Weird phone call

  1. Also got this. Probably the call display showed the same first 3 digits as your 7-digit number? They're spoofing local numbers.

  2. I’m in the Regina area and got a voicemail with a similar message: “Time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home.” It was from a toll-free number: ‭(800) 325-6050‬

  3. Me too. The number isnt close to mine. I'm in manitoba and I've gotten 5 or 6 calls now. Kind of freaking me out now

  4. I think I saw this in the episode of Jericho called Federal Response. Power is restored and the Department of Homeland Security mass broadcasts a pre recorded robocall telling people to stay where they are if they are safe and that help is coming.

  5. I'm so tired of these calls. And my new favourite thing - people calling me from a number with the same first 3 numbers of my number, and saying "Hi, you just called me?" Nope. I have called nobody. They even argue with me. "Yeah, you just called me, I just missed the call." If you don't know the number and they didn't leave a message, why would you call it back?? I have had about 10 people call me in the last week or so. Sometimes when I answer they will literally just say, "Hi..." and wait, like I should just know who they are.

  6. Many scammers and robo calls spoof their calling party number to be something similar to the target. They don't check to see if the number they use is assigned or not. Thus they may pick your number as the calling number when they target someone else. If that person calls them back, they will end up calling you and having exactly the conversation you mention here. Not much you can do but explain the situation and be understanding if it happens.

  7. They are testing municipal, provincial and national lines for alerting due to small incoming asteroids from Sept - Nov.

  8. Initial calculations of the asteroid trajectory were off and it isn't expected until December. I think this phone call was about the giant super storms that are predicted to send the northern hemisphere into the next ice age. That is suppose to happen around September after we deal with the gamma ray burst that destroys the Earth's ozone layer in August. It is a busy year!


  10. Yup. I just got it today for the first time. Sounds like some scare-mongering for the "New World Order" kind of conspiracy theories to me.

  11. I just received the same one. Really creeped me tf out. Not in Calgary but just searched for it because I just got this call.

  12. Yes I just go the creepy call a few minutes ago, I'm in Ontario Canada. In my case the phone number came up with my area code and the same first three digits as my number, so it appeared like a legitimate local call. I can't believe that the Government and the phone companies can't do something to put an end to this stuff.

  13. Southern Ontario here! Just got this call 10 or so minutes after receiving a CRA scam call. Middle of the day at work, I’ve been thinking about it all day lol.

  14. I keep getting these calls. 8 to 10 per day. Its gotten so bad that I turned off my ringer. I am starting to file complaints with the crtc about these calls. Perhaps if everyone did this the CRTC would get off their asses and force the telecoms to do something about it. Here is the link to file complaints.

  15. P.S. I just checked and there are a lot of Reddit threads about this message. It is happening all over. Here is one that speculates that it is a system to figure out 'active numbers' so that they know which numbers not to spoof.

  16. Just got one this morning. It did not have a similar prefix as mine. I live in Quebec and the call was from Illinois.

  17. I've received this same call a few times now in the last day or two. Similar to OP - calling from a number that shares my six-digit prefix.

  18. Got them today as voicemail three times so far. I live in the US. Googled the contents of the message and found your post. Found another on the Winnipeg subreddit from two weeks ago, same thing.

  19. So bizzare. Didn't get any yesterday. Been blocking them as they come in. I always thought you had to interact with the call for them to confirm a human, as in: press a button. Maybe answering is enough?

  20. I just got the same call in South Carolina. My Pixel phone used Google Assistant to screen the call (it asks unknown callers what they're calling about), and the same message was submitted. Could be a sneaky tactic for scams, but one can hope that some altruistic folks are using robocalls to scare the covid deniers into finally taking this shit seriously. South Carolina is on fire now because of so many dumb shits thinking a mask infringes on their freedom... as they drive insured cars, wear seatbelts, obtain licenses, you know, happily observe all kinds of laws intended for the greater good...

  21. Just got this call too. I have also been receiving scam robocalls saying my SIN number is linked to fraudulent activity and I need to give them all my banking information.

  22. Just got this call today as well, from a French number +33 6256359493. Content of the call was identical to what you all described, with a female bot voice.

  23. A Tucson, AZ client received a message recently from a total stranger (location unknown) reporting a robo call came from her. The message, "Just a test call time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home." was spoken by a female automated voice.

  24. Got this call and googled search led me to here. I got a recording of the message for those interested.

  25. I received two of these calls today from different numbers, each of which had my same (512) area code and same prefix. Creepy!

  26. My girlfriend keeps getting voicemails from numbers that are spoofs of her area code and the first three digits of her phone number. They leave her voicemails that say "stay safe and stay home." We are in Iowa and she has a Michigan phone number.

