There are no bids and bbby getting butchered right now. fishy

  1. So 80% of the retail investor can’t even get on to sell yet somehow they’ll lie and say retail bailed an hour before hearing the great news

  2. Yes, in the few minutes right after the sec file was dropped an hour early all of retail read it and sold immediately. Totally makes sense...

  3. I know it isn’t retail but where did you get that 80% figure? I can buy and sell stock right now on multiple platforms.

  4. no. its probably insiders selling since they know a share dilution might be around the corner. check the news. don't think this is retail. just some bigger guys anticipating price to go down. they sell.. and bring the price down themselves.. what a stupid market we live in 🙄

  5. IMO if I could drop the price knowing positive news is the likelihood why not drop the price now so they can then ride the wave up later today and swing trade the shit out of it…

  6. Regret I bought more yesterday. Would have been nice to buy at 10s instead of 12s. Anyone with money left is stupid not buying in at this point

  7. “ We may offer, issue and sell shares of our common stock from time to time “ Meaning they offer when squirmed. Love a good premarket butcher!

  8. What the hell is going on on, I’m hearing they’re issuing more shares!!! Surely this is just to help the shorts out 😡😡😡

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