What's your unpopular opinion about sex?

  1. Vanilla isn’t bad. Or calling someone vanilla because they aren’t into BDSM isn’t bad. Sex can be fun as just sex.

  2. As a guy who is into BDSM and likes a loto of kinky stuff i can say i totally agree. Vanilla sex is also good and good vanilla sex could be awesome too!

  3. I’ve had some kinky sex in the past. In fact, the majority of sex I used to have was kinky. However, with my current partner we’ve both been through some sexual trauma. Learning to heal from it together has been amazing. Kink can be fun, sure, but I had never experienced such loving gentleness during the act. It was soft, and kind, and beautiful. It’s something that doesn’t get appreciated nearly enough.

  4. I hate when people say that .like just cause it’s “vanilla” sex doesn’t mean doesn’t mean it’s not really crazy hot orgasmic sex. Not everyone needs toys and ropes to get off

  5. When I read these reddit posts about 18 y/o's and their long lists of kinks I thing "Christ, when I was 18, just doing it was PLENTY kinky for me."

  6. Totally agree. My partner and I had a recent chat about whether any of us had any fantasies or links we wanted to get into and we were both like nah, we just wanna have sex, enjoy it, maybe try out some new positions etc. we just love vanilla sex and are both happy with that.

  7. I agree so much with this!! I've had some amazing "vanilla" sex because the chemistry was so good. Some spicy vanilla, if you will!

  8. An orgasm shouldn’t always be the endgame. Sometimes, it’s okay to have sex purely for the fact that it feels good (if you do it right).

  9. So glad you said this. Orgasms take me a while to figure out and I'd get so anxious about whether or not I would, even by myself. I was literally asking friends and googling what an orgasm should feel like and how you know you had one and of course, there's no one direct answer. Is 'cumming' and orgasms the same thing? Does it matter? Do you have to squirt? Etc

  10. It's not good and with someone you just brought home from the bar, or someone you've only hung out with a couple of times, and ons suck, etc. I only really like it with someone I'm comfortable with and care for, and who cares for me as well.

  11. This is facts. I have a position I like to use which offers deep penetration, never fails to get a woman off, and helps me to conserve stamina. The only con? It doesn't look good on camera! 🙄

  12. Unless it's something that's a hard no for you, you should just do the thing your partner likes sometimes even if you don't particularly feel like it.

  13. Depends on the partner tbh. I will do it for a partner that gets off on giving me pleasure. But I have partners that do not put forth the effort into my orgasm despite me being a partner who is very eager to please. I decided to stop doing things I really wasn’t into to make them happy because it’s not desirable to have your goal be their orgasm and their goal is also their orgasm.

  14. Agreed, theres positions I struggle to stay turned on in and various ways of soley stimulating the other person that I find labour intensive and they stretch my energy and comfort but I do these because I want them to climax and that goes for how I groom myself and keep myself in shape too, if Im with someone I love them and I want to be a turn on and give them pleasure.

  15. I would love to know what world you're in that monogamy is unpopular. Our society is so monogamy centric to the point where people who shouldn't be monogamous insist it's the only way.

  16. Something about the way my vagina is shaped and the way most cocks are tilted, reverse cowgirl feels much better for me than cowgirl. However, the view detracts a lot.

  17. One you wouldn't die alone. It got popular because of amateur porn, as it's easy to show pussy and dick yet no faces. But as a woman it's an absolutely boring position. It neither stimulates the g spot not the clit, and you get awful visuals of walls and or feet

  18. Reverse cowgirl has always been about the spectacle. I've never expected such a position to be something that lovers make the mistake of trying more than once. It can however be modified. Have the one above lean back into the one below. Get him or her into a three-point hold and control the pace. That is how reverse cowgirl earns a proper rating.

  19. I absolutely LOVE how reverse cowgirl feels, and my SO loves how it feels and looks from his angle. We both get off hard, too. So it's win - win for us.

