Women of reddit where are you from and can you get the 'emergency pill' without a prescription?

  1. In Finland you can get one from the pharmacy and it's like 20€, no need for prescription. I'm pretty sure we don't have the type of insurance you're talking about.

  2. No, not in Scotland you don’t. Scotland has devolved health care. EllaOne is free up here. UK doesn’t have the same healthcare throughout.

  3. My experience has been that I needed to talk to a pharmacist in a little room before they'd give it to me. To confirm details about when I'd had sex, whether emergency contraceptive would be effective, potential side effects. Often with some amount of lecturing about BC. Not exactly fuss-free, though I'm also not sure if that's common everywhere.

  4. UK, just go to a chemist and ask for it, they'll usually recommend their own brand version because it's exactly the same but cheaper

  5. US. Can walk into any pharmacy including those in target and Walmart and grab one without prescription. I never was given the option to use insurance but it costs 35 for the generic here

  6. Manila/Philippines. I am pretty sure they are not available/not common from drug stores/pharmacies. Heck, non-emergency pills would sometimes need prescription depending on the store/specific branch and whatnot.

  7. From France, you can get it without a prescription for free if you under 18 otherwise it costs between 5 and 20€.

  8. UK and you can get it from a pharmacy. I think if you’re under a certain age it’s free, otherwise you have to pay. I have had it twice - once in UK and once in Spain (both a long time ago). In the UK you had to have a little consultation where they asked some questions… not sure if they still do that or not. In Spain you just pay the same as any other medicine.

  9. Australia- you can go to the pharmacy and request it you normally need to answer a couple of questions then they dispense it.

  10. Russia, yes, it possible to buy in any pharmacy without prescription almost 24/7, price around 7-10 euro per pack

  11. I’m in Brazil. I only bought it once, years ago, so I’m not sure my information is still correct. I bought it over the counter, no prescription, and the pharmacist even made sure I knew how to take it.

  12. Sweden, no prescription needed you just buy it at the pharmacy. There are 5 different ones that vary in prices from 49 sek (5 dollars) to 239 sek (22 dollars).

  13. I'm from the US, and yes. You can buy it at a local store or pharmacy without a prescription. I'm not sure if gas stations sell them or not; I've never checked. It would be cool if you get that with your fill-up, however!

  14. Germany and yes you can get it without prescription in pharmacies (only place "real" medication is sold so this is nothing special about the pill). It's free for teens, but adults have to pay it themselves. Costs like 20€.

  15. in the us, you can get a generic version of plan b at costco for almost nothing. it's something i wish i knew, because at a pharamacy it can sometimes be $50

  16. That's a surprising low price (maybe it depends on the country) compared to other comments where they say 40 or something xD Albania where I'm from the pill costs like 4 or 5$.

  17. In Germany, you can get it from a pharmacy without a prescription. You can choose to go to a doctor and get a prescription, and then you can get it for free or discounted depending on how young you are (free for under 18, 5€ for 18-21, full price for 22+)

  18. I'm in Sweden. You get them at the pharmacy without a prescription, did a quick search and they seem to be from $4 to $14 depending on brand. I think you're sometimes able to get them for free at the doctor's and Youth guidance centres too.

  19. Romania, and yes you can buy it from any pharmacy, no prescription needed. It’s around 20 euros, and they explain in a very clear manner how to take it. As the pill should be taken in a very specific time frame, i doubt anyone that can afford to pay for it would go through the pain of going to the doctor and waiting for the prescription, as this process can take up to 1-2 weeks.

  20. Very similar in Serbia, except it's about 10 EUR for a single pill. They used to sell a pack of two pills, one was to be taken within 12 hours and the other within 48 hours IIRC and that cost about 5 EUR.

  21. I'm from South Africa and yes you can buy it at the pharmacy without a prescription. It's free if you get it at the clinic/hospital.

  22. UK and we can walk in to any pharmacy, have a discreet chat with the pharmacist (just to make sure we are taking anything else that might interfere or have any medical conditions) and for around £10 you can buy it there and then. Some people qualify to have it for free. Had to do it twice and it’s been really easy and judgement free.

  23. In Croatia you can aslo get it at pharmacy without prescription. It's around 20€. Not sure about the insurance, but they didn't ask me for my insurance id, so it probably isn't covered.

  24. You can get it without a prescription, you can get it at some pharmacies or from your doctor. It costs $5-$20 dependent on the pharmacy. It’s free at family planning and sometimes the doctor’s (New Zealand)

  25. USA (Minnesota)- they’re available over the counter but usually in a locked plastic box. I think maybe about $50, it’s been a minute since I’ve bought one.

  26. You can just walk into a pharmacy and buy it or order it online. No problems here. We're not a country with a huge boner for religion like America where they're apparently can refuse selling stuff like that because it goes against their faith or whatever.

  27. Ireland. I haven’t bought it in years, I just went into a pharmacy and as far as I can remember I got it for free because I had a medical card (low income so free/reduced price medication). Otherwise it would have been €30?

  28. France, and you can get it without prescription It's free if you are under 18, but you can only get it at a pharmacy, as part of the monopoly (In France, only a trained pharmacist can give you medication, and they are required to advise you on how to take it, answer any questions you might have and guide you trough the health system, roughly)

  29. I'm from Morocco, some pharmacies may give me emergency pills without a prescription but some others don't, because according to the law you can't get them without prescription.

  30. Modesto, California over here. You can get the emergency bill with prescription at someone drug stores (if they have it in stock) it is $50-$60 if you are over the age of 16. We also have planned parenthood, they take walk ins and scheduled appointments. They accept donations for their services.

  31. USA, Washington state to be specific, a red as fuck state on one side and blue on the coast. I can buy it at any grocery, walgreens/rite aid or pharmacy including Costco.

  32. Scotland, yes. You can get ‘plan b’ and a 1 week batch of your contraceptive pill (if the pharmacy stock it). Don’t need a prescription they can normally look you up though to help you get correct one/dose. Plan b absolutely no doctor visit or prescription needed. Totally free too.

  33. Where l am from, everything to do with reproductive health is free or relatively free. So there's free condoms, free contraceptive pills, IUD, implanon etc etc. You can get an emergency pill for like 2-3 usd. No need for a prescription, an ID or anything like that. You can just get one at any pharmacy, pay and go...

  34. I live in the US (Pennsylvania to be specific), and I can go to any store that sells Plan B (and its generic), and buy it, no questions asked. (I still need a prescription for like Ella or other EC, but Plan B is available over the counter.)

  35. Last time I got it in England I had to go and chat to the pharmacist up the road (for safe guarding) and then they gave me it, I can’t remember if I had to pay. It was super accessible though!

  36. I’m pretty sure here (Alberta, Canada) I’ve seen it just in the pharmacy in the same aisle as the condoms.

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