So would you have dropped him?

  1. Good guy with gun shoots bad guy with gun. Police shoot good guy with gun. Tale as old as time.

  2. Legally, I probably would be justified in shooting him immediately after he fired a shot. Practically, he's probably no threat to me. I would just quickly depart.

  3. I’m all for this sub and dropping people that pose a threat, but here I agree. I’d just take whoever is with me and get up and leave and call the cops.

  4. If he's stupid enough to recklessly fire his weapon into the air, and unstable enough to be upset over sidewall chalk, I wouldn't put it past him to start shooting people in the back as they leave. Were I there and the subject of his ire, could I be certain his next round isn't going to be aimed at me, whether I were leaving or not?

  5. He’s discharged his gun and he’s threatening to shoot people. I would absolutely have drawn on this guy given the circumstances.

  6. Unless he's pointing at me and I think he's gonna shoot, no way in hell am I drawing right in front of a police station. You're as likely to end up shot by the police as the guy with the shotgun.

  7. You have no duty to defend those other people but it sure would be nice should he decide to become an active shooter. I mean.... Weve seen what happens when people with guns decide to just... stand by.

  8. So now police won't even open the door to leave their headquarters when someone is shooting in their parking lot?? What am I missing?

  9. Right, I don’t have license to carry never mind ccw (MA), but if I did and I could safely get away and if I were with people and they could get away safely get away that’s definitely what I’m doin, and watching this shit show from behind and/or a safe distance.

  10. They'd just wait in the parking lot for an hour while forcibly restraining anyone attempting to help while they listen to the death screams of unarmed civilians

  11. The irony is that the people in this situation were protesting the police and doing "Defund the police" on the sidewalks. Cops probably didn't even care that the guy was doing this

  12. They arrested him during a high risk traffic stop after he left. Did you want them to shoot him while he's walking away and not pointing the gun at anyone?

  13. So you've got shots fired outside the police headquarters. Murphy's law says the moment you draw and start aiming at the target, one of the cops inside is going to come out the door, see you with a gun, and open fire on you.

  14. Yup. The time to boogie is when you seen him walking up. He fires a 'warning shot' like that, he's already a threat, verbal commands to drop the weapon, and if he levels the muzzle at you, that's means, intent, and capability, put rounds on target.

  15. I really don’t know that would go so well. He’s already got a superior close range weapon ready to go. He WANTS to shoot someone, I wouldn’t give him any further reason before I was sending rounds myself.

  16. Call the cops and deescalate; tell him to drop the gun, but when he points at you with the shotgun. then you shoot. He has already committed a crime by firing his weapon!

  17. That’s what the old guy gets for not listening to Biden. If he’d fired two shots in the air, everyone would have left him alone.

  18. Lots of folks here have never shot a person before it seems or have been in a situation like this. Easy to act tough in the comfort of your own home.

  19. For everyone here that is so willing to drop the guy when you can most likely walk away with 90% confidence.

  20. Do you have 10k to burn on lawyer fees if you get in a wreck later? There are an infinite number of scenarios here that would literally prevent you from doing anything based on a money standpoint.

  21. The very best thing about this thread is how many of the replies are written like bad movie dialogue.

  22. A valid point that has not been raised by anyone else. It’s doubtful a legal CCW would be at this demonstration to begin with.

  23. these comments are obviously trolls. dude shows up open carrying a shotty and fires into the air you are silly if you turn your back on him and run away.

  24. The strongest argument for no here is that it’s at a police station. I’m not gonna shoot him just to have the police come out and shoot me.

  25. In the State of Florida a Concealed Carry Permit Holder can use Deadly Force to end a Felony and this Gentleman was waiving a pump action Shotgun and making verbal threats and Discharging the Shotgun would be Grounds to STOP him with the USE of DEADLY FORCE! I am willing to bet that if the incident was to happen in Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd would give the person who drops the Active Shooter medal for taking out the Trash!

