How does this not strike? us open pattern 3

  1. Ball still in its hook phase as it entered the pocket rather than entering a roll phase so it didn’t hit the pocket with power. This causes deflection 😰

  2. so am i just playing the oil wrong here? guys at the tournament were saying this pattern is pretty difficult

  3. what do you mean by no drive? i have been bowling for about 3 weeks and been bowling over 210 like every game so i entered a tournament with us open lane patterns and i can see this is a lot more difficult then i anticipated

  4. Go back and look at the pattern. Where the dark blue transitions to the light blue left to right. Thats where the breakpoint should be.

  5. It may be an equipment choice too. Possibly a solid reactive ball with more surface to create the roll earlier. What are u throwing here and what else is in your bag

  6. Ball hit like a wet noodle and didn't drive through the deck, which is why it finishes behind the 9 pin. A good shot for a righty either splits the 8-9 or finishes behind the 8 pin.

  7. This is why two handed bowling is cracked. OP doesn’t understand basic bowling physics and is still killing it. If this person develops a solid bowling IQ on top of their physical game they’ll be an assassin. No disrespect meant, exactly the opposite. Responses have pretty much answered the question already.

  8. Best advice I can give: watch where the ball leaves the deck. If the ball leaves the deck over the 9 pin spot (as it did here), the ball was late entering the pocket and deflected. This results in bad carry

  9. Deflected. Didn’t ever get into the forward roll phase so it didn’t have any manliness when it hit the pins. The ball may just be going too long before it sees friction

  10. This is a classic "late" to the pocket 7-10. You will leave it more times than not if the ball slides too much before hooking.

  11. Ball doesn’t have any energy going into the pocket. Move right and take some hand out of it and/or switch balls.

  12. At first it looks really high then somekne does the freeze frame and it deflected and is to the right of the five odd

  13. Ball never got into the roll phase. Just skid all the way and ended up going into the pocket light. Head pin threw left of 7 and didn’t have enough splash to the right to get the 10.

  14. Op deleted but this is good explanation of ball motion. I don’t know what game this is but it seems not to be the best line at this time based on the release and ball.

  15. Pretty easy. Ball was low in the pocket and, more importantly, had barely just begun the roll phase. No driving power. Also, don't know ball weight, so if it is 14 lbs or less, a heavier ball might have done better.

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