Does anyone else have a small part of them that misses the peacefulness of lockdown?

  1. I learned to piss over my head in the shower and was staring at strangers walking past the window, separate events. So it's fair to say I did better than most.

  2. it was fun for the first week, but never again. 99p/litre petrol can come back though :-)

  3. No. I live on my own in a tiny one bedroom, north facing flat. It was pure hell, my physical and mental health dropped to the lowest levels they've ever been. Mentally I still don't think I've fully recovered. If not for my job and the introduction of support bubbles I would have been utterly broken by it, probably for a very long time.

  4. I worked front line for the NHS in shitty PPEs. My Mrs worked at the GPs. We had to send our 7 year old daughter to "lockdown" school as we were not allowed to take time off to care for her safely at home with the rest of the UK. Everyday was a scramble to get home and to the shops to find empty shelves due to panic buying idiots. My hospital handed out toilet rolls to staff who were struggling. They even were offering to feed families who couldn't get food, we came really close to this. My mrs rang me at work one day crying in Aldi as she had managed to get some basic food and 2 toilet rolls.

  5. What we really learned from lock down was that society can function when lawyers, stockbrokers, bankers, market analysts and the myriad of other office workers stay at home … but is totally screwed without delivery drivers, retail, health, sanitation and all the other ‘essential’ workers who get paid a pittance in comparison.

  6. Small part? My entire body yearns for the delightful lockdown era. It was a pleasure to be at home with the kids for so long with wonderful weather.

  7. loved lockdown, work in a pub, live in, my weeks consisted of waking up, drinking beer and gaming while chatting to mates on discord, turning on the extract in the kitchen once a week to stop it jamming up.

  8. Yep. It gave a lot of us a glimpse into a life without work. I went out for runs at midday, I went to bed at 3am watching horror films, I took up time consuming hobbies such as painting, I spoke to friends more than I'd ever before... and for once, the country felt united.

  9. We had 6 people living in a small 2 bed house, homeschooling 2 kids whilst teaching remotely so no, I don't really miss lockdown!

  10. All of me misses lockdown v1.0 all the time, the world was going to shit but it personally done me the world of good as I could had time to eat rights sleep enough and get some good physical training in, and I actually got to spend some quality time with my wife and dog.

  11. I've been feeling like a madman recently from seeing so much positive sentiment about the lockdowns on reddit while for me it was the absolute lowest point of my life. Refreshing to see the comment section here agrees with me for once

  12. Yes, I missed seeing family and friends, but that was literally the only downside for me. As an introvert the quieter streets, lack of social events, socially distanced shopping were a dream. But I’m lucky enough to live with a view of a nature reserve, could walk there or through a large park across the road every day, and could take my campervan out to nearby parks or the riverside to do some work and chill for a while. I appreciate my experience was far from universal. And I was very lucky not to lose loved ones.

  13. I miss furlough, I kinda miss the slower pace of life but it was hard not seeing friends and family. So, more holidays please!

  14. Actually yes, ever since I was a kid that I didn't really notice the seasons changing, for instance. I understand it's not great for the economy, but I wouldn't mind it if every year had a month of lockdown or so

  15. I do, but I’m in a privileged position. I loved being home with my kids again, getting a second chance to enjoy them before they completely outgrow me. I loved the extra time with my partner. The lack of pressure to get out and do things, and being able to put all ambition on hold and simply enjoy being with my loved ones. But I had it easy, and I try to keep that in mind. It taught me to never take things for granted again.

  16. Small part? It was an introverts wet dream! 😂 Apart from those annoying enforced “virtual pub crawls” where I sat at my desk at home getting shit faced on webcam in front of colleagues…

  17. My hubby and I LOVED lock down. We had moved into our new home a month before, we both worked from home through the entire thing. We both work for the same company, different roles. The only thing that made lockdown not so great was a traumatic experience I had with my health (not covid related). I lost use of my hands to their full capacity for 3 months and my mental health plummeted for a long time but it started getting better. We spent every weekend once the weather warmed up in our garden, bbqing enough for a few days worth of food, just the two of us.

  18. I'm sad that my little delivery guy who'd stand a few feet back behind the wall and would say "enjoy" has been replaced by some burley guy who's standing at my door as he hands me my food.

  19. Honestly lockdown was so fun for me since all my school work wasn’t live lessons and we never had to bring it in me and my friend just said we did it and used eachoter as proof and then whne I wasn’t doing work I would just play animal crossing or fortnite with my friends there where so many good memories from it

  20. No. I was treated like shit by half the customers at work. Doing 12 hour shifts and coming back to my flat seeing the rest of the country sitting out drinking all day and getting paid to do so.

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