It's official: Elon Musk bought Twitter for 44 billion. Coulda built homes for all the homeless but an ego stroking toy is more important.

  1. The department of housing and urban development already gets 47.9 billion a year too, and is getting 68.7 billion in 2022. What the fuck are they doing with that budget if homelessness keeps getting worse and it only costs $20 billion to fix?


  3. well bill gates is doing it and look how he is getting treated for it. We only got ourselves to blame here

  4. L.A has a mental health crisis. Not a housing crisis. You can give a schizophrenic crack head a house all you want. They aren't capable of keeping it.

  5. You're absolutely correct, assuming homelessness is treated and addressed the same way people have always tried to resolve it. Most of the people who are homeless are there by choice because they feel isolated from society and that's there's something innately wrong with our civilization. They all have their own personal stories and unresolved issues of how they got there, and they all need personalized programs to help them heal but none of the few and far between programs are able to provide an escape from the society which torments their souls so.

  6. US government spends trillions on Military, those f*cks are elected by the people . Elon or any other billionaire is not bound to help people like you are not forced to give charity. It's always better to ask the elected government officials where the trillions of tax dollars collected goes. Is it to bomb schools in Syria or to solve the infrastructure and logistics issue in USA.

  7. Its the governments job not the job of a privat person. I understand the point of this post. But like I sayed it's not his job to end homeless in America.

  8. It’s also just a wrong number. You can’t end homelessness for $20 billion. I can’t believe people are ignorant enough to believe this!

  9. OK... Here goes. I'm sure this will be unpopular but hear me out. What Elon did is called capitalism. The ability to invest ones own money as one sees fit. Capitalism seems to be getting a bad rap these days but without it, the world would be without so many of the things we take for granted. For instance, communist and socialist countries are not known for their groundbreaking tech for one reason. There's no incentive to create and better society when you're not rewarded for it. (The cell phones most of us are on are a great example.) Enter capitalism. In a capitalistic society people are rewarded for ingenuity, hard work, and foresight. Is it fair? I don't know, I could go both ways. But there's no way to deny that capitalism makes society better as a whole. (See industrial revolution, etc...) Now with that said, should Elon feed the homeless instead of buying Twitter? No. He should do what he wants with HIS money. I hope that philanthropy with be a part of his legacy but I'm not going to fault him for making the investment he sees fit.

  10. Yeah same retort here: give me a detailed plan on how 20 billion works and I'll sell Tesla stock right now. I fucking hate Elon but y'all gotta boost your arguments better man.

  11. "building homes solves homelessness" is a wildly ignorant take. "$20 billion will solve it" doubles down on that ignorance.

  12. OH yeah thats elons responsibility 🤡 fkn clowns sitting home jerking off and complaining that people with more money than you dont donate to charity and shit.

  13. Seriously. People could feed a homeless person for a month instead of buying a pair of slave made air jordan’s. No one actually gives a shot, they just want to point a finger.

  14. I was coming here to say something similar lol because realistically if ANYONE was in his shoes would they be willing to spend 20bil to anything that doesn’t benefit them directly? Not to mention what about the cost of utilities and up keep who would pay for that? Would the individual who paid for the housing be expected to pay it bc they had it built? That line of thinking is ridiculous.

  15. Imagine defending a billionaire because people were mean to him by pointing out the good things that he could do with his money

  16. Well Elon is still waiting for a response on how they would use the 7 billion he said he would give to solve world hunger. Guess that’s not a priority. It is his money he can do whatever he wants with it. Buy Twitter, burn it, whatever.

  17. On the plus side he will make that back after power and influence grows THEN he’ll focus on homelessness - for three lucky families who tweet why Elon is God in twenty-five words if less.

  18. Until people are demanding that their own taxes be raised for whatever cause it won't improve. Elon would be a nobody if you could spend his money for him lol.

  19. Hum, now all those people who previously owned stock in TikTok and just saw a HUGE payout, maybe they should kick half of thier payout to HUD?

