whenever I see a car with a ticket I chuck it in the bin so the driver doesn't have to pay. What act of kindness do you do for strangers?

  1. People often forget their 'wet paint' signs behind so I regularly collect them and hand them in to the lost and found.

  2. Whenever there's a meeting on a Friday afternoon, I like to ask lots of questions at the end so no one else feels embarrassed about the stoney silence.

  3. One of my coworkers does this every meeting. The meeting always goes at least an hour over, we are always so appreciative!

  4. I never miss an opportunity to ask the teacher whether he forgot to give us homework at the end of the class.

  5. When my neighbours put their bin out in an evening I take them straight back in for them before morning, so they don't get stolen in the night

  6. I will put my extra bags of rubbish in their bin, lest the council think the bin is too big and take it away from them.

  7. I help to keep their pets safe from the road until their owners come home from work, and found that the bin is the best place they can’t escape from

  8. It’s a little extra warm-up for them, reracking my weights. I make sure to fill up the lowest spaces on the rack with the lightest weights for any weak, short people as well.

  9. Occasionally when I go to the supermarket I park over two bays so that neither of my neighbours cars get scratched when I open my doors.

  10. I used to do it as well, but at some point a thought came to my head: "what are potential scratches on my car compared to pedestrians' safety?". So now in order to keep pedestrians safe I park very very close to supermarket entrance, so people leaving this supermarket are unable to run into car park area and get hit by a maneuvering car.

  11. Good on you! I’m a BMW man myself, and these amazing cars have some bright lights, so to avoid the risk of accidentally blinding the drivers around me, I simply make all turns without using any turn signals. Ever. At this point, I don’t even know if they still work! But why take the risk at this point, eh?

  12. Whenever I need to park my 4x4 I always ignore the parking spaces and just go up on the grass verge or the pavement - it helps preserve proper parking spaces for less impressive vehicles.

  13. Just before I go through the train ticket barrier I like to suddenly stop and then lookup at the departures board so that the people in a rush behind can take a moment to relax and enjoy the moment

  14. I do something similar, at the end of an escalator I stop dead so everyone behind me has a second to focus on their footing and get off safely, sometimes the moving steps can be tricky.

  15. Kind of you to give everyone a moment to take out their tickets and payment cards. It is still a surprise to most that you have to provide some form of ticket to go past the ticket gate.

  16. When I see a single mother struggling to pay at the tills, I offer to put the food back for them. Life must be hard enough without having to go round Tesco twice.

  17. Whenever I'm sitting down on the tube and a frail little old lady boards the train, I remain seated to enable her to build up her leg muscles

  18. Nah, it's the heavily pregnant women that need those muscles built up. As an ex bus driver I used to accelerate quick and brake hard, just to make sure pensioners reflexes were up to scratch.

  19. Whenever I notice someone has left their phone on the table at a bar or cafe, I pop it into my bag and take it home so that it won't get stolen.

  20. I like to do this with cash tips left behind on restaurant tables to make sure that money doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

  21. Whenever I walk through a door at a work team meeting I make sure I close it in the next persons face so they can open it for the person behind them and recieve the thanks that was mean for me. I'm selfless like that, you know.

  22. Whenever I'm in the lift at the train station and see someone with loads of bags hurrying towards me I hammer the 'close doors' button so they can have the next one all to themselves.

  23. If I notice someone in the cubicle when I go to the bathroom, I bang on the door really loudly and ask if everything's ok

  24. You should use a mirror or camera phone to look under the partition and make sure that they're not struggling too much and offer them words of encouragement or perhaps a mars bar

  25. When I was a child and saw/heard a pelican crossing for the first time, I asked my dad if the beep was for blind drivers so they knew the lights had changed.

  26. Whenever I go to a pub or restaurant, I always bring my own food and drink to save on their washing up and water bills.

  27. You jest but this actually happened to me. No less than 5 separate old people called me to discuss it. Never found the car.

  28. I time how long my colleagues spend in the loo, on cig breaks etc, at work and then forward it to HR so they know how much time to deduct from their wage. It saves them the trouble of doing it and I wouldn't want the guilt of accidental wage theft to weigh on their conscience.

  29. I always get up early to mow my lawn at 6am on Saturday mornings. This inspires my neighbours as it shows although it’s the weekend you can still be up and productive!

  30. I like playing my music really loud through my earphones on the bus or the quiet zone on the train so everybody can hear it too, I think it really brightens their day.

  31. I like turning my car speakers up to max volume and opening the windows when in town or built up areas, and then driving extremely slowly to give everyone the chance to hear. I don’t think pedestrians should miss out on the gift of music just because they can’t afford public transport!

  32. I like you. I'm the person kind enough not to bother you to ask for the song. I just waive my phone with Shazam open next to your ear. So convenient.

  33. If you drive at 40mph there’s a 90% chance a child you hit will die, but if you drive at 30mph there’s a 90% chance a child you hit will live.

  34. Whenever tourists ask me for directions, I point them in the opposite direction to give them the opportunity to see more of London.

  35. When I was at school I used to remind the teacher if she forgot to give us our homework, they have a busy schedule and cant be expected to remember everything.

  36. I drive through large puddles by the pavement at speed when there are people walking past, so that they don't have to try so hard to stay dry in the rain anymore.

