Yesterday I found a gasmask with 22766%. And yes it worked as 227 regular gasmasks. I survived the gas for ages.

  1. I sure hope its an actual bug and not cheats or some sort of stim glitch or something that Ricochet hasn't noticed yet..

  2. You could move out there. Build a house in the gas. Maybe find a gas wife. Have some gas kids. Get a job at the gas facility. Become gas management.

  3. Though I'm sure it'd be hard finding more of these "infinite" gas masks so finding a gas wife?...that would be rare to come to

  4. Anyone who says they would drop the mask is a fucking liar. Yall would not drop a mask worth 227 gas masks. Ya wouldn't drop 200,000 rounds of ammo if you found a bugged ammo box or something. You don't look a gift horse in the mouth

  5. It's unplayable until the matches get down to about half of the 152 players. Servers can't support 152 people cleanly.

  6. Lucky. So far I've played a few hours had exactly 1 game that was playable where I didn't crash or have debilitating lag. Game stutters more than a young Joe Biden.

  7. Wonder if that's how we lost Thursday. Other guy was nowhere to be found for the entire shrinking circle.

  8. Are you telling me you didn’t use it to camp the gas until you won? Understandable, the devs probably would have banned you for their own mistake

  9. One time I got a glitched rocket launcher that some how was loaded with infinite rockets lol I just found it on some guys dead body

  10. We’ll that’s a good thing. Cause the gas in this game is way to fast, if you get stuck at edge circle.. you’re dead. This might have helped you survive and win?

  11. My squad mate appeared to have $634,000 on them in cash 2 nights ago ... extra 0 got in there somehow.

  12. Well of course, this is how they "get the m13 on their 1st try very easily" they cheat or they just lie about it.

  13. I remembered doing the stim glitch in WZ1 and winning a couple games with it by sitting in the gas (only did it a couple times because it was so boring). But hearing the rage was so funny

  14. You only did it couple times because it was so boring? What the hell man, i hope you get banned for any exploits you might do on wz2.

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