. I read several articles trying to make sense of why the most generic looking white guy won Sexiest Man Alive. Buzzfeed even published

  8. As a UK resident I can confirm that every grandma smoking a cig outside the caravan on every cheap holiday I went on as a kid, looked exactly like Rod Stewart, and that’s not a compliment to either party…

  9. I saw a picture once of her standing next to normal people and it kind of highlighted how inhuman she looks in comparison.

  10. And from what I heard, she's really an unpleasant person. Someone joked that she probably bullied John Legend into marriage

  11. She uses heavy photoshop on her pictures now too, most of the time can’t even tell what her real face looks like.

  12. Him being considered hot, seems like it was a big joke that no-one got, and in order not to seem stupid, people just went "yea... I guess I can see it. Yeah, he is hot." And it spiraled out of control.

  13. I find them grotesque. The fake body parts, fake marriages, fake relationships, fake "reality" show, fake "oopsie" release of a sex tape to gain popularity and the disgusting mother who manipulates and uses her children for personal gain. And the asses. The pocked, massive, disproportionate, unrealistic giant fat-filled fake asses that are air-brushed and photoshopped in fake images spread all over media making girls and women feel like that's somehow an ideal they should aspire to. Seriously fuck the Kardashians. They need cancellation like now.

  14. I have never, in my life, heard more about the Kardashians than I have from redditors bragging about how much they don't care about them.

  15. Exactly. I had to put up with a life sized cardboard cutout looming at me from across the bedroom for years 'cause the missus would absolutely cream her panties every time he came on the TV and refused to let me throw it out.

  16. She is relying way too much on plastic surgery for her modeling. I remember when models had to work the camera and stand out. She seems like a nice person. I don’t see the appeal as a high end fashion model though.

  17. It seems like some of you are naming celebrities people find hot but you dont, not actual sex symbols though. Like Prince, he's a well known sex symbol. Or Marilyn Monroe

  18. Yeah this post is all just insert random celebrity that’s borderline attractive but not my type. Idek what classifies as a sex symbol but it’s definitely not Pete Davidson lmao.

  19. There's lots of people who fall under the category of "conventionally attractive". There's laws to it, primarily facial symmetry and lack of imperfections or markings. That being said, i watched her in New Girl and that human has no facial expressions. Nothing other than her mouth moves. Its genuinely creepy. facial personality is what makes someone attractive to me. I didn't hear people go nuts about Renee Zellweger back in the day but i found her to be very attractive because of that. Stand out face > "perfection" any day, to me.

  20. I have to assume you missed him in pre-Superman roles? The Tudors? Tristan and Isolde? Henry Cavill was always, always hot. Superman is just a clean-cut manicured character.

  21. Someone used Henry Cavill as an example of hot vs attractive. Henry Cavill as superman is attractive but not hot, Henry Cavill as the Witcher is hot

  22. Literally same. Felt he looked a little TOO much like what you would imagine Superman to look like. Too polished, too angular, whatever. Then Geralt happened.

  23. I'll get a lot of flack for this, but Ariana Grande. She's absolutely adorable, but she just has always looked like a teenager to me.

  24. Yeah, same thing when Chloe Moretz turned 18, and more recently, Millie Bobby Brown. MBB has been so severely sexually harassed on social media, it's disgusting.

  25. I remember stumbling upon a website forever ago that was a countdown to when the Olsen twins turned 18. Just the fact it existed tells you there were people thinking "yeah they're hot but I'm not allowed to say that out loud yet." So fucking gross and creepy

  26. this thread shows me that no matter how "good-looking" u are, there's always going to be ppl who think otherwise

  27. Out of curiosity, I looked into her current situation. She has made over $50 Million on OnlyFans since turning 18. That's insane

  28. I’m a dude but come on…Brad Pitt is an objectively attractive man. Whether he’s “sexiest man in the world” or not is much more personal preference but he’s handsome and has a great physique.

  29. Same, he reminds me of the guy everyone had a crush on in junior high because nobody knew what they actually found attractive yet.

  30. People see him as a sex symbol? I always thought he was cute but like, in an “aww, he would have been a great middle school boyfriend” kind of way.

  31. Was't she British for awhile? Someone did a comedy bit on this, but I remember that phase when she spoke with a British lilt in her voice.

  32. Scrawny boys who look like they have never known the touch of sunlight are some people’s type. I am included in some people

  33. Timothée Chalamet just looks like he's one of those high school kids that decides musical theatre is their entire identity and won't shut up about how much they love the Adams Family musical.

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