Asking for a raise when company not performing - poor form or ok?

  1. One thing nearly certain, if you do not ask, they will think you are content. If you at least ask, they may say no, but offer you other conversations. Never harm in asking.

  2. Close, mining but bonus linked to final product delivery and geology model was fked from the get go so even though we are hitting production targets we aren't hitting product delivery. So doing everything right but can't win.

  3. While I agree its not a good reason for a raise but the bonus structure was one of their big sells to me when they hired me so to have it now essentially being taken out of my control whether I get one or not despite my efforts has rubbed me the wrong way I guess.

  4. Lol would they consider whether it's poor form when they decide to fire you when the company is performing? There's your answer.

  5. In my opinion, treat it like you’re a doctor about to give a bad diagnosis to a patient.

  6. What you were promised in a bonus structure that didn't come to fruition is irrelevant. If you can earn more money overall on a better base rate elsewhere (than the value of your current package overall including bonus) then you have leverage to ask for more money.

  7. if there is plenty of jobs paying more in similar field/positions, ask for a raise to be in line with those.

  8. Promotion is a boomer concept. If you ask your manager will try everything by to avoid it. Just look for a new job elsewhere

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