  27. I just received this phone call too. Needless to say it acared the bejesus outta me. Seeing how im a fan if horror my mind instantlt goes to shit like the movie "1 missed call", "the ring" etc. Btw where has everybody received there call? Im from Oregon. Just curious how far this has gone out.

  28. Massachusetts here - got 4 of these calls over 2 days..different number each time, but the 1st 3 digits matched with the first 3 of my actual number...

  29. I just received this call in California, and the first 3 digits were the first 3 digits of my num- okay wait literally as I was typing this I got the call again

  30. I just got this call and I’m in North Carolina US but my prefix is from Connecticut and it also had my original first digits just the last 4 changed and it was extremely creepy.

  31. These calls are from China. It's just a scare campaign as part of their increasing economic warfare.

  32. I got two calls like that today. The number was similar to mine except for the last four digits but I was so shook that I let it go to voicemail. That's when I heard the "It's time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home." Kinda spooked me especially because I'm not home ATM.

  33. I’ve been getting these calls for at least 2 weeks, twice to three times a day. Has the local area code and the 3 digits that are the same as my number. When I call back they just tell me that it’s an unsassigned number aka a number that doesn’t exist! Guess this is how my horror movie starts

  34. Just got 2 of these calls today, super strange... what could it be for? From Pennsylvania btw

  35. Received today in Michigan, on my work number. Caller spoofed my employer's (university's) exchange, so led me to answer instead of ignore like I usually do.

  36. 8/31 I got 4 of these spoofed calls, the last one I picked up while hanging out with a friend, the next day they got one. No one else I talked to received it. The first 3 were 2 hours apart, last one was only 30 mins. Started at noon EST.

  37. Toronto here. Been getting this call every day this week. Number always starts with same area code and first three numbers as mine. WTF is this???

  38. Just got the call in Oregon. Same area code and first 3 digits of my phone #. Very creepy. I knew if I went to Reddit I’d find something about it.

  39. in vancouver. received this in my voicemail two days in a row now, different spoofed origins... one from "france" another first 6 digits as my cell phone. Why do we bother keeping phone numbers as a method of addressing? Can we just outlaw the use of phones and switch to data-focused services?

  40. Here in Ottawa, Gotten 3 phone calls, one from Colorado, two from my area, all with the same message. Creepiest thing.

  41. I received a call like this yesterday. . . now to decide to defy it or comply. I would rather comply. hahhahah

  42. i just got one today and i got two yesterday i didn't answer because i dont know who it was so i just answered so they can stop but my number is 915-861-**** and they all began with 915-861 but different numbers after it

  43. I had my first call, same female voice, same message. The number doesn't match mine at all, it was +336391052968. No idea where the number originates though.. I live in BC but I still have my 403 phone #.

  44. I just got this call a few minutes before I posted this (I'm in Vancouver), same first 6 numbers as my number. Creepy af, but I always let calls these days go to vm because I'm sick and tired of the spammy phone calls :'(

  45. Just got one. Called the number back and it went to just a normal dudes cell phone number. Sketchy

  46. Just got the call in the Cleveland Oh area. Super creepy; number was very similar to mine. I hope someone can figure out who's doing it. Pretty sure I've had this call prior I just ignored it.

  47. Been getting them for a while here in Australia. I have noticed that I receive them either when I am out or have just been out of the house. Starting to think the telco's here are tracking us for the government. And I don't go out very much at all.

  48. I’ve gotten 4 of these calls so far!! Glad to hear it wasn’t only me. Wonder if we’ll ever find the origins.

  49. Hey folks of Calgary. Hailing from Texas here. Me and fiance just got one of those calls. She and I are on edge. Is there anyone that know anything about this

  50. Found this thread via google as I just got this call in Georgia. It’s the second spoof call today that had both my same area code and first three digits. Felt like something out of the Purge.

  51. I've got a couple as well. The first a couple months back was a Canadian number, but the one I received moments ago was an Illinois number? Totally weird.

  52. I also got this message on our phones at work tonight. It was super weird and the number disconnected right afterwards

  53. Google led me here after searching what this meant. Received it this afternoon around 3:00pm Est. Ohio, United States Here.

  54. I just got this same phone call twice. And I work in a call center in Utah. None of my coworkers have received the call, only me. Everyone thinks I'm going to die.

  55. So I'm from south Texas and got this call a few minutes ago... was the purpose of the call ever figured out? The creepy part is they don't even try to get personal info or try to scam you in some way it just says to stay home... like why?

  56. I live in Melbourne Australia and just got this call a few minutes ago, local cell/ mobile phone number, botnet?

  57. I just got the call in humboldt county California. Also just realized someone has apparently hacked my reddit account and changed my user name 😂

  58. Got the 1st one 3 days ago from an Alberta number and have gotten one every day since, most recent about 5 minutes ago. Bizarre.

