What's the last fun thing you spent money on?

  1. Yesterday I bought some makeup I’ve been wanting to try. It doesn’t sound that fun, but it is. It’s a little fun. The last BIG fun thing I spent money on is a future booking for a stay at the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

  2. I hit up Marshall’s and Homegoods to buy all the kitchen things for my son and his girlfriend. They just moved into their first place alone and it was such a fun thing to do.

  3. The last fun thing I spent money on was ice skates! Ice skating is so fun for me. Oh and food I ordered a nice steak from one of my favorite restaurants eating it was extremely fun! 🤣

  4. Flights and hotel to New York. I made it even more special by booking first class flights and a suite in my favourite hotel.

  5. i havnt bought things in a long time …. anytime i go shopping i always seem to find my self comint home with things for free 🤔. not sure how ….

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