Hotel room due in an hour and we just don’t know what to do

  1. Thank you so so much, hopefully one day I can come back here when I’m in a better position and pay it forward. You have no idea how much you’ve eased everyone’s minds here

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your own battle friend, it’s definitely a struggle especially here lately and I hope things get better for you <3

  3. Upvoting so your post gets more traffic. The endless loop of poverty has hit me so hard many times, so I sympathize with you and I hope someone is able to help. I wish I had something to give other than the upvote.

  4. Thank you! It really is a loop as any money we do make gets filtered right back into necessities and the room just to have a roof over our heads. It’s definitely a cycle I hope we break soon

  5. They might be able to! I’m not sure as we haven’t had to do that at this hotel. I know it’s $4 fee to use card here though sadly if they were to pay through phone. Only reason I’m not exactly sure is because we had help from a church one time at a different hotel and they wouldn’t let them but it’s definitely worth a shot as it’d help so much

  6. Oh okay, thank you so much! Sorry I just put that there to be quicker as I was gonna be packing stuff. I really appreciate you telling me cause it woulda sucked if this got taken down at this time

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