What so-called "crime" against fashion have you committed but do NOT regret?

  1. I love my Crocs! I really don't understand the stigma, either. They're comfy, sturdy, waterproof, and relatively inexpensive.

  2. Crocs are the ultimate shoe for overnight summer camp counsellors. They are beach/shower shoes. They can be put in sport mode for rigorous activities or leisure mode. They replace bringing multiple pairs of shoes

  3. I have a pair of croc sandals. I originally bought them to be beach/water sandals. But over the years they turned into my house sandals. They are ridiculously comfy, and extremely useful when mopping the floors. Easy to wash off and clean too. And they still look brand new even though I’ve had them for over 5 years now.

  4. I have the cutest pair of crocs sandals that get me compliments all the time. I’m always so excited to let people know they are crocs.

  5. I fucking love my crocs. I have yet to find a way to wear them to work since i'm supposed to be wearing "business casual".

  6. Never gave up my bootcut or straight jeans even at the height of skinny jean/leggings trend, I hate the way skinny jeans and leggings look on me so I never wore them.

  7. Reverse with me. Skinny jeans have always been what looks best on me, when they weren't in style and hard to find I would peg normal jeans. Now that they are officially out, I still wear them.

  8. Same!! I have huge calves and skinny jeans/leggings make me look stupid lol. I love my bootcut. And I recently discovered that my favorite brand has brought back super wide flare jeans….almost bell bottoms…I’m thrilled 😂

  9. Bootcut jeans are the most flattering for my body type, and I have never and will never give them up. Plus they just look better with almost every kind of shoe I wear.

  10. Some of the other comments have been the opposite (boot jeans, apparently the natural enemy of skinny jeans?), which just goes to show how arbitrary and pointless fashion trends can be. Everyone should get to wear what they love!

  11. Listen, I am an apple shaped person, high rise does NOT look good on me. I need the skinny jeans or straight mid rise jeans. I look like an egg wearing pants when they are high waist.

  12. I thought I would grow out of my cute mismatched sock phase. I'm 30 years old and am currently wearing one sock with koalas on them and one sock with llamas I regret nothing. .

  13. I can't not wear matching socks (unless it's like, intentional, or same pattern with different colors or something) but I will wear Christmas or Halloween socks year round. And I have some Disney princess socks that I proudly wear even though I'm an adult.

  14. I love my bright socks. I got most of them from Conscious Step bc they just mail me some cool socks every month. They got sharks n bugs n shit on them.

  15. I'm 20 pounds overweight and hating my body and jeans make me way more aware of how ugly and fat I feel, so I wear yoga pants almost every day now because at least they don't make me constantly aware of my stomach.

  16. Most of them. Other people’s style doesn’t have to be my style, and getting dressed would be super boring if it did.

  17. Worse, is having to change clothes for the season, as in packing up the winter clothes come spring. A relative of mine was required to put away summer clothes once school started. Never mind that the weather was still fucking hot. She was required to change from school clothes to play clothes once she got home.

  18. I love my Uggs and I wear mine to the ground… then buy another pair. The cycle will continue until they stop making them!

  19. I made some cutoffs with the pockets hanging below the cut line? My mom says they look trashy. I don't know, I like the look and is my mom just old??

  20. Depending on the type of shorts and the print (if there is one) they can look really cool!! I had two pairs like this years ago, would still wear the black pair today but maybe the American flag (pockets, stamp over the whole left side) were questionable lol

  21. I hated low-rise jeans as a teenager! I wasn’t overweight but you had to be a stick to avoid the muffin-top situation. The day I found jeans that actually gave me a nice shape because they came up higher on my hips was the day I never went back to low-rise jeans!

  22. I truly don’t get how or why low-rise is coming back. I get that some people look okay or better in them than higher rises, but I feel like mid and high rise jeans flatter far more of the population.

  23. Love socks and sandals! It's the best of both words. The freedom of sandals with the warmth of socks. (It also covers ugly feet if you are feeling self conscience.)

  24. I never understood the bra strap thing. My bra straps are always visible in tanktops/dresses/etc. and I just have never cared. Boy did my grandma care though lol.

