How many DMs/Chat requests do you receive typically in a day on Reddit?

  1. Usually around 4-5 a week, although most are just variations of "hi what's up" or "are you single" from randos (despite me mentioning having a partner pretty frequently in my comments about relationships).

  2. It depends on where I comment. I get more dms when I comment on sexual subreddits vs just women subreddit. Also enough to turn off chats for peace of mind

  3. Depends on how much interaction i make in that day and/or the previous days. My highest is like a 20(dk exactly) and my lowest is 0(obviously). Idk how people are giving out numbers without considering the condition

  4. It depends on what I comment. 1 or 2 every day. But I ignore all the “hey” or “hello” requests. But sometimes someone has a genuine question and then I try to reply and help.

  5. I’ve had this account for a little over a year and only recently started posting on it. So far, in less than a weeks time, I’ve had 11 messages sent to me, some of which have accused me of being someone else. On my main account, that I’ve had for three years, I have only had three messages sent to me total lol.

  6. I get some weird ones in chat. Not sexual, just unusual. Such as people asking some question about my past that I have mentioned on Reddit. Usually woods or military related. Maybe twice a month?

  7. Typically zero. If I ever do it's because I've branched out and gone and posted something revealing my gender in a spicy topic area but it's extremely rare on Reddit for me in general.

  8. Daily? It'd be zero but I do get ones probably weekly or bi-weekly. Often it's gals needing a sounding board or advice but don't want to go to a sub where they'll be bombarded with randos. I have absolutely zero problems with that.

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