What is an outfit that you bought online that looked amazing but as soon as you tried it on you knew you made a mistake?

  1. If it's any comfort, it's the other way around for me... shirts are always too short because of my E-cups...

  2. I order a lot of clothes from shein at the moment (I'm losing weight and refuse to spend lots on clothes) and 90% of the stuff I've received has been really great. My favourite cardigan from there has lasted a year and a half of almost daily wear.

  3. 5’3” with an athletic build here. Anytime I’ve tried something that’s a midi length or more loose and boho, it looks more Mormon sister wife than romantic cottagecore on me.

  4. Agree with this. I'm the same height and it's frustrating to always have to factor in the cost of hemming into the garment cost.

  5. I bought the cutest romper! It's short and kinda frilly with a plunging neckline and long sleeves, casual but still elegant.

  6. i think it was my first time (and last time) at shein. the thing was barely holding together and the fabric being white was so thin. wore it as a pyjama at home, broke down after 4 uses maybe.

  7. Prom dress. It was 160$. The dress looked nothing like the picture. After research, the website is a scam (chinese based website/product that pulled images from legit stores). Go figure lol

  8. I ordered this crop cardigan with short sleeves that was super cute. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm short, have big bones and pointy hip bones, crop anything does not work well for me. The cardigan was also made from a fabric that made you HOT. I was also confused when I would even wear it, it felt like I would either have my arms cold, or the rest of my body hot with that cardigan.

  9. I've wasted plenty of money buying clothes online, mostly on dresses that looked amazing in the photos but showed off way to much (atleast for me) to be worn anywhere decent.

  10. Anything with Italian sizing, I bought a 2500 dollar leather jacket from Philipp Plein and it was a 3XL and only my mom was able to close the zipper, I fucking hate Italian sizes 3XL should be big enough for a fat ass like me.

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