Karen harasses workers at McDonalds and a good guy tells her to shut the fuck up

  1. This is the kind of thing you think up in the shower in the weeks following an argument. And he thought of it on the spot, truly amazing

  2. Way to stick up for the employees! When I was in high school I spent a summer in south west Michigan helping my grandma and working at a ice cream shop that was very popular. We would get hundreds of people coming in each night. Only once did someone say something about our speed. One guy yelled "hurry up, this is taking forever" or something along those lines. And the whole crowd turned on him, telling him that you don't see a single one of us standing around, he could go some place else and he just shut up. It really made me happy, I can only imagine how much better that simple act of standing up for employees in the video made on their day

  3. She complained about being shut up and wanted the cops called and the workers said "can't do that", she really thought someone was on her side in this exchange

  4. Omg people use the police for the dumbest shit. I can’t imagine receiving one of these calls lmao “hello police? Yes there’s a man at McDonald’s who is treating me exactly how I’m treating the employees” lmao

  5. I think it says a lot about the American police, that the bitches like this are the ones who always feel confident calling them to come back her up, whereas the people the Karens harass typically want no part of police involvement.

  6. Asking the employees to then call the cops shows the powertrip she’s on. She wants them to subordinate to her needs, more than she wants the cops called.

  7. That's amazing, my in-laws used to own a dairy queen in a tiny rural town in southwestern Tennessee. My wife used to do drive-thru. They didn't take this abuse from anyone. Most of the people that worked there were good hard working people. Of course there were some shitty employees who didn't care and treated customers and coworkers like crap, that's everywhere and they never lasted long at this particular dairy queen. When customers belittled the staff they always stood up for themselves and each other and other customers stood up for them like this guy did. Nobody deserves this garbage treatment. This guy is amazing and this cunt and her family and friends should be ashamed of her.

  8. I was at an understaffed McDonald's about 10 years ago when some guy started berating the guy working the line. He capped it off by calling him a racial slur. I told the guy off and he starts saying "Do you know who I am?" I say "Yeah you're the punk who's talking shit at McDonald's." He takes his stuff and leaves, I get my food and eat in. When I leave, just for good measure I look around to see if he's still around but I don't see him. I get in my car and drive into town about 20 miles away. As I'm exiting, I notice the car in my rearview has some funny lights on it. I make a few turns and notice that same car behind me. Kind of suspicious, I make a full loop around a traffic circle and the car follows me the whole way. I start driving towards a police station and the car pulls alongside me and it's the asshole from McDonald's. We yell at each other and he drives off.

  9. I nominate Captain shut the fuck up, to be awarded the free fries for life medal for his valiant efforts in defending the employees of his fine local McDonald’s against a ravenous Karen.

  10. I like how the real incidents in America is ditto to thier movies and TV shows, my Bollywood doesn't represent any part of the world, lol.

  11. Always thought this was a pretty rare thing until I got a job like this. Nope, happens all the fucking time. I only stayed there 3 days and I got called basically everything in the book.

  12. We need more people like that to tell off someone who's being unreasonable. Cause part of the issue is people like her. Absolutely.

  13. Sometimes certain people are better off not being customers. When I worked at Culver's, there were 2 men that were regulars who were ALWAYS rude to staff and complained about everything. It made wonder, why the fuck are you coming here if you're gonna be like this?

  14. Ridiculous that people will seriously call the cops over the word fuck lmao. Then these people are the same ones projecting when they call others entitled or privileged.

  15. It should be misuse of 911 line to call about freedom of speech or other things like recording in public etc.

  16. When I worked at a fast casual restaurant, people would say the worst shit to workers. People being mean weren't the worst part, it was the perverts who would ask for hair cuttings from the girls, or quietly ask me to spit in their soup.

  17. Why are you being downvoted? You are absolutely right. Those people do sound worse than people like this. These people ARE definitely awful and should be put in their place but the ones that sexually harass people just trying to do their jobs should be arrested.

  18. “I’m sorry sir, there was a problem with your receipt. I’m going to refund your complete order and for the inconvenience, here is a $100 gift card. Have a great day!”

  19. Shit gets overwhelming sometimes with a fuck ton of orders and some jorts wearing Karen wants her fuckin shit “fresh”. You gotta click ask me and wait for the cook to ask what you needed special about that specific sandwich or item. Shits extra

  20. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Get that fat bitch. She said she didn’t want the food and he said well you don’t need the food. You know he’s pointing out that she’s a big fat ass cow. If I would have been there I would’ve paid for that guys food.

  21. God bless that man. God bless his heart. Karens love to tell the employee to call the police. They never want to call the police themselves

  22. Yeah cause she’s not gonna know what to say when they ask why he said it. Unless she’s dumb enough to tell them she was harassing item. Then it’s just uno reverse

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