Fucking psycho pulls a gun because he was asked to return his shopping cart

  1. An excerpt from a Texas Law blog: “There is a distinct danger of harm any time a weapon is pointed at someone else or even if one is discharged without regard for where the bullet will travel. When someone is aware that they are doing something with a firearm (or any other weapon) that can result in someone else’s bodily injury or death, they can be arrested and charged with deadly conduct.

  2. Brandishing is illegal federally.... But if your brother is a cop, then you can cosplay like that.

  3. You have to be able to prove that you felt your life was in danger and you had no avenue of escape to chose. Otherwise it’s attempted assault with a deadly weapon to remove it from its holster and ready it to condition zero like he did. If narco used the video or immediately called the cops, there could be repercussions.

  4. Yes, it’s literally assault, “an act, criminal or tortious, that threatens physical harm to a person, whether or not actual harm is done.”

  5. As someone who has a Texas license to carry, can definitely say that was not the time to pull out a Glock. Especially since he's in a company vehicle. That's a great way to get the company sued and you fired. Man can't take a joke or a magnet apparently.

  6. As someone in a constitutional carry state where no one needs a license, the dude in the truck is about to get shot. "He pulled a gun on me so I shot him first, I don't know why he pulled it, we could ask him but he's dead"

  7. For reals. This just gives some insight that to many wrong people are carrying out there. Literally carry it with them. The wrong people.

  8. I doubt the dumbass in the van has an LTC or any training. He probably watched a 3 minute YouTube video, on handgun safety. The newbie lacks the courage to carry with one in the chamber. I would have called the police and reported that he brandished a gun. Any loser that gets heated over a magnet, deserves to have their guns taken away.

  9. That guy deserves life in prison. Why? Because he does not know how to live in a society. Even if this guy out the magnet on his car. It would have been of no inconvenience to him to remove it or keep it as a souvenir. I would have kept it as a reminder of how much of a dick I am to others. But it seems that for the driver, being a dick is not a thing he can accept.

  10. Yea most of us are sick of ts inside America as well. Please help by sending brain cells to our less fortunate.😭

  11. A lot of non Americans in this thread assuming this is what happens when you go outside in America. The ignorance is mind blowing

  12. Is this what America has come to? Everyone now pulls a gun at you. But than again he needed to defend himself from that sticker

  13. Cart Narcs has been doing this exact thing weekly all over America, even in cities known to be "dangerous", since 2018. and this is the first time it has ever happened. If anything he's shown that it's less of a problem than you think.

  14. Most Western countries don’t allow guns to be carried while not engaged in hunting, etc. America does.

  15. Depends on the skin color and geographic location of the individual wielding the gun in public. In some places that’s just the way Harold is and he’s not dangerous or anything, just doesn’t like being messed with. If you’re dark skinned or live in certain parts of America, police will smoke you while you’re sleeping or unarmed.

  16. He brandished a gun for being called out for not putting his cart away. What part of this scenario screams civilized society?

  17. With that video footage that's an easy open and shut case. Sane people that carry know that you never draw a weapon unless you intend to shoot someone. It's a tool meant to be used, van guy acting like it's kindergarten show and tell. Also, if you carry but don't have one in the chamber, why even carry?

  18. It's annoying to be hounded by a kartboy but seriously to pull a gun my dude, either you have a really small ego or you asking to get shot. But to pull on an unarmed person annoying you my dude you need to have your gun taken away.period. but then again he pulled it out to scare the guy wait till it's someone thats armed and shoots first before assuming. We will see him in the gore section with his dog licking up brains

  19. Can’t believe this is just normal life in America. If someone did that here in the UK it’d make national headlines and cause that area to get locked down. My first ever job at age 15 was to go collect carts (we call them trolleys) for Makro. Given the employment problems can’t large supermarkets just pay these cart narc weirdos to put them back for them. I used to find so many cool things people had accidentally left in their carts.

  20. Cuz it's stupid and that's what happens when you attach the word narc to anything lol. Its this country's own damn fault they created a people vs the police mindset by waging a war on drugs and incarcerating a generation of their own young people for needless and completely counterproductive laws against drugs. Prohibition proved that but we like to pretend it didnt happen.

  21. It's the name of a youtuber/social media presence. It's a dude doing it for views and because he probably gets a kick out of the goofy persona and being able to upset inconsiderate people.

  22. I used to dream of living in the US. Already did for a year but as time passes, people get more aggressive and divided. I no longer wish to live there, Id be afraid of some freak shooting me because I looked at him

  23. These people are the most fragile snowflakes in the whole fucking world. Like petulant toddlers. Throw a hissy for when someone touches their stuff.

  24. This trolley guy is fucking amazing! He comes across as a odd, but good on him. everyone should have a hobby. The other guy, well he's outright deranged.

  25. what the fuck? american logic at it's best. right, just arm the kids at school too so they can defend themselves from school shooters. just fucking ban guns and people won't get shot, why has every braincell left america?!

  26. Get his plate and report him to the cops. Everyone hates gun control but idiots like this are exactly why control is needed

  27. And there are still shit tons of Americans defending “gun rights”. This is why other countries banned or make it really hard to own a gun. People will abuse it.

  28. I know I'm gonna get downvoted for this but it's obvious the guy wasn't going to use the gun. He just wanted to scare that dude off because he was harassing him and was warned to step away. And before you bring the whole "oH bUt hE dIdnT pUt hIs caRt BacK" I know. I work at a grocery market. It can be annoying. However, we have carryouts who get the carts for the customers in the parking lot. In other words, we pay people to do what the dude in the video is bitching about. I've seen his videos before. He's incredibly obnoxious. You never know if someone has had the absolute worst fucking days of their lives and decided to not put the cart back that one time to hurry home and relax. That doesn't excuse him to insult and blast them online without permission.

