Who was actually the worst President ever?

  1. The hate is still strong, even generations later, I saw Yolanda piñata the other day, clearly meant for a kids birthday.

  2. I have a close friend who’s a nurse in Gatesville (where Yolanda is incarcerated). She tells me that she is heavily protected whenever she leaves her cell and has been in protective custody ever since. She has absolutely NO CLUE that Selena is more famous now than she ever was. Once she is paroled, I’ll honestly give Yolanda a month before she is found dead- I’m in Texas- there are zillions of Selena fans here

  3. She is just a horrible person. Selena did so much for the Hispanic American music communities. She was one of the first to bridge the linguistic barriers and sing in both English and Spanish. I cry every time I watch her biopic.

  4. The movie based on that story is honestly one of the best "based on a true story" movies I've ever seen and I'm 100% guaranteed to cry at the end of I watch it again.

  5. South Texas anger is real and soooooo very strong for her. Everyone has a Selena story or knows where they were when she died. Texas is such a divided state but there is literally only one thing all Texans can agree on. Yolanda is trash.

  6. I don't have much knowledge of southeast asian history, but to my understanding he was killing all the smart people and killing people with glasses?

  7. I watched the "First They Killed My Father" movie with my BF's mom who is Cambodian boat ppl and escaped the regime through Vietnam/Thailand. She was like "oh yeah it was like that, but much worse"

  8. It really hit home when visiting Cambodia and realizing that there is an entire age demographic almost completely missing from society. The further realization that the few people you do see in that demographic were likely part of his regime is gut wrenching. The country and its people are beautiful and kind but the fallout is overwhelmingly tragic; a palpable pall of sadness still lingers over everything.

  9. Mobutu Sese Seko, President of Zaire (AKA Democratic Republic of the Congo) by far is the worst President.

  10. Should mention that his seizure of power was only possible because of massive western support, who helped him because they were scared of communism

  11. Ferdinand Marcos, basically starved our nation and killed and tortured a lot of people during the Martial Law. And the danm people still elected his son to be the current president. 🤦🏻

  12. I'm supposed to type Marcos but I'm glad someone has the same idea as I do. Dude fucked our country with debt that people are still gonna pay til 2025(?). And here comes the Marcos Jr. gonna make sure Filipinos will pay for his parties and vacations for generations.

  13. I have Filipino friends who defend this guy (the son) and claim that many of the stories around his father, Ferdinand, are fabricated. I don't know a whole lot about your country's history but it baffles me that their are first hand accounts of what happened during his presidency and yet my friends deny it.

  14. His wife ended up retiring in Honolulu being chauffeured around in her old Mercedes accompanied by a motorcycle police escort. They were 3rd world grifters to the bitter end.

  15. It's worth noting that the US lobbying firm advocating for Ferdinand Marcos in Washington was run by Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, Trump's former campaign manager and political advisor, respectively (both of whom he pardoned for crimes before leaving office).

  16. IIRC, Pol Pot holds the WR speed run for dropping average life expectancy to under 20 years old. And heaven forbid you wear glasses.

  17. I went to Cambodia and did a historical tour of The Killing Fields. Felt so ignorant for not knowing about Pol Pot or what happened to the Cambodian people. Am 31, born and educated in the US.

  18. If president in this case just means leader of a country, surely leopold ii of belgium and the congo free state takes the cake with his estimated 22 million bodycount

  19. It should also be noted that the West was well aware of what Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge were doing, but still supported them (with China and North Korea.) When Vietnam launched a counter-offensive to remove the Khmer Rouge from power, Vietnam was the one denounced for it. The West had no qualms about going to war in Vietnam for the sake of "preserving peace", and pretended to be disgusted by the atrocities of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union under Stalin, but Vietnam going to war against a genocidal neighbour that tried to invade them twice? That's too far.

  20. Got a friend of mine who was shot as a kid when his family farm was seized by Mugabe followers. His mum, Dad, sister and youngest brother were shot too and left for dead. His youngest brother (3 at the time) did not survive. Harrowing story. Farm murders weren't uncommon under Mugabe's tenure. The fact that this man lived out his later years in great wealth and free from conviction due to diplomatic immunity is simply criminal.

  21. My folks lived there in the latest 80s early 90s, before he killed his agricultural sector. It's a true shame how badly he fucked up the country.

  22. I used to work with someone that had been invited to a dinner party that Amin hosted. She said he was the nicest man.

