Artists of Reddit, how do you get out of a creative rut and overcome long-lasting artist block?

  1. Stop caring what people think and make art for art’s sake … if you can push into a flow state it’s amazing and therapeutic but takes mental space and time set aside

  2. Turn off your phone leave it in another room. Don’t look what time it is. Don’t let anyone or anything disturb you. Just play with your art like if you were 5 years old (meaning freely without any worries, fear of judgment or obligations) today is YOUR DAY and you can do whatever you want. Art have no rules take it as a game. Let the child hidden in yourself out.

  3. I try and do things that relax me. It’s been proven that when we feel relaxed and safe, our creative juices flow. That’s why you always get good ideas in the shower. 🤷‍♀️😂

  4. If I truly am at a point where I'm blocked then I will take a drive, visit a museum or even an antique store. The art deco pieces are great inspiration with their long lines and geometric shapes. Can't get out? Take a trip on the internet. But seriously, stepping away from your work helps volumes.

  5. I dig for some of my old works (mostly student plates/projects) and recreate it now as a professional. You'll see major improvements in your technique, treatment, and process!

  6. Take a break tbh. I get periods where I feel super inspired and times when I really don’t feel like drawing anything at all. If it’s not working out, I just stop. Nothing wrong with taking a break. Consuming or letting yourself be inspired by other helps sometimes too. Sort of like a spark igniting.

  7. If art block keeps me from being in the mood to draw, I'll find other ways to spend my time like playing Sims. No use forcing myself to do something if I don't get joy out of it. If it's commission work, I will set aside some time to work until the queue is complete regardless if I want to or not, because it's still paid work

  8. I usually ask people for ideas to draw for them, so I give away free art to get my creative juices flowing and also I like seeing people excited about my art

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