When your 7yo daughter loves wolves, you make her a wolf.

  1. What's your definition of beginner? It sounds like you think everyone who posts in this sub should be using basic hands tools only?

  2. Instructions unclear. Have mutated my daughter using wolf's dna. She now refuses to eat her vegetables and won't stop chasing the cat. I give your advice 4/10.

  3. People get so amazed at simple SVG files. You can get a cheap CNC/laser and do all sorts of cool stuff like this with only a couple hours of YT videos. Good job OP

  4. Looks like cnc milling to me, there's no sign of lasers telltale burn color. Probably done on something like a shapeoko.

  5. I've been looking at hunting platforms and legit thought that's what this was at first. Very cool. What's the odds of scaling it up and making it out of aluminum or steel lol?

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