  23. My Geography teacher in the 80's (he was nearing retirement), had served in the British Army in Uganda, when it was a colonial protectorate of the UK.

  24. "A lot of people would think Idi Amin ‘butcher’ who murdered a lot of people in Uganda, but when you meet him there’s a whole other side to his character. He’s tremendously good at Connect Four."

  25. These fuckin politicians! All promise, no follow-thru! They promise the moon, and then they fuck-off with actually doing any of it! I'm sure todays teenagers would LOVE to enjoy community shared porno magazines from 30 years of school rotation! Sure, you can find this stuff online, but it's about being a man, and living up to your word! Sticky magazines that by now would resemble paper mache with naked women printed on them! A passage of rights for any teenager of the school! I say we force these filthy magazines into the hands of students, and then shove it in Steve's face that he can't get the job done!!! And if Steve has kids, Steve's kids will get some porno too!!! Just to remind Steve that every action has a reaction, and there are consequences for your actions! These pornos in Steve's home will represent his shortcommings as a man, and as a president!

  26. You can’t take these promises so literally . Steve meant like we should aspire to more readily accessible porn. I think he’s achieved this and more .

  27. In the mid 90s, I knew a 40 something woman who had grown up in the Philippines. Periodically, and completely unprompted, she would talk about what it was like to grow up in that police state. Neighbors getting dragged away in the middle of the night, all sorts of things. That sort of instability has terrible effects on children. I think that she was working through childhood PTSD. Kind of frightening when you think that most of the kids in her neighborhood probably had that as well.

  28. its a shock of how much shitty things that happened during his regime went under the radar for many citizens of the country. propaganda is a powerful tool.

  29. He tried to make a plea to return to Uganda one last time, while on his death bed, they basically told him if he entered Uganda he would be swiftly executed for his crimes

  30. My dad is the president of his HOA and has told me about times he's had to knock on people's doors because their lawn needed to be mowed.

  31. I went to my first HOA meeting for the house we bought, and the very first thing the chairman of the board of directors (yeah) said was, "The primary purpose for the HOA is to maintain and grow the value of the members' properties."

  32. I would put Pol Pot as worse than Mugabe. Mugabe was bad but he didn't kill a quarter of the entire population in just 4 years in power. Yes, Zimbabwe is still feeling the effects of his time in power but he just left a few years ago and his party still rules. The KR were in power for less than half a decade and their effects are still impacting Cambodia 40 years later. Mugabe may have crashed the economy but at least there's not an entire fucking generation missing.

  33. I think you can also make a good argument for Andrew Johnson. His ridiculous "reconstruction" plan highly contributed to Jim Crow and the worst of segregation. He was a widely disliked person and avoided conviction after being impeached by a single vote.

  34. Feel OP meant US president, and all answers that I've seen have been from other countries. The 2 "controversial" answers are from short memory sensationalists.

  35. I think a strong argument can be made for James Buchannan. He literally let the United States fall apart on his watch and took no action. By some accounts he even shipped arms supplies south so the rebels could seize them.

  36. By all accounts it was too late for him to do anything anyways, he was basically elected to be a martyr for the catalyst of the civil war.

  37. Andrew Johnson. Torpedoed reconstruction and firmly entrenched civil rights issue in a prebellum era. We are still fighting our way out of that.

  38. Fun fact: after the 12th Amendment passed, the only split ticket to win was Lincoln/Johnson: Lincoln was a Republican and Johnson was a War Democrat. It was in hindsight the worst VP pick in history. In fact this isn’t a fun fact at all. It’s an awful fact. Reaching across the aisle, folks: not even once.

  39. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, completely destroyed Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan for it to be a multicultural secular nation mimicking that of the early Turkish Republic. Instead he turned it into the religious nut job, terrorist financing, cultural regressive country it is today. He also executed this regression with extreme brutality and barbarism.

  40. With guys like Hitler and Mao it can be said that they at least tried to improve their respective countries, Leopold was just pure profit and malice.

  41. My college drama club president, dude was in charge of a pizza party and he messed it up bad. We all ended up only getting 1 slice each!

  42. At my last job, when I got there we had this worthless manager we all hated who was useless, except for the fact that he was a fat guy who loves to eat, so when the company bought pizza, he would order like 15-20 large pizzas for the (roughly) 35 of us. He was replaced by another manager who we all loved and was spectacular at her job, however she ate like a bird (when we went for Chinese, she would have an egg roll and that would be her entire lunch) so when the company bought pizza under her, she would order 2 pizzas for 35 people because she didn't think anyone would want more than one slice. Overall, she was great and I'd take her over the other guy every time, but the pizza situation was fucked.

