Who are some celebrities that “quit” being famous?

  1. When I was 18 I used to occasionally walk past him in a business park (pre-Big Brother). Then about a year after the show we passed in the same spot again.

  2. His mum was my first school teacher. He came in a few times (probably pre bb). We were just in awe how tall he was

  3. Cheap plug but I actually interviewed Rachel Grant who was Dr Myang Li on the show and she had a ton of stories about Braniac

  4. Wilson also wrote a book about her experiences as a child star. Where Am I Now?. Apparently she found acting very repetitive and boring most of the time.

  5. No, she's in a tonne of stuff, just no longer theatre films. She's an essential character- The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives In Your Home- on Welcome to Night Vale, for instance.

  6. Jack Gleeson (Joffrey in Game of Thrones) officially quit acting when his role in the show was done, when obviously he had a bright future. I understand he has come back and done some things now so more a hiatus than a full 'quit' in retrospect.

  7. To be fair, they can make a pretty solid living by just selling an interview to a trashy magazine every time JK Rowling sends a tweet.

  8. Meh, the child acting was never that good in any of the Harry Potter movies, and they hardly blossomed into masters of their craft. They were kids that initially got picked for how they looked.

  9. It gets less coverage but a lot of the child actors from Harry Potter are on the UK Theatre scene. Most people don't realise the nuance of the acting industry, but many of them are still very much in the ring.

  10. They've made enough money to retire though. They usually do some stuff you never heard of. From relatively personal experience (a relative of a relatives friend) the Weasley twins are still at work making a living through acting and appearances

  11. I think it’s probably generous to assume a child actor from Harry Potter would just walk into other roles. There weren’t really many parts outside the main three who got much screen time to begin with.

  12. Jack Gleeson had done some VO work since quitting, but I think it's all quite low profile. It's a good way to make a bit of extra income if you can do it I guess.

  13. Cameron Diaz stopped while she was still getting offers for roles. I watched an interview saying that she hated having every part of her life micro managed by someone else, she'd made her money and wanted to raise her children not hand them off to someone else to raise.

  14. Ooh, the actor who played Mr Bingley in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice also became a teacher. Seems like a sound guy.

  15. The singer from Terris (and, honestly, I'd be impressed if anyone here had ever heard of them) went the same way. It's actually pretty neat - the band never really made it and there isn't much trace of them online, but anywhere their music can be found, there's a little comments section of students excitedly remarking that Gavin is now one of their teachers, and being really impressed at how good him and his old band were.

  16. If you search his name on Twitter you’ll see some accusations of abusive behaviour on his part back in the day. Screenshots allegedly of him trying to illicit nudes from an underage girl.

  17. Bless him never go over Freddies Death, And retired to live a quiet life up in putney, Really stays out if the limelight.

  18. Coolest man in history, was in one of the biggest bands ever, still makes a fortune off it every year, but you could probably be stood next to him in the pub and not realise it was him!

  19. Kate Bush. She disappeared to the country with her husband to raise their kids and live a normal, quiet life out of the spotlight.

  20. Lots here seem to be stating people whose work has dried up. As others have mentioned Mark Hollis of Talk Talk, Rick Moranis. They were at their creative peaks and quit to look after their families.

  21. The thing with Kate Bush is that she comes and goes and she's very much an independent type who does what she wants. Like she built a studio to record Hounds of Love and really put a lot of time into making it. And her 12 year gap was because she focussed on motherhood.

  22. Ronnie Barker quit showbusiness and ran an antique shop for ten years. He did occasional acting jobs after that but more serious roles than what he was previously known for.

  23. He once did a voiceover (in character as Fletcher) for an information booth at Pentonville Prison, think it was on the first night unit.

  24. To add to Connie Booth, Pamela Stevenson went into Psychology and Ruby Wax moved into psychotherapy too.

  25. Not really a ‘celebrity’ as such but Neil Armstrong is easily one of the most famous humans to have every existed and after his, and arguably mankind’s, greatest triumph he just went back to his farm in rural Ohio and became a teacher.

