Jackpot! Confiscated French exchange bangers returned 20 years later.

  1. My mates parents recently moved , they found these and returned them to my mate, we both brought loads back from our french exchange trip in the late 90s and had them confiscated I never got mine back he did.

  2. Le tirge petard! Oh boy, this took me back to a school trip in 1984. We were staying at an old chateau and 30 boys decended on the local shop and bought up ALL the stock of petards. Most of us went for these but a few went for the really big boys; only 4 to a pack. We let off dozens in the local woods and smuggled hundreds back along with flicknives and sheath knives. Mum caught me letting them off over the neighbours fence and confiscated them. My dad quietly gave me them back after a couple of weeks 😀

  3. Nostalgia hit so hard with this it felt like a gut punch. I used to have so many of these from France as well. I remember the tiger on the packet though I couldn't have told you it was there if you'd asked me yesterday. I can fucking smell these things.

  4. They were using it in the 70's. I remember the day trip to Calais when we were told that under no circumstances were we to buy bangers. One lad came back with a flicknife.

  5. Yeah I lit one in the bottom of A-1 staircase boys bogs and the fuse went down in like half a second so I threw it in the air. Big bang. Big reverb. Bit hard on the eardrums. Pardon.

  6. French bangers were up there with the Animal Farm VHS that some kid was rumoured to have, copies of Viz, Jolly Roger Cookbook, Leisure Suit Larry.

  7. Best bit about French exchange was some lunatic bringing back shit loads of bangers. They lit one up at the back of assembly which was amusing.

  8. When I was at school some kid brought back some french bangers and threw one into a teachers open house window. At the time it was very funny but looking back it’s double cuntish. The teacher knew exactly who it was because he lived down the same road as the kid who did it and knew that he went to France lol.

  9. I've always wondered after my trips to Calais in the late 70's, how many Flick knives and French bangers are at the bottom of the Channel.

  10. Went to France when I was 12, bought so many of these back from toys r us I couldn’t believe I was able to buy them. Spent all my money on so many crackers and cherry bombs I could of sunk the ferry on the way home !

  11. Nice to know that the comparative youth of today - people at school in the 90s - had the same penchant for French bangers that my late 70s cohort had. Flick knives were the other sought after objects.

  12. We all had our Knives confiscated also and had to come in with our parents to get them , luckily I used to go ferreting so my old man let me keep it

  13. So I wasn’t the only one who did this then. Sold some at school and got grassed up when things started getting blown up. I fessed up that I’d sold them but not at school so 👍 On the downside, I did burn my parents shed down by putting one in the lock.

  14. In highschool our class took a day trip to France, me and a mate found a stall selling bangers, we completely filled our coats with em, and re-sold them individually at school for like a month. Easy snack and fag money

  15. Winner! We smuggled ours back in a box of French sweets! We would never had known about then until our teacher told us not to buy any.

  16. I once put my local NATO base on blue alert setting these off in my parents back garden! Had police turn up asking if we heard gun shots and my Dad had to explain what I had done. I'm part French so spent a lot of my summers in France having fun with these! Could get some proper dynamite sized sticks too back in the 90s! Don't think they had the actual power of dynamite though of course.

  17. Weirdly enough I was going through tge cupboards the other day and found mine from 17 years ago, im gonna buy a camping stove lighter (with the long neck) to light them as the fuses burnt too fast amd im not that brave anymore

  18. Ah man we brought a load of these back that we got from a cash & carry we stopped at during our school Battlefields trip. We had a wild couple of days setting them off back home.

  19. Isn't there some type of explosive that becomes more volatile over long periods of time? I'm sure I read that once, watch your fingers!

  20. Man I used to load the hell up on all sorts of cheap bangers in France then sell them to mates when I got back home, great business!

  21. Ah memories. I too smuggled french petards in my suitcase home after the exchange program. Didn't get stopped, stripped them all down and built tiny rockets out of them. I still remember buying them in Mont Saint-Michel and the guy was like hey want to buy some flick knives and butterfly knives too? but all I wanted was the explosives...

  22. I remember these exact bangers from my childhood, I also remember buying these little bags (that had soldiers on the front) that you squeazed to pop a little bag inside the packet then it expanded and exploded in a few seconds 😂 ahhh the good old days

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