Is it possible to remove old charges from record?

  1. That would be fine - actions have consequences. But if it's possible to put back into the community this way, I'm for it.

  2. the above is correct for WA and ... QLD? other state have different rules. Victoria has no spent convictions legislation. It really needs to be nationalised. If you have federal convictions, they should disappear automatically. However, some convictions will never be spent (offense against a child, murder etc).

  3. Some agencies are ‘judicial agencies’ which allows them to consider spent convictions in assessments. I’d guess the department registering JPs might be one.

  4. Yes it’s called a Spent Conviction, you need ten years free of any criminal conviction, plus the crimes committed ten years ago need to be petty.

  5. Ah, that might be an issue, then. I'll have to ask a lawyer whether I qualify. The time is well beyond that, though.

  6. I broke a good behaviour bond about 4 times and everytime I went to court their was no mention of one being broken I don't know what system the Broadmeadows magistrates run but lucky me

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