  26. They both sell cars for rival dealerships. There is an opportunity for a scripted reality TV programme here: Cheeky Motors Vs Touch My Bum Autos.

  27. They do not. They have just released a new single (lol) after both being spotted working in a Hyundai car dealership

  28. I read that they struggled with anorexia, depression and anxiety for years during their fame and as a result have memory loss from the stress of it. Kinda sad

  29. I think he may have not stayed in the music business because he didn’t have any talent other than being George Micheal’s best friend. But good on him.

  30. Mark Lamarr, you don't hear from him much these days... Presented Never Mind the Buzzcocks back in the day

  31. My husband and I met Lee and his wife in 2016 when they were staying at the same hotel as us. We shared a minibus journey from our hotel up in the hills to the little town on Lake Garda.

  32. This was the first example that came to my mind. He was genuinely one of the biggest comedians in the country at the time and suddenly just quit out of nowhere.

  33. Marshall Lancaster quit acting after Ashes to Ashes and is now working as a plasterer in the North West.

  34. Nick Hancock, who presented They Think It's All Over and Room 101. Apparently he didn't like rehearsing and would only turn up for the recording of both shows, preferring to be at home with his family. I think he's done odds and sods since but not a lot.

  35. TBH neither show looked like they needed any rehearsal, read a joke off the auto cue, do a retake if needed, have banter with the teams or chat with the celeb wanting to ditch things (unless he needed research for each item instead of just going "and why this?")

  36. I'm not sure if he's necessarily stepped away entirely, but I don't think Peter Kay ever really enjoyed the limelight. He never seemed comfortable with it, even during his meteoric rise. He seemed to peak and then step away from show business, and comes back every few years to dip his toe with a new project.

  37. I don't think its his own health - lots of idiotic rumours like "a mate of my mum's auntie's hairdresser works in the Christie (big cancer hospital in Manchester) and said he's getting chemo in there" which is all bullshit.

  38. As far as I can tell, the best life - she bought a castle in Ireland and lives there alone with a load of cats. Sounds wonderful.

  39. Mark Hollis from Talk Talk is a classic example in the UK music industry. He just got bored one day, and stopped.

  40. The KLF left the music industry at the height of their fame (the night they won the Brit award for best British group), deleted their back catalogue and burnt a million quid of their royalties.

  41. Mental how they bowed out too - fired a machine gun (blanks obviously but still totally unapproved) over the crowd at the Brit awards, got someone to announce "The KLF have left the music industry" over the PA, then left a dead sheep outside an after party with a note saying "I died for ewe, bon appetit" tied to it.

  42. Common misconception, Daniel day Lewis doesn't exist. That's just another alias. His real name is David Davis. Right geezer. Decided to return to selling used cars. Just wanted to see how far he could take it to sell a ford pinto to some fella in Hollywood.

  43. Jake Lloyd (anakin Skywalker star wars ep1) Pretty sad that it was from the hate he received because of the film

  44. Jah Wobble, the bassist and part of the creative force behind PiL in the early-80s, ended up working as a Tube announcer for a long time.

  45. Have you seen the PiL documentary on Amazon Prime? One of the best rockumentaries I’ve ever seen. Wobble had a screw loose by the end of PiL. Glorious.

  46. Not sure if it counts as "quitting" as he was kind of forced into it, but Rod Evans, who was the first singer for Deep Purple before Ian Gillan.

  47. Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan haven't appeared in anything for a while. (Reese and Dewey from Malcolm in the middle).

  48. Buster Blood Vessel from the band Bad Manners. Bloodvessel once owned a hotel in Margate called Fatty Towers, which specifically catered for larger customers with features such as extra large beds and baths as well as fatty meals. (wiki)

  49. Not really a big celeb,But during 2015 to mark the anniversary of the miracle of instanbul the players from the 2005 champions league final reunited for a charity game between Liverpool and AC Milan, All agreed to return except one player Steven Finnan who seemed to have disappeared off the planet!! Turns out he now runs and property company and has nothing to do with football,only found out about the game when it was televised on sky sports!!

