What are some morning habits that you do every morning that have positively changed your life?

  1. Showering. It sounds silly, but showering in the morning is the best. I feel like I'm washing off the previous day and I feel all shiny and clean, ready to take on the day. (I do sometimes shower at night also, especially in the summer.)

  2. I have executive dysfunction. So no matter how badly I wanna do the thing, my body and brain won't let me. I've set myself up to wake up a half hour before I have to get out of bed, and wait for the little "do the thing" switch to flip on. It's helped massively with what others see as procrastination and laziness.

  3. When I had a job, Watching anime with breakfast before work. Nice little escape before facing a real and challenging day. I like how short the episodes are too, makes it easy not to waste too much time.

  4. I miss having a 12:00am-8:00pm job, it was nice to wake up early and start the day with a huge chunk of personal time. Stores were less crowded, online games had less obnoxious teenagers, et cetera.

  5. My hair. It's a reminder that I'm someone to remember. I don't wear make up because I'm always touching my face. I do fix up my hair and put jewelry on.

  6. I listen to a meditation video. It says positive affirmations and gets me a good vibe. I work in a stressful environment so this routine makes me feel untouchable!

  7. My simple skin care routine. It makes me feel human and womanly. Looking after my hair even though I’m at home always and actually cover my hair outside lol.

  8. Waking up early enough to have a small cup of green tea in bed and read a chapter of my book before I get up. It has completely changed how I feel when I get out of bed.

  9. Having a big glass of water next to my bed and drinking it when I wake up. Before I check my phone or do anything else. It somehow makes me more likely to stick to what I wanted to do and get going.

  10. I lay in bed for a bit and be on my phone, YouTube, Facebook, whatever. Some days if I immediately get up I will be more irritable and just not ready to deal with people. If I take a bit of time for myself I'm more effective getting ready and feel more put together.

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