What’s normally the first thing you do when you get home from work?

  1. Take off my shoes. Sometimes the door isn't even fully closed before I'm toeing off my shoes. Then drop my stuff, go to the bathroom and change clothes.

  2. PEE! For some reason, regardless if I pee before I leave work (which is only 4 miles from my house), I have this overwhelming urge to pee as soon as I walk in the door.

  3. Strip all my clothes in the laundry room (basement) and take a shower. I feed baby parrots at an aviary and they have cockroaches fucking everywhere!!!! Also Im covered in bird poo and this weird baby parrot sludge that looks like an organic protein powder but smells terrible.

  4. Put on pajamas then do all the things: feed pets, make dinner, clean/chores, then do freelance work. If I’m lucky I can knit for a bit before bed.

  5. My bf always tells me that my male cat chirps and rushes to the door when he knows I am close by. He is such a loving and sweet soul, and I want to make sure my kitty feels all the love in the world, so I automatically pick him up and hold him (he loves that) and give him a big ol kiss on the head.

  6. My bladder realizes I’m home and goes into overdrive, so I kick off my shoes and hightail it to the bathroom first. Change into comfy clothes. Start dinner, call and check on my mom, and watch YouTube.

  7. If I drove, I sit in my parked car for like 20 mins just to destress. If I didn’t, I just head on up and flop onto my bed.

  8. Take my lanyard off and put my car keys and bag away. Take off my jacket and shoes then change into nightwear and my dressing gown and put my work clothes in the laundry bag. Relax.

  9. I am with the majority. Bra comes off first. Sometimes even before my heels LOL Hang out on the couch for a bit or go in my backyard garden for a little while to decompress.

  10. Go to the bathroom to pee and wash hands, love on the dogs, find my house sandles, go say hello to husband, undress then go to bed to read or play on my phone.

  11. I take my clothing off, put them in a separate laundry bag, and then shower right away. Sometimes I eat dinner. Get into bed, and play on Reddit until I fall asleep about 15 mins later. I usually work 12-14 hour days so this works well for me.

  12. I work from home. So for me to answer,it would have to be coming home from errands I take off my nice shoes and put on my "property shoes" so I can walk to my backyard and unlock my door.

  13. Take off my scrubs and bra, put on comfy clothes, cook dinner for me and my daughter, attempt to clean the house before bath time and sending her to bed

  14. Tell my dogs I love them and appreciate the toys they give me. Let them out the backdoor. Do a mini-chore and arrival rituals (keys in bin, shoes in closet, coat on hook, dishes in dishwasher). Then lay on the couch and head scratch one of my pups for an hour or two.

  15. After undressing, going to pee, unpacking it’s doing nothing for an hour before getting on with the evening

  16. I work from home so as soon as I log off for the day I lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling for awhile just to decompress.

  17. If my husband and I aren’t getting all hot and heavy in the shower or bedroom as soon as I get home from work it’s usually off with the bra and on with the lazy pants! 😎🤙🏻🥳

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