  29. you justify having people at your job just to put back carts by saying "it is what it is". Just put your cart back it's not that hard, what the fuck is wrong with americans and their lazy ass entitled bullshit way of life. fuck that shit

  30. It doesn't matter whether or not he intended to use it. It's called brandishing and its a crime in Texas (where this takes place)

  31. The cart guy was in the wrong. How can you impose yourself on someone just chillling in his car and not expect a response?!?!?! Cart guy is an idiot.

  32. So be a man, take the joke, disagree, drive away, throw magnet away in 30 seconds. Or put your cart away like a regular human being. How can pulling a gun on someone over a joke ever be in the right. Shake your head man

  33. These videos are baffling. Who goes through the world being such a dick to random people? How hard is it to put your cart where it can be easily collected?

  34. It was going to happen to him sooner or later. I bet he will still be out the being a douche

  35. It’s called comedy! If you don’t want to play along drive away with a magnet and have a nice day. Some people are just dying for the day they can pull their gun out and maybe even get to use it. After all you spend all that money and time at the range.

  36. This isn't comedy and the narc is not doing it to be funny, he is out to annoy people for what he thinks is a good reason. As annoying as leaving a cart out is annoying people is just as annoying.

  37. I knew this guy was gonna get a gun pulled on him sooner or later. Too many crazy individuals out there to be throwing stickers on random people's cars.

  38. Yes, they are along the lines of Stop a Douchebag and probably make a little money off of YouTube views, but mostly do it because they think it's right.

  39. Texas has both Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrines in place. That means that the van guy was legally within his rights to defend his work truck from damage. Even minimal damage can be met with deadly force under the Castle Doctrine. The CartNarc guy told van man that it was just a magnet and it wouldn't hurt his van. The van dude still pulls a gun. Stand your ground laws means CartNarc could have pulled his own gun at that time to defend himself. So in this case both people could have fired first and probably gotten away with it. Welcome to Texas.

  40. That's not just a Texas thing that's what going about things in the wrong way get you. If you arent a cop and have no authority then dont confront people and instead use social media to make the public aware of them or call a real cop because death due to shopping cart theft prevention is not really a hill worthy of dieing on.

  41. dont try and turn this around, only one party is in the wrong here. he was a jackass for throwing his cart into the grass, a jackass for not kindly correcting it, and a piece of shit for brandishing a weapon when he was in the wrong. must have been raised by animals

  42. I fucking hate this asshole. He deserves to get the shit beat out of him for harassing people about fucking carts. Go harass people about something that actually matters dipshit.

  43. This guy really goes around telling ppl to out their carts back? There’s literally somebody who does that job😂😂😂

  44. No, there's someone who his job is to get the carts in the specific return places and bring them in. You should return your cart there so that people don't scratch their car on them by accident and the poor dude doesn't have to walk a whole parking picking them one by one cause people are too lazy to walk 30 seconds.

  45. You're the type of person who leaves all their trash on the lawn at a concert because the venue hired people that go around and clean it up.

  46. Shame culture has got to switch lanes. Nobody likes being made to feel ashamed. It’s a great learning tool but some people (gun guy, in this case) are emotionally and intellectually infantile and short circuit when people like Captain Aspergers start fucking with them. Some people are fucking crazy and I don’t see gun laws changing any time soon in this country. Everything has sucked for the last 2+ years. We need to start cutting each other some slack. And this guy needs to find a new way to get attention that doesn’t rub people the wrong way enough to get a gun pulled on him.

  47. Then Why didn't he roll up his window and leave. Nothing was stopping him except his ego. Dude even said have a nice day then ignored him for a second then went right back to bickering then got annoyed. Dude is dumb and doesn't need to own a gun.

  48. In his defense, how is the driver supposed to know this weirdos intentions? These cart narcs would just mind their own fucking business this would have never been a thing. Good on the driver imo.

  49. "how he sposed to know that cart man put magnet on car when cart man clearly say it magnet? Driver did right cuz if clearly stated magnet were sticker it be good to kill man over sticker." Bro, touch grass.

  50. Hahaha, he did him a favor, he will wake up every morning and eat the best meal of his life, he will go back to school and get his degree, and most importantly, not wasting his life by telling people to return a fucking cart

  51. This guy really needs to get situated with life and better himself poor guy really out here fighting justice for shopping carts.

  52. After the last couple of years, everyone is more amped up then normal. Leave folks alone. Yes, he should've returned the cart to a rack, but don't go sticking shit on his rig over it. He sees some weirdo approaching and pestering him and has no way of knowing what else he might do. He warned him and cart narc persisted. Maybe cart narc thinks it's cute to do this shit and post it for fake internet points, but he's playing with fire.

  53. He is a little, but people who decide to respond to situations like this with a gun are fuckwads. He could, perhaps, return the cart. You got caught being an asshole. Do the honorable thing. Don't hide behind your gun like a little bitch.

  54. this is fucked to pull a gun on but this cart narcs dude is a complete pussy prick. he goes about it the wrong way then wonders why he casuses fucking problems

  55. Calls him a pussy but not the dude threatened by putting away a cart and magnets and pulled a gun on someone asking him to put his cart away

  56. Man. I wish I was invisible bc I would spend my days CLOCKING FUCKING ASSHOLES WITH FUCKING BOULDERS. I’d do it 24/7 24 hours a day and I wouldn’t make a dent in all the STUPID FUCKS

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