Not sure how many of you get to see the other side of the veil, so here you go. Happy bowing.

  1. How likely are these to jam compared to older technologies (like the Brunswick A2s?) It’s very interesting how these machines have evolved

  2. Yea, it felt weird seeing the 9 pin be the last one in instead of the 5 pin going down the chute and dropping the rest in the deck.

  3. Not OP, but The XLi edge has an updated higher distributor pan which is where most pin jams occur on the older 90s, where a pin would get turned around and cause a backup.

  4. The basics of the 82 series is older than the A/A2, 82-30 came before the A, and the basics of the 82-30, while different in some areas, are still similar to the 82-70, 90, 90XLi and XLi Edge.

  5. If you can keep them clean, and up to date on maintenance they run pretty good most of the time. I think last night during league on these 14 machines I had 5 calls total, and a few were just pins blocking the ball exit.

  6. Thanks! The lead mechanic left and the part time became the full time and then I got hired on 4 months ago as the part time evening mechanic. We've been working really hard to catch up on a back log of cleaning and maintenance. Had 1 mechanic for 32 lanes for quite a while.

  7. Not exactly what you're referring to here? No magnet on the ten pin. There are washers that hold the plastic bin in if you're referring to where the ten pin sits in the bin. Other than that the only thing I can think of is that the bottom of the pins have a hole in the wood?

  8. Not sure what the rest of the center looks like, so basically I am basing my opinion from this video. That machine looks super clean. Bet there are very few machine marks on balls or your bowling ball coming back with crap all over it. Great job in helping maintain. Takes a small village sometimes.

  9. Thank you! I bowl as well so I'm always trying to look at it from both sides. Cleaning these machines goes a long way in terms of reliability so it is definitely worth the time and effort.

  10. This is cool. Thanks for sharing. I always just figured it was some kind of magic happening back there. Until they reset wrong. Lol.

  11. So you know the pain of machines deciding league play is the best time to go absolutely bat shit crazy.

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