MAGA Nazi televangelist says that Biden should be in prison for treason

  1. So many grifters following the king of grifters el trumptardo but i can see why as all the idiots throwing there money at them..... sad

  2. Just look at the money shining off of his clothes, hair style, watch, etc. and then look at the people clapping. It blows my mind to see the man living an unbelievably rich life directly in front of the people who are funding him. You can see the disparity.

  3. He needs his tax exempt status taken away along with every other "church" in this nation. Churches are ran like a business and need to be taxed as one

  4. Remember your grade school classes? .. 1-2 really really smart kids , 2-3 above average kids, 4-5 average kids, 10 kids flirting with failing class and the remaining 10 kids of class failing completely … that’s same make up of society

  5. These old white people are so out of touch with reality it's insane. Instead of going to an event that's going to be fun for them, or learning new things, they go to this. The ignorance and hate is just so far down the drain.

  6. Believe in your bullshit god/religion all you want just don’t think the world is supposed to follow your bullshit. There is no god it’s only human decisions that have made this world we live in today. Through human actions not gods.

  7. I reckon it's not that churches need to be taxed. It's just that there are places like this that claim to be a church but is in no shape or form one.

  8. Nazi? Can someone source this idk if it’s true or not and I’m not spending my effort tracking this dickheads name down to confirm it

  9. Hank kunneman, the lord of hosts church in Omaha Nebraska. Give them a call, they love to ask for money first thing when you call:

  10. Boondocks did a episode on this where Ronald Regan was trying to get uncle Rukus to get everyone to hate minorities. Never thought it would be a reality one day

  11. Not siding with these people but how is he a nazi? Not really a term that needs to be used for sensationalism in my opinion.

  12. Yeah, remember when he colluded with a foreign nation to win an election and then continued colluding with and extorting foreign nations to smear his future political opponents? What a fuckin traitor.

  13. I like how if someone disagrees with the left wing democrats they are labeled as trump cock riders and nazis. Those people are ridiculous

  14. We're being overrun by idiots with an unclear and obfuscated agenda who use vague talking points to sway masses of malleable individuals.

  15. OMG these people are literally so stupid they just say whatever words come into their head... use the lamest puns and think it's clever. It is really so fucking cringey.

  16. I don't know who or where this is. but it is no different than an imam preaching to create jihadist zealots. If there is a devil, I think he would be pleased.

  17. The way people say their opinion and then just claim it is God's view as well.... so gross. It's their ego telling them they are God

  18. Quick fix to all of this is if you want to influence politics within your church then pay taxes otherwise take your tax free con money and shut the hell up.

  19. To all the people saying tax him: Realize that rich people Pay way more in taxes than Ull ever have to spend in ur life And while yeah he isn’t the greatest Representative of the Conservative party I would still take it over the bumbling kid sniffing idiot in office

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