Should CODM nerf Man-o-War?

  1. It’s not anything really special honestly. It takes someone who knows that they r doing to be able to manage the MOW. If anything the ASM10 needs a mobility adjustment, it’s literally the MOW but more mobile.

  2. I like how snipers get pissed when I crossmap them with a MoW. MoW has a niche and it should stay the way it is now.

  3. I think it's alright as it is, the slow fire rate and ADS Speed means that it can be outgun by SMG's or other faster AR's but I think it's still the best gun in the game

  4. Agreed. I'd like to go to a 4 shot meta. Maybe then we'd see more variety in ranked. All I see are snipers, MoW, DRH with the occasional Asm10.

  5. You see, the MOW has Low mobility stats and bad ADS time to balance out the high damage. It’s not really viable in terms of consistent use without the statistic increments from attachments, which will end up increasing ADS time even more. The high damage, good range, and good reaction make it a viable gun long range, but very hard to use close range. I personally main MOW, and I can’t even count the number of times I’ve died to fennecs and snipers close range because I couldn’t scope in in time. That is why so many people vote for no. It’s good, but not versatile.

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