  25. People that say UGGs aren't fashionable are just wrong, I used to have multiple pairs and my whole family would go on outings in our UGGs in winter and we looked just the coolest lol

  26. Love my Uggs. I have the classic, the slipper version, and I have their rain boots, and I still want more!

  27. Pretty much my whole closet. Bootcut jeans, beat up videogame and heavy metal tshirts, various color hair, converse, some DadPlaid shirts, and my very bright blue oversize basketball shorts I wear to work from home because they're comfortable as hell.

  28. Same. Baggy jeans and hoodies everyday. I switch it up during summer and do baggy jeans with oversized shirts lol

  29. I’m actually re-embracing my thin brows. I have naturally thin brows and it is such a pain to pretend to make them larger than they actually are. So much more time putting on makeup (time I don’t have with a 5 month old). Screw it!

  30. Dresses over pants. Since I have a hard time finding long blouses. I just buy short dresses instead and wear jeans/flowy yoga pants under.

  31. Fake glasses! I even had ones without any lenses at all when I was like 13-14, honestly wouldn't mind getting some now (but probably some fancier ones). Although I think at this point I probably need actual glasses anyway lol.

  32. Wearing athleisure and sneakers in Europe. I just want to feel comfortable and like I could run away from danger if I need to.

  33. When i was younger, I used to wear those sandals with the Velcro straps with socks religiously. No regrets because it was comfortable asf

  34. I agree with OP. And since we’re talking fashion, may their blacks never match and their socks always be damp.

  35. Not knowing what's in fashion at any time in my life, and not caring. I've had everyone in my family stopped me from leaving the house for things like:

  36. I'm so excited that fanny packs are back. As the kind of person who swings around and whacks some unsuspecting small child in the face with my purse, fanny packs are a blessing.

  37. crocs. They ugly AF but I still wear them because they're so comfortable, great for gardening, running errands, walking the dog.

  38. I love Ugg boots. They're comfy, they're warm, they fit snug. Now that I no longer live in a big trendy city, I often run errands in a sweatshirt, jogging or biker shorts, and Uggs shame-free.

  39. I wore black and purple checkered running shoes to my grade 8 grad instead of heels (my dress was also black and purple). Got hella compliments from all the moms!

  40. not subscribing to the notion of overdressing, if i want to dress like someone straight out of kingdom hearts just to go get groceries i will

  41. Socks with sandals. I do it a lot because I like the natural spread my sandals give me. I don't care what anyone says about it.

  42. I always wear socks with my adidas sandals. I don’t even care because I’m comfy and the socks prevent blisters

  43. I had rainbow hair 20 years ago. Waaay before it became "cool." I joke that I was a trendsetter. Haha (I am so not!)

  44. When I was young, I developed a taste for pants that were tight around the ankle. So even for my “bootcut” Levi’s, I would taper them in to 7”. Then more flaired, baggy styles became the norm, but I stuck with my 7” taper. Although many people made fun of my “all tight” look, I had the last laugh when “skinny” jeans came in and my tapers look dapper as all hell.

  45. Socks and sandals are comfy, and I value comfort over style any day. Also, there's too many weirdos out there, I'm not giving them a free show!

  46. Wearing crocs. I always thought they were ugly but they were recommended by my doctor. They're one of the few shoe brands that don't hurt my feet.

  47. You can pry my skinny jeans, leggings, comfortable shoes, and side part out of my cold dead hands.

  48. I wore white sketcher sneakers as my wedding shoes. To be fair, they were cute but more importantly comfortable. My feet were not hurting that day.

  49. When I was pregnant my feet were so swollen I couldn’t fit into any shoes or sandals for the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy. My mom bought me a pair of mens size Dollar Tree knock off “crocs” because I was bawling over the discovery that the adjustable sandals I had ordered online didn’t fit. I couldn’t leave to buy anything else because…. “No shirt, no shoes, no service” . I wore them with dresses out shopping with unshaved legs because it had been about 10 weeks since I could last reach down that far and IDGAF anymore. Was it a crime? Yes. Am I sorry? Not even remotely.

  50. I do not cut out the little strings out of my shirts that are used for keeping them on the hanger. And sometimes they show.. When people make remarks about it IDC 😆

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