made me laught

  1. As someone who dealt with Germans I can see why they're like that but why are they so needlessly pedantic costing time. You don't need to know how many bolts are used internally in a closed certified system you're wasting our time fucktards.

  2. Strange might not be an insult, maybe they are intrigued by our mysterious nature, I mean they didn’t say weird cunts, did they.

  3. The Spanish are just like that, I can't understand much of the language but even between them they seem to get quite heated during a casual convo between other Spaniards.

  4. I'm just imagining a drunk Irish guy staring suspiciously at a dog and googling "What do Scottish people look like?"

  5. To be fair we only see the futbol fans and the party goers you send, plus some entitled lady once in a while (the kind that ask why people keep speaking Spanish in Spain)

  6. I think that’s hilarious considering they’re basically just the mainland’s version of England.

  7. My friend bought the house of Dirk Kuyt in Katwijk (NL). I can attest to the fact that not only he is ugly, he also has the most awful interior design taste I've ever seen.

  8. Yeah, I'd have take that insult from a lot of other countries on that list but the dutch shouldn't throw clogs in green houses.

  9. Dutch guy here. Yeah we ugly. But think about it, the majority of UK tourist we see in the Netherlands are people on a stag or hen party. Nobody looks good when they are pissed and snorted an 8-ball for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  10. The Irish asking "What do Scottish people look like?" Just brings up that picture in my mind of the two Spidermen pointing at each other

  11. Clearly we’re are not known for drinking and smashing up holiday destinations as we are constantly told.

  12. We are one of the few countries that routinely use self-raising flour. So visitors might assume it's normal plain flour and add extra raising agents.

  13. To give some context we use a whole range of flour coarseness depending on application from type 00 to type 1200 or so. Really strange to just see one "flour"

  14. I don't get it and I am Polish. We bake a lot at home using English flour for bread and cakes. There is more than just one Plain Flour to choose from.

  15. Rosbif, roast beef, it's supposed to be an insult to British cuisine (although I don't agree because Sunday carverys are amazing). The same way some British people call the French "frogs".

  16. It’s also commonly used like we would use gammon to describe some people. British have a tendency to go abroad to hit places, not wear sunscreen and go out in the midday sun, result we look like a slice of roast beef

  17. In Portugal we call them "bifes" (steak, beef) because when the British get exposed to sunlight they don't tan into a nice golden brown; they just turn red like an undercooked steak.

  18. It's about cooking like someone said, but it also stayed because of the red british army uniform.

  19. My favourite part of this is the French have asked a question about themselves really. Nation of philosophers.

  20. I'm Polish and I have no idea where the 'flour' question is coming from. When I typed in google 'why do the British...' the suggestions were 'talk about the weather' and 'wear red poppy flowers'. The word for flour in polish is almost the same as for poppy flowers so maybe the pesrson making this graphic mistranslated something?

  21. There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch

  22. Yup, you can put toilet paper down that portaloo and the entire street won't have its plumbing fucked for three years.

  23. I'll weigh in on this as an Italian. I don't think this necessarily applies to cities/public life so much as the private. When I've always heard of the English being dirty (and I'm not saying I agree with it!), it's in the context of the home because Italians are really obsessive about mopping floors every week and generally just very obsessed with cleanliness and I think anglos aren't quite to the same extent? And I think some of that is rooted in catholic ideals of womanhood and the home that I think just aren't quite as pervasive in non-catholic countries. But yeah, I think that's generally why (some) italians consider the English dirty.

  24. There was an Italian guy on askUK the other week asking why we don't really have bidets, and getting really, really angry with people (inc. me) who said they're just not that necessary. "You don't care that you have shit on your arse?? And you admit it??? If you got shit on your hand would you just wipe it with paper???!!!" Attempts to convince him that your anus doesn't need to be as clean as your hands were fruitless.

  25. Lived with 2 Italian foreign students during my time at uni, very pleasant people but hands down the 2 dirtiest people I ever lived with.

  26. Italians that think think the british are dirty have never traveled to rural southern Italy, Every person and place I saw looked like something you'd find at a chain nightclub at 4am.

  27. I’m gunna say fuck Portugal. We are not cry babies and I’m not still bitter. I’m definitely not crying and I didn’t cry at the time and nor did my friends watching it with me, not that that matters.

  28. I reckon Portugal is because of the football. Knocking us out on pens twice (in a row ?) definitely made me a cry baby at the time

  29. Finn here, it's just weird that when we finally wrap our heads around the fact that there are different countries that are part of one country of the UK, then you go on and use the geographic name for some reason. And then in some sports you go on to have teams for individual countries within the UK.

  30. Well why is it called Team GB not Team UK then, as you have Northern Irish athletes representing you?

  31. As a Portuguese living in the UK, I think it's because the Portuguese culture kind of brings you up to not complain - we even have this saying that means "unshit yourself" if someone complains about something they can't or don't know how to do - whereas from my experience the British do complain a bit more, especially about the weather! Don't take it as an insult, I love it here :)

  32. Can't hear all the bitterness from the peasant nations over the sound of me rattling my sabre and enjoying our almost 1000 years of unconquered awesomeness!

  33. Why are the Czech Republic, Greece, and Spain Googling statements instead of questions? Seems like a bit of an odd thing to sit and do. "It is warm today". "tomorrow is Friday".

  34. The absolute cheek of the Portuguese calling us crybabies!!! I mean, the irony!! Their national hero is THE biggest cry baby the sporting world has ever seen ffs!!! Wow!! They are either daft or extremely arrogant. Stfu Portugual. Fake Spaniards. Irrelevant nation.

  35. So we're stupid, strange, dirty, ugly crybabies with weird flour and too many flags. I think we can all agree that's harsh but fair.

  36. It worries me how many of you believe this. Who searched? How many? This is made up nonsense and you're all acting like the entire country is searching it.

  37. My mate Barry told me it's true, he knows his stuff, he originally wrote careless whisper, and invented a piss fuelled engine, (got shafted by both George Michael and Big oil).

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