  20. Everywhere I have lived that has the potential of supplying homeless with housing or has housing for homeless, the locals fight it every step of the way. Plus, there are literally enough houses already built, but it’s Elon fault landlords want to continue to buy houses to increase their disposal income literally forcing people out of their home who can’t afford the rent increase. You could always tax major corporations like the company he owns, plus tax an organization known for being filled with child predators…… the CHURCH….

  21. It is not a private citizen’s duty to provide a social safety net where the government has failed. The US government squirts out $20 bil on a whim and consistently bails out corporations that automate away jobs and create homelessness. If homelessness could be ended so easily, it should be ended by the government, not 1 citizen. Ending homelessness doesn’t take money, it takes serious institutional and philosophical policy changes.

  22. It wasn't the responsibility of 1 person to cause homelessness why should it be up to 1 person to fix it. Most people who get a bonus at Christmas for 3000$ have not one thought I could give a family food for a week and go and actually I'm not justifying him doing nothing im saying make sure yall check yourself this is the like the 50th post I've seen about this

  23. It wouldn't end homelessness it would just move the homeless into temporary structures until they destroyed those like they destroy our streets. End the influx of illicit drugs. Get some real help for these people. Not hand them the keys to a shiny new house.

  24. How much bullshit did you buy with your check ? Im sitting here without brand new Jordans when you could've easily bought me some . how dare you not give me free stuff

  25. I can’t believe I have to say this but you can’t solve homelessness with $20 billion. It would have been fixed by now. You people are insufferable…

  26. Serious question, do you really believe this? The federal government has a 4 trillion dollar budget, much of which funds defense initiatives in other countries and/or flat out wasted. I get that you don’t approve of the way Musk chooses to spend his wealth (or how he gained it, for that matter), but the point you’re making seems propagandist in nature… I could imagine some PR contractor for the government pushing this message to take attention off the colossal failure of government and placing it on individuals with means.

  27. And yes while Elon Musk could’ve used that money to do that. Our country also spends trillions of dollars on the military that does not need to be spent. So maybe that 20 billion could’ve come from the trillions of dollars that we spend on bullshit daily in this country.

  28. considering Elon isn't the government, it's really a case of not my circus and not my monkeys. Last time he offered to end world hunger, and the WHO, Redcross and work vision could figure it out and realistically lay it all out on the table so.

  29. its so weird when average people make comments like this. Do you have a nice phone? a good laptop? go out for a nice dinner or an overseas holiday? well you could have given that money to homeless people for food, but you didn't, guess that makes you an asshole because you spent your own money on yourself.

  30. Great now that the previous ownership of Twitter has all of that money they can do all of that now? Right? Or does it only work one way?

  31. how do the homeless people pay their monthly utility bills? how do you guarantee they will find work and not end up homeless again? seems like a big loss for mr. musk…buying twitter was an investment, not only in personal finances but in the longevity if free speech in america.

  32. The US government spends $6 Trillion dollars every year. Why is it one private guy’s responsibility to clean up the shitty mess the government created?

  33. I agree with the sentiment, but honestly $20 billion seems like it wouldn’t even make a dent. Sounds like a made up round number too. How are we defining the end of homelessness? Giving every homeless person a condo for free? That means we build condos. If every condo unit’s base price is $100,000, then $20 Billion only buys 200,000 condos. There’s an estimated 550,000 homeless people. So that doesn’t solve it.

  34. That's the duty of government. He bought Twitter and all liberal ass are burning because now they can't senction those who speaks against them.

  35. 20 billion the first month maybe. Then dumbocrats will whine for more and more in the form of taxes (other peoples money) forever and ever until there is no one working to pay the bill.

  36. Why do people think we can throw money at human problems. These people aren’t just low on funds. It’s a whole problem. With intricacies and excuses and just throwing money at it won’t fix it. It won’t just create jobs that will stay around for a career. It’s t doesn’t give these people the mentality that they are safe or even what to do when they are. Fuck. People are so simplistic about real issues but they break down into granular detail what doesn’t fucking matter. Why do we need abortion laws? Why do men need to be the ones deciding that? Why do humans when given any working system then seek to destroy it from the inside like a slime mold?

  37. He could have bought 80 billion tacos from Jack in the box and given everybody on the planet 9 tacos, and have some to spare, but that asshole buys Twitter instead 😒

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