how would you respone if someone calls you stupid?

  1. Stop interacting with them. It's obviously not true, so they are just lashing out trying to be hurtful, and I don't need that in my life.

  2. Is this someone a toddler? If not, my response would be confusion that they are coming at me in such an immature manner. Then context dependent, I would probably move on with my life and mentally categorize this someone as "waste of time, do not engage".

  3. Confused, laugh or "seriously" raised eyebrow. Either way, they have placed themselves on my "Pay this juvenile idiot no mind" list.

  4. How does me being stupid invalidate my central point? If you can't refute my point that's a you problem, not a me problem. And if it bothers you that you can't knock down the argument of a stupid person that's your problem, not mine.

  5. “Huh? Did you say something?” Or “I’m sorry, your maturity level must be this high for me to understand.” It depends on the context of the situation

  6. I'd laugh, because if there's one thing about myself I am not at all insecure about, it's my intelligence

  7. When someone calls me stupid, as a whole, it usually means that they don't know me, at all, nor do they understand what's going on RIGHT NOW.

  8. Nothing, or agree if it was something stupid I said or did. A single action or conversation does not determine one's overall intelligence.

  9. Depends on who said it, under what circumstances, via what method, and my mood when they say it. Online gets a laugh and a block, some will get away with it because we know each other, some will end up crying when I'm done hurting their fuckin feelings. Depends.

  10. Tell the person that stupid is from the latin word “stupidus”, which means a person who is astonished by lots of event. It I was called stupid, well that is actually a compliment for me.

  11. A guy I was seeing before jokingly said, see, you’re not that stupid after all. I make way more money, I have better education and everything in between. Made me laugh. So I ghosted him lol. Every year he would still send me a text message and I’ll just keep blocking that number

  12. Flabbergasted, hurt, and then have the urge to get angry about it. :| it is super rare for me to hear this bc I believe most people have manners but bc its rare it shocks me more.

  13. To my face? Explain that calling somebody stupid is not very nice. Because the only person/people who might ever do that are children.

  14. Depends on the context. Are they mad that I fucked something obvious up? Are they making fun of me? Are they trying to get at me with insults? It all depends on why I'm being called stupid.

  15. My response is usually "Well CONGRATULATIONS! You were the last one to figure that out" and then a sarcastic smile.

  16. I’d probably shrug and don’t say anything. Like others I’m confident that I’m smart … but probably once it sank in I’d ask myself why they said that and then brush it off again.

  17. Just silently stare at them directly in the eyes without blinking until they shrivel and crawl away from me to whatever hole they came from

  18. I honestly don’t know. I don’t feel like I’m smart, but I don’t feel stupid either…. But I feel like anything my husband says is so damn intelligent that if someone called me stupid, I would probably just agree with them. I learn something new from him every day. Like important shit that I needed to know. Lol

  19. I’d agree with them. You can’t start an argument if there’s no disagreement. And I don’t want an argument with someone that calls someone stupid. Let them feel like they’ve won.

  20. I have a friend who’s favorite thing to call me is dumb or stupid. Currently no contact with this person. Calling someone stupid is rude as hell. Especially as an adult.

  21. Depends on the tone. If it’s a mean stupid then I’ll just give them a glare and walk away. If it’s like a friendly one then i’ll laugh

  22. “Oh nice one, in the millions of things you could come up with you, you came up with that? How long have you been holding that one in? Go home, you need rest”

  23. First thought was "At least I'm man enough to admit to it, now run off like the boy you are before someone finds your body."

  24. “Ok”. I’ve hurt kids at school for hurting animals. They think I’m mean so I’m woukinb on being nice and walking off with an “ok” instead of getting angry

  25. Um, I’m not. I love learning about so many things and challenging the way I think. Only a stupid person would call a person who enjoyed those things stupid…

  26. I wouldn't. I have two degrees and belong to an international honor society. I have published articles in peer reviewed journals. Clearly, they don't understand the concept of intelligence. Not worth my time.

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