Heading down to Bangkok this summer, are prices there for Scotch and Bourbon reasonable (compared to the US)?. Also at what stores or markets could I find it the cheapest.

  1. Imported alcohol here is expensive. Imported high proof alcohol is very very expensive. Wine here is outrageous, I'm not sure how anyone can justify that. So to answer your question buy your whiskey at the duty free

  2. Johnnie walker red is your cheapest. Bring a big expensive bottle and sell it to a bar here. Or sell it to me.

  3. It's depends but mostly it's gonna be more expensive for bourbon. For example Jim Beam is around 700 thb, Wild Turkey is around 1,500 thb, Bullelt is around 1,400 thb. I would check Villa Market sometime their prices

  4. The monopoly system set up by the dominant families means there is almost zero competition, so you're looking more for selection than price. Ex.: Glenmorangie 10 is 1888 at Tops, 1950 everywhere else. Big deal, and that's about the only case of difference I've seen lately.

  5. way more expensive in Thailand… all imported alcohols including beer, wine and spirits are taxed at around 400% if you find a bottle thats costs similar to the US it’s most likely a fake.

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