New Art from Horikoshi!

  1. After he is done with MHA he might fare better or enjoy just being an illustrator for a manga where someone else writes it and and not have to worry about writing and pacing himself

  2. The anime should use those moments when they randomly tell you character information to cut to a new scene, to turn these drawings in anime style

  3. Shoto: "I don't understand what's going on but it's easy enough and we're having fun, so alright."

  4. This is absolutely the kind of dorky stuff I feel like he'd do in his free time since he's such a big hero nerd.

  5. I'd like to think that the class has a hero assignment on how to make fan service content/merch hence them doing this dorky thing. Then the final grade is how sellable their final output is lmao

  6. Todoroki is the type of friend to come running and help out with whatever is needed. Especially if it is Midoriya.

  7. Been loving the evolution of Deku physically. He went from a scrawny teen whose* hair over took his face, to a pretty jacked super hero who grew into his hair. Loving the confidence in his eyes.

  8. Definitely helps that he has something more specific to fight for. Beginning of the series he doesn't really want to stand out and is just following a dream he thinks would be nice. But now, like All Might has said about him, when Midoriya truly wants to help someone, nothing can stand in his way.

  9. Pfft, Midoriya playing with friggin' Elmer Glue slime is such a mood of innocence that I wish I could have in these times

  10. Shoto: On today's Hero TikTok tips, we'll show you how to use slime to create a Blackwhip like effect for a cool pose, here's my friend Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku, the innovator of the Blackwhip. Here we go!

  11. This is the sort of shot I'd expect to see when he made it big and had a magazine interview.

  12. hope this is a scheduled tweet and he's able to sleep in instead of posting on twitter at 6am on a saturday.

  13. Yeah, it's my favourite part. The glam shot is good - but the little side panels show that he's still the same dorky Izuku at heart, and I love his friendship with Shouto so much. It's been so heart-warming to see them support each other through everything.

  14. The outfit kinda reminds me of his torn attire in that one piece of art from the exhibition with Uraraka. I think he's gonna get the Goku torn shirt treatment in this fight.

  15. I really hope he does one every week. This sketch is so fucking nice. I'm always in awe of his pencil/linework.

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