[Rittenberg] Texas A&M needs to beat Auburn, UMass and LSU to get bowl eligible in Year 5 under Jimbo Fisher. What a mess.

  1. Unironically excited for the A&M-Auburn game. A ton of Cadillac’s college teammates are organizing to try to sell out the stadium in support of him and the team. Could be a fun atmosphere for a game that’s deciding last place in the SEC West.

  2. Now imagine where A&M would be without all those talented recruits! Jimbo is single-handedly saving the program from a 1 win season! Incredible!

  3. It was that talented recruiting that stopped all the "8-4" jokes everyone was tired of, he brought in talent that finds new ways to lose.

  4. Yea im tired of the "young talent" excuse that gets thrown around. They've recruited at least top 10 for 4 offseasons now. Young talent is a failure of jimbo because they should have talent at this point.

  5. I know UMASS is in Amherst, but I really want to see some dudes from south Boston reacting to Midnight Yell. I NEED it.

  6. Honestly don't want to make one. One less pathetic game I have to watch and it helps send a message to this coaching staff how absolutely dreadful they've been

  7. If Texas atm beats auburn I will be legit worried about having to go there for a win meaning bowl eligibility just like it did for them last year

  8. I would be way too happy with a 6-win season if we did that, especially if it meant knocking y’all out of the SECCG (no offense)

  9. I’m completely biased but I feel like it’s fate for y’all to lose to us to blow your chances at playing in the SEC champ game so that Bama gets a chance at UGA

  10. Fully expecting to lose that one. Look at the last few years of teams on a down year and losing to teams they shouldn’t in November. South Carolina losing to Citadel, Florida losing to Georgia Southern. Our coaching staff gave up yesterday and the team is completely demoralized so the best case scenario is we win something like 17-10.

  11. This sounds like a dying patient saying, “Well, I have 5 days to live at least…” Keep that chin up, Jimbo’s account.

  12. Wonder how those boosters feel about that 10 yr guaranteed contract extension he got in 2021, that will pay him $95 million through 2031.

  13. The contract was always meant to be financial dick-waving, not anything remotely practical. If they end up firing him in the next few years, it'll just provide another opportunity for boosters to show how rich they are.

  14. He's not getting fired. MAYBE if we lose to UMass, but even then I doubt it. That buyout will save him this and probably next year

  15. Anybody know if their FCS opponent has at least 90% scholarship players? If not, they’re already not bowl eligible bc at best they’ll finish 5-6 against FBS opponents.

  16. I thought you could count one FCS opponent per season for bowl eligibility, it’s only if you’re trying to use a second one, and that that’s what almost got FSU. I might be misremembering this one, and am also less than sober, so absolutely don’t take my word for it

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