  26. I need a lot more context. This guy obviously thinks he is in the right (acting so bold) if this is over chalk his behavior is reckless endangerment. Based on the few seconds he wasn't prepared to fire on a person unless approached or someone tried to take his weapon. I would have been prepared to intervene or gotten the hell out of there.

  27. Honestly. Probably yes when he made that motion toward the cameraman with his shotgun at 31 seconds (left) in the video.

  28. To all the people saying they wait until he points at them to fire….so you do realize you’re already shot at that point right? If the person truly wants to shoot someone by the time the barrel is pointed at you, most of the time they are already firing.

  29. Nah bro it works just like the movies. You see the barrel pointed at you, you casually sidestep, draw, and fire. You see everyone on this sub is basically John Wick so it's not totally unreasonable.

  30. I learned in a defense class that once someone shoots a gun in the air during a robbery or situation like this, it shows negligence to human life since that bullet can land anywhere. So if you weren’t sure about engaging before, you should be after that. I would draw and issue commands but the second that thing is pointed at me after he fired that shot I’m shooting back.

  31. I want to say I’d wait for the cops to handle it, but if he flags me with that shotgun I would have to dropped that old idiot 🤷🏿‍♂️

  32. Because firing a shotgun into the air and threatening people is a totally reasonable reaction to placing yourself into a situation where people are writing things on a sidewalk.

  33. No. It’s out side of a police station. I wouldn’t want to step on any toes and possibly get a charge because they didn’t get that shot.

  34. Leave if possible. Present, aim, and give voice commands if not. This is why it's important to train for the T-zone sometimes and not just COM shots.

  35. Nope. The opportunity to escape was present and I would take it. After Arvada, drawing my gun, especially knowing police are in the area, would be my absolute last resort.

  36. Depends what I have on me. If I have my 9mm with 15+1, I’m drawing and trying to de-escalate while back-stepping for cover. If I have my .38 summer gun, I’m not doing shit.

  37. Outside of police headquarters? No. They can deal with it. Also if they come outside and see me with a gun (or if I shoot him) they might assume I’m the aggressor.

  38. Maybe he can be left alone without recklessly firing a shotgun in the air in the front of the police station and endangering lives?

  39. Is that not the behavior that our illustrious President recommended for situations in which one feels threatened?

  40. Here come the down votes... You can be pro 2a just not anti - the fucks who will stop at nothing to distort and or abolish it.

  41. I'd most likely walk away. why intervene if my life is not in direct danger. Why risk my life ending a threat when the people I save with my firearm hate firearms. Not to mention if the guy isn't white im going to get throw to a liberal DA and get sent straight to jail. If the police hands are tied what chances do I have? Society wants no one held accountable here is the results of that course of action. Being a strong man or citizen is looked down upon. I say let it all burn. They never listened to us when we we said "safety isnt guaranteed." People would rather live in a fantasy land where food is plentiful, entertainment is at your finger tips and every house has electric /AC. Turn that shit off and people will revert to beasts and then they will come to us to save them. Most of us good citizens have to make sacrifices to uphold ourselfs to a higher standard. While they let criminals and crap bags exist...... Remarks complete ....

  42. I absolutely agree and the handful of downvoters are castrated closet bi-sexuals who throw on a kydex with a sig365 and think they’re superhero’s who are going to liberate and save a people who give absolutely zero f about you and hate you. I was in varying capacities of law enforcement from corrections officer, to police officer and investigator, I got out of it all a few years ago when it became a real reality that when the moment comes I’m going to be fighting for my freedom, temporarily. The day it completely died for me is when on a detail with a lot of public exposure I was hit with a bottle of piss and told I couldn’t go after it. These clowns saying they’d drop him, really you are ? He’s got a shotgun probably loaded with buckshot if he knows what he’s doing and probably 00buck if he really knows what he’s doing and he’s trained with it. A shotgun is a damn good intermediate range weapon and extremely deadly against unarmored targets. I’ve trained extensively with shotguns and I consistently hit targets absolutely no problem at 30 yards away quickly. Your ass should be seeking cover that shotgun can easily kill you at 50 yards and relaying to someone who has a carbine being their eyes and ears and if he was a legitimate threat getting his ass contained for a bit until they can drop him. You go on up against this guy wielding this and you are gonna look like the Bart Simpson meme.

