You can have $1 billion but you can never get drunk or high again, are you interested? Why or why not?

  1. Can't get drunk as in you must abstain, or can't get drunk as in no matter how much you drink you don't feel any effects? I'll take the money either way but one is a curse and the other is a superpower.

  2. i don’t see how drinking alcohol and not getting drunk would be a super power.. that effectively makes it like water and i drink that shit all the time and surely am not super human.

  3. Imagine accidentally getting drunk and losing the entire amount because you tried to bend the rules. Id rather just not take the risk and keep the billion.

  4. Right? This question is yet another edition of that reddit classic "would you be moderately inconvenienced for absurdly, stupidly life-changing amount of money?".

  5. Yup, see these questions all the time. "Would you do this easy thing for a shit ton of generational wealth?" If you want to make it interesting, up the stakes.

  6. I personally think that it's a combination of 1. A super high Powerball ticket was pulled so everyone's thinking about big amounts of money 2. The global economy isn't doing too hot right now so people are letting their minds wander to imagining life without money problems

  7. Right? Like I enjoy different types of alcohol and I enjoy a little buzz from time to time but if you wouldn't accept these terms for a billion dollars, even if you have to think about it for more than idk 5 seconds, yeah man, you've got a problem.

  8. Not an addict but I love certain things like beer or having a joint. Once or twice in a year I trip on LSD and it is extremely fun. I think it depends on how much you value money or pleasure via drugs.

  9. My friend and I are driving right now and we both love marijuana and LSD etc.. used to be drug addicts(it was ugly lol) but are healthy now, enjoying life. And honestly, it might be sad but I asked him this question in the form of $1 million, and we both were like, "probably not". A billion I honestly don't know, I'd be stupid not to take it but that sounds like a very boring life experience. I could buy houses and cars, but that would get boring quick. Lol can't even go do Ayahuasca in Peru or make music with my friends high anymore? Can't smoke or anything when I'm old and in pain or anything because of this money I took when I was younger? I don't know man.. I don't know. Psychedelics and marijuana are large ways in which I learn to appreciate life in a very real way. Without getting high, my life would be way less interesting. Call that sad if you want to, but that's a hard decision

  10. Hell I'd still do it if you knocked a few 0's off. Even $100,000 is immensefuly helpful if not life changing to someone's circumstances.

  11. Ok, but have you thought about it? Which would you prefer? Generational financial security? Or a beer? Bet you’re feeling pretty thirsty right about now

  12. Yes, they say things like "I'm 13 and I just discovered Reddit" or "I'm 15 and I can't imagine anything better in life than the brief state of intoxication that precedes vomiting and a hangover."

  13. They're very young. The amount of money is always so ludicrously disproportionately wrong it can only make sense to people who aren't used to money.

  14. Thus. And also, how do you define high? Altered mental state? By that definition, are mental health medications forbidden? Because I'm not so interested in money if I have to be a depressed, anxious mess to get it.

  15. Yep. Like, I enjoy both drinking and drugs in moderation, but this isn't even close to a question for me. I can live without them.

  16. As someone who struggles with alcohol abuse, absolutely. There are some experiences out there that give a natural “high” thats better than alcohol or drugs, that you can acquire with that amount of money.

  17. These get dumber each time, which is saying a lot. And I'm really not trying to be an ass, but I feel sad for the person who made this who actually had the thought and contemplated giving up a billion dollars to not drink or get high anymore....I have to imagine they're like 22 and just discovered both and think its the pinnacle of life but damn...that's still kind of sad.

  18. Haven’t drank or used a drug harder than caffeine (and my prescription medications) for about 7 years now, I intended to stretch that streak out in perpetuity without the $1 billion so … sure, why not.

  19. Probably not. I could go with out drinking I already do so no biggie there. But while I so just like getting high, it also helps me manage my adhd. I take a few tokess throughout the day, doesn't make me completely stoned, but levels me out and helps with my focus and appetite. It works for me.

  20. Would getting high entail prescribed pain pills or Anesthesia? I’ll still take it, but if I have to have a major surgery or get a painful disease, then that’s going to be hell without any drugs.

  21. I probably sound very boring to some people, but I've never been drunk or high so yeah that'd be an easy billion dollars for me lol.

  22. So I can still drink thought right? You said get drunk. So I could have like a few beers or a glass of bourbon. Just not enough to get drunk.

  23. Getting drunk doesn't mean you aren't allowed to have a drink (like 1 beer), which is the most I have had at one sitting since my 24th birthday (I'll be 40 next July). Does this count as not getting drunk?

  24. Everybody is saying that you have to be an addict, or you have problems if you don't take the billion, but it is simply not true. Me personally, I can manage my life and I don't need a billion dollars, I enjoy a nice glass of wine and cannabis sativa from time to time, I believe with the billion dollars you will find more issues and problems than just living life, we all turn over and die at some point. Get stoned, Find Love, make a little bit of money, and maybe die one day...who knows, just my two cents :))

  25. People think being a billionaire is a golden ticket. Well. If having your friends or family get kidnapped and tortured for a part of your wealth is fair then go for it. Billionaire status comes with its own downfalls. Including never being able to trust anyone again and inflated egotistical persona. The money will always take more than it will give in the end.

  26. There's this Reddit post from long ago about what to do if you won a billion dollars or something. Apart from financial advice it also says a few things about the social aspect of attaining this much money.

  27. Yea of course. Way better things in life that I could actually do with a billion dollars. Food, travel, exploring, hanging with friends anywhere. Drugs only matter to me because I can’t afford those other things lol

  28. Oh yeah. That one beer I have every other week won't be missed. But me motorboating super models would be tight.

  29. EASY! I drink less that once a month and get high about twice a year. 1 billion is a number where I'd starting getting real desperate to do anything

  30. Definitely interested. Tbf I rarely get drunk and have never been high, but I imagine most people who are into that sort of thing would still give it up for that much money

  31. Definitely interested. Tbf I rarely get drunk and have never been high, but I imagine most people who are into that sort of thing would still give it up for that much money

  32. I only drink during special occasions, like weddings and birthdays, and I haven’t smoked in years, so I’d be down for sure lmao

  33. Never got high or drunk in my whole life. Had one too many glasses of wine twice at New Year's Eve and hated it.

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