need help with my approach and release. can't seem to stay behind the ball always and can only get under the ball if I bend my elbow at the top of the back swing.

  1. Everything about your approach and back swing is very controlled you need to allow more of a free swing with a follow through toward your target. You're making an effort to cup your wrist and bend your elbow and you would likely be better off doing neither one. Trying to control souch of your swing and release like that makes it very difficult to repeat. Try a bigger push away, a free arm swing, more knee bend to get your point of release closer to the lane (so you're rolling the ball onto the lane versus dropping), and stay behind the ball (not under) until the point of release with a follow through directly toward your target.

  2. I have been trying to give more of a free swing and I always feel like my wrist will give out. I have tried to do the more traditional style and end up throwing it like a granny down lane with 0 revs and like 10mph. There's definitely a lot wrong with how I'm doing it because it feels like shit when I try to do it the right way.

  3. I'm using a 14lb ball. I've been bowling a lot these last few days. Maybe I should give my body some time to recover and then give it another shot at doing a proper pendulum type of back swing and release

  4. I honestly think this is an issue too. It was drilled by a pro shop but to me I think the span is too short

  5. And another thing. Keep your shoulder square. In the video. Your chest is facing left on release. You want your body facing where you want the ball to go. Which is the reason you come around the ball. And you feel like you grabbing it.

  6. Oh, I see that now too. I want to remember to try to lead with my off hand a bit more to maybe help me square up on the finish

  7. I agree with basically everyone else here, but I didn't see anyone mention tape. Tape is a great resource for reducing your grip, and can be finely adjusted throughout league or a tournament.

  8. So I have been watching some fit videos and seeing that I have a round thumb hole I can't get my thumb all the way into my ball. I have a blister on the inside side of my thumb from bowling today. So after they fix my span issue and get the thumb hole placed properly. I'm going to see if they can oval it out and then I can get some tape in there to get it to fit nice and snug.

  9. Everyone has mentioned a few tips, what I noticed was you drop the ball down very early. As mentioned before you’re carrying the ball before your last 2.5 steps. Try holding the ball with both hands for another full step maybe even step and a half and that should help.

  10. Definitely going to work on this. Going to get my bowling balls refit first though so that way I have the proper setup to be successful

  11. These are great tips. Thank you. I did practice my arm swing last night and my couch took a beating haha. I was practicing the arm swing into the 1 step drill and I started to kind of figure out the timing and where the power comes from. I really appreciate the time you took to help out with your suggestions.

  12. Hey man…. It actually looks pretty good like that. There is no problem having a bent elbow at the top of the swing. The top pros all have some kind of bent elbow. It’s where they get there ball speed an power from.

  13. Appreciate the feedback brother. I'm actually on the way to the proshop to pick up my refit bowling balls. This is definitely going to have a lot to do with how I approach the game from here on

  14. Yea, actually my style was much closer to Ken mckneely before I even tried to make adjustments. I really wanted to cup the ball and cradle it. Sure I would get some strikes here and there but I felt the inaccuracy in that style. I'm trying to change it but you can see it still lingers in my delivery. I want to pendulum it but my hand wants to get up on top of the ball when I try to give a nice bigger swing.

  15. I find it funny that everyone that provides a video asking for help always feels the need to throw a strike in the video. Wouldn’t it make more sense to show us your screw ups? 🫠

  16. I'm showing the best of my ability knowing that there are imperfections in my game. This might have been one of the best shots I threw all night and it still doesn't feel right. Does that explain it for you? If I post the other ones there's even more to pick at. But this was my best shot where I felt like I could deliver the ball to the best of my ability. That's why I am here.

  17. No. If he screws up he knows that's a problem. If he misses the pocket he just needs to move his feet. This is his normal form and the fact it was a strike does absolutely zero to keep us from spotting his consistent issues.

  18. Is it though? I can easily hold the ball with my thumb in and my fingers out over my finger holes. The pain and instability comes when I have my finger tips in and my hand cramps up. Feels like the weight of the ball is over the end of my hand

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