  50. David Batty is the same. Turned down every interview, every reunion etc and no one could get in touch with him. Was a bit of a running topic on the Quickly Kevin podcast, that none of his ex teammates knew where he was or what he was up to, and that he had essentially been living off grid since he retired. Turns out he's in Yorkshire somewhere but just has no interest in football or being in the limelight.

  51. According to Wikipedia 2011 and 2014 are the only two years Peter Kay wasn't on TV in some form or another between 1997 and 2020 (not counting repeats).

  52. Some years ago, I did some work for a company that booked after dinner speakers and people to open supermarkets. They never took on Big Brother people because they were so fleeting. They'd get bookings for a few weeks after and then no-one cared.

  53. John Deacon pretty much left the spotlight once Freddie Mercury died, sometimes the odd paparazzi shot will come out but like he’s just living normally

  54. Not mega famous, but pretty well-known; Emma Wray. She starred in ‘Watching’ and ‘My Wonderful Life’. Apparently quit acting to become a nanny.

  55. Frankie Munoz, Malcolm in Malcolm in the middle. As well as a few films. Totally quit when he was in early 20s and I believe did very well building a property portfolio

  56. I remember seeing that he also became a semi-professional racing driver. Dude basically had a stack of cash from MitM and used it to do what he loved.

  57. Someone people might not think of as a celeb but Birdy the singer has been extremely talented from a young age and constantly released music to success but stays very much out the lime light. She's one of my favourite artists who is super dedicated to her craft but not seemingly interested with any fame or the drama that comes with it. Massive respect and also makes her music seem more genuine.

  58. Julie Covington. She was a household name in the mid to late '70s, due to Evita, War of the Worlds and The Rock Follies, but hasn't done much acting or recording since. ISTR reading that she struggled with fame and everything that went along with it.

  59. The original drummer from sum 41 left the band without a public reason and went to work as an estate agent. Drummer to vampire.

  60. Paris Hilton had a celebrity wedding televised recently and a mini doc a while ago talking about how she became the first ‘influencer’ by putting on this whole persona as an act/character for £

  61. My favourite has to be Syd Barrett. Formed and was the creative force behind Pink Floyd, did a ton of drugs then decided it was all a bit tasteless and commercial so went back and lived with his mom in Cambridge and painted and lived by all accounts a very low key life, going for the occasional pint in his local.

  62. The kid who played Joffrey on Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson, got so much hate after playing that role that he quit acting, although it looks like he might be getting back into theater. The irony is that he was hated so much because he was so good in the role.

  63. Anthony Simcoe who played D'argo in Farscape now does freelance corporate trainer. Virginia Hey who played Zhann in Farscape and Warrior Woman in Mad Max 2 has pretty much disappeared. She made soap and perfume for a while then tried to get some acting roles unsuccessfully.

  64. I feel like Britney Spears would have quit a LONG time ago hadn’t her family had her under a conservatorship. I think she’d be quite happy to live on a farm with her husband and kids and never be seen ever again.

  65. Niche, but guitarist Dominic Chad from excellent and underrated 90s alt-rockers Mansun is a sports masseuse in Basingstoke

  66. Scrolled down for a while and was surprised no one said Hayden Christensen. Maybe it was just a rumour but I heard after Jumper he just fucked off somewhere and bought a farm.

  67. While still active (I think), Shia LaBeouf just took himself out the limelight and started doing more esoteric projects. You don't hear about him much these days.

  68. Sam Neill seems to spend more time scratching pigs and flogging wine on instagram than acting these days. Never sure if he was ever huge but Jurassic Park was pretty big.

  69. that's not him deciding to stop being famous, but him deciding to become a transphobic twat that got banned from twitter for harassing trans people repeatedly.

  70. Mickey Rourke (Hollywood leading man especially in 80's) left show buzz (at the peak of his powers) to become a boxer. Got his ass kicked for a few years...then ended up back in movies again

  71. John Deacon. He was always a bit of a recluse and the death of Freddie Mercury hit him hard. He quit the band in '97 to look after his kids and just kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth. Poor bloke. I hope he's doing okay.

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