  20. It is my most elusive position. I have never been able to master it. It just feels like my anatomy isn’t built to enjoy it no matter how I tweak the position.

  21. No, you’re right. In my 67 years and er…. One or two liaisons here and there! Never once has any lady or myself asked for tried to or even thought about reverse cowgirl. It’s a false position only really come to prominence because of porn. It’s ideal for the camera as bath Penis and Vagina are fully viewable (well the penis parts not buried) as well as bouncing breasts, it’s a spectator position. Neither myself nor any lady fried want to be looking away from each other, it’s not sensual to be looking at her back and her looking at the wardrobe, or whatever. True sensual sex involves seeing each tigers faces and their reactions, kissing and maybe speaking together too. Nope, reverse cowgirl is a non starter for me too - except if watching porn of course.

  22. as someone who has seen pornos with reverse cowgirl in it, i can agree it is overrated. ill die on that hill with you.

  23. I agree ☝️ tried but really we preferred cowgirl 🤠 better. On video it looks amazing 😻 but in reality it’s not a fav.

  24. Tell this to the women who get mad if you're not hard but if they aren't ready you must respect their boundaries

  25. Shouldn't have waited for sex until marriage and the sex life wouldn't suck now. You religious people blow up virginity to be something it's not

  26. You have to openly and truly talk about sex with your partner. There is a chance if you have it but dont talk about how it is, what you like and dislike, etc, that you are missing something important, that there are mental boundries that limit you but in reality there is something you both want but both think your partner doesnt and more.

  27. Sex can be affected a lot by mental state. So if you want the D you gotta give it a good surrounding which also means not letting one side do all the work bcs then it gets a chore, and thats not very hot.

  28. Nobody should have bad sex and not say anything. This applies for all genders. And faking an orgasm won't make it better next time, they will then never learn.

  29. People put too much into long sex sessions It shouldn’t leave you gasping for air not out of enjoyment but out of trying to hold off an orgasm for an hour because you’re trying for some kind of marathon session Sex is just as good going for 10-20 minutes Also fellas, one man to another. Foreplay is a Yay

  30. Yep. I've had this discussion with my partner, esp when I have a lot to do that day. I don't need an hr long morning sex marathon. Let's just hop to it and make each other feel good. Cause you hammering away there for an extra 30 mins, long after I've orgasmed is NOT fun. I just feel like a sex toy by that point. So we don't do it. Especially in the morning. It's oddly created a happy and even more fulfilling sex life with more sex happening.

  31. I know mine is truly unpopular but I don’t think extreme bdsm is okay. If a person gets off on causing extreme pain to another person and they happen to find someone who gets off on being caused extreme pain, I don’t think we should all be like “it’s consensual so it’s totally fine!” I think they both need therapy.

  32. Breeding isn't a kink. It's regular sex. Like the most OG sex you can imagine. It's how your grandparents brought your parents to this world and how your parents conceived you. It's ok to not have a kink. You can say I just like regular sex and be done with it. Not everything has to be a fetish.

  33. Impregnation is a fetish if you literally can’t orgasm unless you’re thinking about being impregnated, and things that suspend the fantasy make it impossible to orgasm. Like not even being able to orgasm from oral because it’s not impregnation.

  34. When I first read about this I wondered for a moment if I had this but then I realized I just love my boyfriend and sex is hotter when you’re trying to get knocked up.

  35. Doggy style only works right if you’re the right size in relation to your partner and understand how to position your hips.

  36. Idk... doggy style is my favorite position. I've done it with many men, of many different sizes. I've never noticed it to be technical or difficult.

  37. Only Penetration in shouldn't be counted as sex. Questions about Body Count and Virginity are hyperfocused on PiV stuff and consider that as pinnacle of sexual experience.

  38. I knew a woman that claimed to be a virgin at 22. Then was at a party where she did a public blow bang with 6 guys. Yeah…..you’re not a virgin.

