How do you salvage a dish that needs saving?

  1. This is the answer! Once in my young married life my wife and her best girlfriend “tried” to grill a whole chicken because it was my favorite and a thing I cooked often. Because neither of them cook, the 8lb chicken didn’t exactly thaw when you take it out of the freezer the day you intend to cook it. They loaded the grill w/ charcoal, and tried anyway w/ a frozen chicken. They had slyly asked how I do chicken and I said “on the grill, ~3hrs”. Because I smoke it at 200° from thawed room temp. So to surprise me, these chicks put a frozen chicken in a flaming hot grill and just left it there for 3hrs. Super proud when I got home to “serve dinner” it was still cold and raw inside. So, logically they cut it up and fried it in a cast iron skillet. But didn’t let the oil get hot enough and put the entire chicken in the pan.. when the inside was still raw after frying it, they took still cold, grilled charred chicken, soaked in oil from simmering it in oil instead of frying it and put it in the oven at 475° to “get it cooked”.

  2. I've rinsed off a sauce I didn't like from a pasta and bean dish and then added a new sauce. Really was trying not to waist the food xD

  3. Now I feel dumb. I once made some terrible pasta sauce and instead of rinsing it off (I didn't know that was an option! 🤣) I just ate it and suffered quietly. It was awful!

  4. Ha, I thought you meant a cooking dish, not a dish of food. I cleaned up a badly rusted cast iron dutch oven and re-seasoned it.

  5. For sauces that won't come together, just add cornstarch and turn up the heat while stirring. I'll thicken it up in a few minutes!

  6. Before I had easy access to the internet, I ate a lot of meals that were not salvageable. But without instant access to information and being too poor to waste food, my options were to eat bad food or go hungry.

  7. I think my worst offense was using a gifted homemade bolognese sauce and not tasting it before I added it to the meat. The sauce was extremely sweet and completely disgusting, but it was in the meat already, so I added a ton of Worcestershire Sauce to try to mask the sugar... it helped, if I am ever there again, I'd combo acid and Worcestershire

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