  43. If you ever hear any government or organisation say "we are investigating ourselves over allegations misconduct/corruption", expect that everything that follows will be complete lies. They only investigate themselves because any external investigation wouldn't yield the outcome they want.

  44. I just visited South Africa. It blows my mind that a modern country can’t generate enough electricity. Thanks to that bozo, your economy is going down the toilet. Such a pity after it has made such great strides in freedom.

  45. Dude definitely sucked (maybe even the worst president) but a civil war over slavery was probably inevitable from the founding of the US; I think several of the founding fathers wrote that they were pretty sure it was going to be the end of the republic when the bill came due.

  46. As bad as he was, Civil war was happening anyway and was a culmination of all the actions from presidents before him. Had he prevented the civil war it would have been a miracle. It’s historically ignorant to blame it all on him.

  47. This is my vote. People maybe say Buchanan for allowing the Civil War to happen, but really it was going to happen at some point either way. A better president would have delayed it, not prevented it. Andrew Johnson fucked up Reconstruction so bad and led to so mucus racial discrimination and inequality, which is the fundamental cause of all the racial tension in the US ever since.

  48. He didn't fuck up Reconstruction; if he had his way, Reconstruction wouldn't have happened in the first place. That's what makes his presidency so contextually heinous.

  49. For American presidents there's a good argument to be made for Franklin Pierce. People blame Buchanan for the Civil War, but as many others have pointed out, it was probably inevitable by that point.

  50. If we're talking US, Andrew Johnson is pretty inarguably the worst. Fumbled Reconstruction so badly that none of the problems the Civil War was fought over got solved and sowed the seeds for the racial and cultural disharmony that still exists today.

  51. Nixon committed treason in order to prolong the Vietnam war before he even got elected. Watergate is more well-known but less of a crime, really.

  52. What makes Watergate so funny is that it was completely unnecessary. Nixon was bossing the election, and had Watergate not happened he likely would be remembered as one of the better presidents of the post war era.

  53. To everyone saying any of the recent US presidents: None of you are considering that all of them were saints in comparison to Pol Pot, Ferdinand Marcos, or basically any other one of the popular answers on this post. I’d argue every US president is probably better than some of these people.

  54. As a non-American, I’m happy that you people have never had to see this shit. Coming from a descendant of Khmer Rouge refugees and currently in Hong Kong.

  55. The tangled ratfuck that is contemporary US politics can be traced back to Nixon. The book Nixonland does an excellent job of detailing how, but TLDR: rather than rising above and trying unite the American public in the wake of the Civil Rights movement, Nixon, through his Southern Strategy exploited racial grievances for political gain.

  56. My knowledge of recent political history of other nations is lacking, so I would have to say Woodrow Wilson. His incompetence and lies forced the United States into WW1, Southern "lost cause" proponent, the resegregation of the Federal government, his weakness at Versailles led some groundwork for the rise of the Nazis, nationalized industry in wartime, supported the KKK's revival, and ardently opposed women's suffrage.

  57. Jackson himself made his fortune off slave trading. He was one of the biggest slave owners in the nation. Furthermore he was a brutal slave owner who enjoyed whipping his slaves for capricious reasons. He said abolitionists should be put to death. He started the Seminole war because escaped slaves were fleeing to Florida.

  58. I'm shocked how low this answer is, this is the motherfucker who's responsible for the failure of reconstruction, and set back civil rights decades!

  59. POTUS: Andrew Jackson. He not only ordered the rounding up and execution of thousands of Native Americans, he personally killed a large number of them himself.

  60. Andrew Johnson, hands down. Torpedoed reconstruction and set the stage for decades of racial terrorism, segregation, and oppression because of petty personal vanity and his inability to see beyond his own interests. Rest in piss Andrew.

  61. I'm surprised I had to scrolll down this far to get to Andrew Johnson. The guy really was the worst because his racism and incompetence really harmed the country and caused much suffering. It's painful to imagine how things would have developed if Reconstruction had been done right.

  62. Woodrow Wilson. He invited the KKK to watch birth of a nation, turned a blind eye to lynchings and is the reason the US started invading other countries "for the sake of democracy"

  63. Andrew Jackson. Basically killed all of the native Americans by stealing their homes forcing them to move west. Funny how he’s on the American 20 dollar bill too.

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