  39. I didn’t cum last time and we did it in my new car it was lots of fun and i enjoyed it for the experience and just being with him sometimes sex is just feelings and being with that other person. climax is nice but it’s like the cookie 🍪 at the end not the journey.

  40. i will never understand the sexual appeal of people who fuck married people and i find it disgusting🤷‍♀️

  41. I’m allowed to view sex as just a physical experience and not some emotional catharsis. No, I don’t feel some deeper connection to you just because you’re stuffing me and breathing in my ear.

  42. If someone is acting in good faith and care about their partner’s needs as much as their own (if not more than), then they cannot be “bad” at sex. It merely becomes a synergy/preference thing at that point.

  43. Men are sluttier than women. A lot of us would fuck anything, we're the whores and sluts between our two sexes, generally speaking.

  44. If you or your partner send nudes to each other during your relationship, and you break up with each other, there is ZERO reason to keep them. I personally find that off putting. Some will argue that it’s nice to “relive the memory”, but to me it’s inappropriate.

  45. Pretty much everything young men are learning today from porn is false. Very few women want to be “dominated” choked slapped and anal fucked. Very few women actually have any real concern about whether your cock is as large as your forearm. And very few women want to be savagely fucked for hours on end.

  46. I used to think the same thing, but it's fun in or right after a shower. If everything is clean, it doesn't taste like anything.

  47. Hi , pardon my ignorance What do these spots mean exactly? Is there an article or something to which you can point??

  48. It’s 100% equally important to be compatible sexually as it is anything else. People feel bad ending relationships based off sex, and it’s looked at as a lesser reason - but that resentment can grow and is corrosive as much as any other.

  49. There's absolutely nothing wrong with no strings attached sex if you're safe about it. Most people can't tell the difference between lust & love and that's why they get in the situations they're in. 🗣️Not every person that fucks you well would be good in a relationship with you.

  50. YES! Ugh, I hate it. There is too much going on and to think about. I can give or receive oral, I cannot do both at once. It just ends up being a really unsatisfying experience.

  51. Dick size genuinely doesn’t matter. I’ve been with over 100 men and I’ve found the bigger they are the less effort they seem to put in to anything else.

  52. Yes! I agree. Most of the average to small guys knew how to move right. The bigger end men made me beg for it to end half the time. It’s why I’m always quick to point out the boat size doesn’t matter, the motion of the ocean does.

  53. Agreed. People say it’s overrated (and maybe it is) but it doesn’t suck. In my experience it can be tricky, but if you get it right, it’s a lot of fun.

  54. Too much pressure is placed on men to be good - men are expected to know everything from their first time to their last.

  55. True. Laying there and letting a dude stick it in you doesn't make you fun. Learn how to use your hands, mouth, etc

  56. I want to have safe sex but honestly condom sex is so unenjoyable for me that I’d rather just take care of a lady other ways than wear a condom.

  57. Why anyone would want to stick their dick into an asshole or lick an asshole when a pussy is right beside it I will never understand

  58. While BDSM is great in a loving, respectful and consenting space, whether it's with a partner or a FWB or whomever you choose. HOWEVER BDSM attracts ALOT of abusive, manipulative, psychopaths that look to take advantage of vulnerable people. while I know the community as a whole condemn anyone like that, it unfortunately does attract alot of those shitheads, whether they like it or not. I'm fine with casual vanilla sex but when it comes to BDSM, I'm demisexual all the way. I would only ever do it with someone I trust, have a good relationship with and know their personality first.

  59. If only one of us can get oral sex, I would much rather eat pussy than get a blowjob. Going down on a woman is probably my favorite sex act.

  60. Much is talked about when it comes to men being inattentive or bad at sex. However, women are just as likely to be bad at sex, as I got older I realised it was really common.

  61. That there is too much judgement put on people for different things they enjoy or want to do or try. Sex is about pleasure and as long as it is a legal act it doesn’t matter who it is with or when. As Long as it makes you feel good nobody should be throwing shade on someone else for enjoying it

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