Need urgent assistance with electricity and mortgage.

  1. Hi! I see your gofundme is pretty new - are you sharing this with your own social media channels and in your own network outside of just Reddit? I ask because in most cases, gofundmes are most successful when shared with your own personal network - even if they can’t donate, they can share to their network, which casts a wider net for donations and adds legitimacy to your post for when you ask people who don’t know you (because there’s real life buy in, it makes it more likely for us, internet strangers, to believe your cause is true).

  2. Thank you for the advice. It’s indeed new, just made and posted today. I’ve shared it on my Twitter and have asked a friend whose Discord server I’m in whether I can post there. I used to use Facebook but don’t really have a connection with the people I met there anymore.

  3. Electric companies aren't going to shut your electric off in the winter. Also, look into LIHEAP, the Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, and your state's emergency/covid mortgage assistance. There is no need to get a single dollar from strangers with all of the resources available out there.

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