  43. Yep shoot em right in the ass, as soon as he pulled that shit out and said some dumb shit. I would of taken that as intent, and laid that old timer out.

  44. Good luck trying that in miami.. the second some dude starts walking around threateningly with a shotgun, is the second us concealed carriers take them out.

  45. Have the cope to deal with a mentally unstable person discharging his firearm recklessly and threatening to kill everyone?

  46. I am amazed how many trigger happy people are.. in this particular situation there are so many possible ways to escape easily.. Specially in front of a police station. There just almost be no need for me to even get involved

  47. I love Oregon, and i like living outside Salem, but these fucks like this guy keep crawling out of the shitty depths and I hate every moment of it.

  48. Nah, this guy is an embarrassment to responsible gun owners and most of us don't want him having a gun as he is clearly mentally incapable of the responsibility.

  49. I’m sure you’re convincing them otherwise with this type of dipshit logic. This is America. I want my freedoms but I don’t give af who you are, if you’re innocent and someone threatens you with a firearm they’re eating lead pills. Idc ab sexuality, gender or “trans”, religion, ethnicity, color, what shoes you wear, if you believe in guns, or if you’re a fucking vegan. No one innocent deserves to die no matter wtf they believe. If you don’t believe that then get your commie ass tf outta the USA. He thinks it’s fine to kill someone over colored chalk? Then he’s gonna die over some colored chalk.

  50. I absolutely would’ve drawn and told him to drop it, I’m not betting my life that someone isn’t as crazy as they’re acting.

  51. Defense of third party IS self defense where I live. I can’t believe you’d let him shoot someone first.

  52. So this was outside a police station? Nope. I'd have gotten my head down and kept it down. The police just heard a gunshot outside the station. I do NOT want to be the guy they see holding a gun when they come streaming out holding theirs.

  53. I probably would but then again they're outside a police station. When a cop comes out they might think I'm the aggressor and shoot me.

  54. Honestly, in this situation, I'd have moved to cover then drawn and continue to move away from the area of danger. He's armed and fired a shot, not at anyone and hasn't threatened anyone directly. Legally speaking, depending on the DA...if you're in NY you're screwed, I'm not sure you have the "right" to engage him. Now at one point, at about 14 seconds it looks like he's pointing the gun in the direction of the person filming or at others, then things change a bit. It's hard to judge for me. However, I wouldn't be standing out in the open and try to draw on someone who has a weapon up and at the ready. Good chance you'll loose that one.

  55. No, depending on the state and who funded the DA. Most people forget sometimes that what a CCW can do vs what a law enforcement officer can do are not the same. Oregon I would not take the risk of shooting someone firing a "warning" shot in the air and not pointing it at anyone.

  56. That's what I thought but other people are saying the police let him drive away? That seems super unlikely but you never know.

  57. Honestly no because there were cops nearby. I would have just left. I'm no looking for excuses to use my gun. Unless I feel like it's 100% imperative that I act immediately, than I'm going to try and get away. Remember running and hiding come before fighting. Shooting someone is a huge legal mess. You also have to consider what state or locality you're in.

  58. Outside a police station, no. It’s their parking lot let them deal with it and knowing my luck the cops would shoot me too.

  59. in the absence of any other firearms, what this assclown is doing is called "brandishing" and is illegal in just about every state.

  60. Would a “Reasonable Juror” Find your decision to shoot the right one??? …. Answer to me is “No” you’re going to jail

  61. Start backing away/seeking cover. Do not turn your back. Do not engage unless you have no choice. The cops will be pouring out in a few seconds and if you’re holding a gun you may get dropped.

  62. Shoot, assess the threat, and holster as fast as possible to avoid being shot by police.

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