  59. Weird. I surprised to see a lot of the reports of this were in Calgary. I got this living in the USA, and I haven't lived in Calgary for like over 10 years now.

  60. Just received one from a local area code. I'm in Greenville, SC. Callback went to a generic voicemail. My Google Fi call screening usually blocks Spam calls but it missed this one, presumably due to local number spoof vs 800 number.

  61. Here in Virginia USA ... just got a call... female robot... Hello Test Stay home Stay home Stay safe This is a test Stay home and stay safe The number was from the 804 When I tried to call it back it was a non working number. Really creepy...

  62. My husband got the call on his cell today. We are in Toronto. The three digits were the same as his phone number. Ugh it's so fucking creepy!!!

  63. So people still be doing this. Just woke up to one ngl scared the piss out of a half awake me. Fuck scammers man.

  64. I just got this phone call, the first three digits were the same as my phone number. This needless to say creeped me right out since I have been watching a ton of creepy videos on YouTube about cryptic phone calls and missing persons

  65. I just got this call today and I’m in Medicine Hat. Don’t know why I got it now when most people got it from may-august but here we are

  66. I just got two of these calls. I am in Kansas City. I wonder if they got my number from signing up for political donations?

  67. Google led me here. Got it on my orlando number. Haven't left the house in days so I don't think it's tied to that. Number looks like it was from North Carolina?

  68. Got this call just now. Soo it is a bit comforting that so many others have gotten it as well and they’re seemingly fine but it’s creepy that no one has figured out the source, right? Mine had a similar number to mine, and I’ve gotten calls from similar numbers that were robocalls recently this week but they weren’t messages like this. What could this be?!

  69. I got one just now that just said "Stay Safe and stay home." it was a voicemail and only 3 seconds long and sounded like a robot, it was weird (im in the US btw, found this thread through google when looking for anyone else who got the call)

  70. I just got the exact same call and voicemail about 30 minutes ago. It was clearly a spoofed call, as it had the same area code (an Ohio one, I still have the same number I did in HS) and first 3 digits as my number.

  71. Got a call with this from a number that matched my first six digits, Cental Wisconsin, USA. Needless to say, I am thoroughly spooked.

  72. I got two calls yesterday about 3 hours apart. I couldn't see the number as they came into my landline which doesn't have call display (the only other person who calls that number is my mother). I'm in Montreal

  73. Just received a call. 1:45pm in Southern Ontario. Had the first 6 digits of my phone number. Has anyone figured out what this is yet?

  74. I just got this call "This is just a test call. Time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home."... Quinte West, Ontario. Definitely creepy. I've actually gotten the call multiple times the last couple days. I missed the first few calls and it went to voicemail and I heard the weird message, thought it was strange that was all the message had to say. This is the first time I answered it because I was expecting a call and the number was a local area code.

  75. Today at 12:28pm. It was weird to get this call today, because I've been getting some calls from real people recently with the wrong number. My google phone answered it and transcribed the voicemail. "just a test call time to stay home. stay safe and stay home." Unsettling, but glad I'm not alone. I was called by a local number, also. Reno, Nevada

  76. Never heard of this. I live in Vancouver. Traveled by car to Calgary overnight last night. Arrived at 6am this morning. Currently alone at my uncle's house doing virtual college lectures. House is quiet. At 4:24pm, I got the call. To my cell phone (not my uncle's landline).

  77. I received the same call twice now, it doesn't seem like a scam since they don't ask for anything, its just odd and unsettling

  78. Got the same call. Same pattern as other people, the first six digits are the same as my number.

  79. I just got this exact call to my office line in central Texas; the phone number they called from is registered to a 76 year old man in a tiny town outside of midland... numbers are completely different from ours. it was unsettling and gave me the chills!

  80. Today was sleeping and then got the call. Automated message in creepy robotic female voice "THIS IS JUST A TEST. TIME TO STAY HOME, STAY SAFE AND STAY HOME." then hung up. Not too worried or anything because I get spam calls a lot but it has me kinda sketched out regardless considering what's going on in the world and the whole happy Valley dream survey shit having just happened...

  81. Got the call yesterday, same first 6 digits as mine, strongly dont suggest listening to the voicemail at 3am when you are home by yourself

  82. The fact this is happening to many multiple people across multiple states, using their own area code, likely implies that this is testing of government systems.

  83. I received 6 of these calls on my cell today. one yesterday and another the day before. The number calling is different every time thou it matches the same 6 digits as my cell #. Same recording "This is just a test call. Time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home". I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, on the Telus network. I'm interested to know who's orchestrating this.

  84. I know this post is a couple months old so you may not see this but after googling something i found this post in a Vancouver News site and have gotten this call like 6 times so far TODAY. Im in southern ontario, did these calls stop after a bit for you or do you still get them from time to time

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