  37. I cordially remind them that "no one likes a show off" and hope they starts investing more in their health not just their showmanship

  38. Whenever asked by the homeless if I have any spare change I always stop, check my pockets and say yes if I do. I usually show them the change too just in case they think I’m lying before putting it back in my pocket and going about my day.

  39. I do this too and I also make a point of taking out a wad of notes and saying ah shit, sorry I’ve only got notes, no change , then spend about ten mins putting it all back in my purse and walking off. I’m sure they understand 😂

  40. Don’t forget to encourage them to upgrade their wheelsets, teeth and collarbones by letting your dog off the lead on the cycle paths too.

  41. When i see a mother breastfeeding in public i make sure to stare directly at her for a good few minutes in order to signal to her that i am comfortable with her partial nudity. This prevents her from feeling self conscious.

  42. When I see a person staring at the canal, I give them a gentle nudge into the water. I know they're trying to build up the courage to jump in so I save them a few minutes of dithering.

  43. It's been hot these past few days so it's nice to help people to cool off, especially those that might struggle to reach the water like wheelchair users and small children.

  44. When I see homeless people begging for change, I politely inform them that they can get money simply by having a job.

  45. If I see someone going up a ladder onto a roof I always wait for them to get up there then take the ladder down and put it away for them. Safety first and that

  46. easier to count as well. one £50 note, job done, not bag fulls of loose coinage. You're also saving them the risk of being attacked and robbed.

  47. When I am shopping I move some of the frozen and refrigerated items onto the regular shelves so others don't have to walk as far to find what they need.

  48. How thoughtful. It also means they don’t have to wait for their chicken to defrost and can put it straight in the oven when they get home.

  49. Whenever I see someone crying, I’d go up to them and laugh so they can be reminded what it’s like to be happy again.

  50. Whenever I'm on a nearly empty bus or train late at night I always make sure to sit right next to a lone woman so that she feels safe and protected by me a 6'3" and 16 stone man.

  51. Don’t just refuse when they call you! Wait until the absolute last minute when you’re both in hospital for the donation, then get up and leave. That way you give them hope for at least a couple of days. Also gives them a chance to call their friends and family to give them some hope too 😊

  52. I always leave my trolley by my car so the lad who goes round collecting them can keep himself in a job. Or occasionally I'll put one in the local canal so if any wildlife get stuck they can use it as a ladder to get out.

  53. Whenever I am driving and see a dirty car behind me, I wait till I get to a hill and then spray my windscreen washer for around 40 seconds so that I ensure the car behind gets a thoroughly good wash.

  54. I blast out Emergency Responder Siren sounds, so that the dogs of the neighbourhood have something fun to do. They love it, they all howl along with the siren. Bless ❤️

  55. I feel like 7AM on a Sunday is the best time to do this. Your neighbours will thank you for getting them up early so that the day isn't wasted.

  56. When overtaking a cyclist, I go as close as I can in my rusty transit van. The cyclist could reach out and hold on, getting a free speed boost from 10mph to 70mph. Most often they are too thick to realise until too late, but I imagine I can see them shouting their “thanks for your kindness” in my wing mirror, if I had any…

  57. I drive at 40mph on national speed limit roads to help everyone conserve fuel. But then I continue at 40mph through 30mph limit sections, I don't want to annoy anyone.

  58. I always make sure to answer my phone calls on speaker with the phone held out in front of me so people around me don’t have to hear an annoying one-sided conversation.

  59. When I'm queuing for a cash machine I like to give the person in front a gentle kiss on the back of the neck so they know I'm not a threat

  60. i always press every floor on the lift to make sure it stops on every level in case someone wants to get on

  61. When I order clothes online I like to wear them a few times then return them so they are broken in for the next person to wear.

  62. I told my neighbour that there was an internet ban so he had to turn off his modem for a week. Helps him weed out fake news and keeps him on his toes, I'm pretty sure he's grateful

  63. When someone is washing their car, I always cheerfully tell them that they've missed a bit, and if they have time, they can do mine next!

  64. I drive in the middle lanes of the motorway to make sure the road surface wears evenly. People always wave when the overtake me to acknowledge my good work

  65. Whenever someone tells me they’ve lost something I remind them to remember where they left it, offering such prompts as, ‘where did you last see it’, or, ‘have you tried looking for it’.

  66. I drop my empty fast food containers in the street. They all have branding on them, so it's free, eye catching, advertising for the outlet.

  67. When ever my dog poops on the ground I cover it in leaves so over people don’t have to look at it.

  68. My elderly neighbour is blind, so to help him practice getting around and avoiding obstacles, I leave random unexpected items on his garden path

  69. I always keep one hand down my pants, to keep it warm ready for any handshakes I might have to do when meeting new people.

  70. When I go to the supermarket I always park in those extra large bays right by the front door (you know, the ones with the picture of an adult and kid or the person sat down). It keeps the wear down on the trolley wheels as I don't have to push it as far.

  71. When I'm stood in the queue for the checkout at the supermarket and I have a massive trolley full of shopping. I always ask the guy behind me with a loaf of bread and a bottle of milk "is that all you have got" when they reply 'yes' I always say "oh right, I'd go to another till I'm going to be fucking ages"

  72. I have very loud phone conversations on loudspeaker in very public areas so that people know their lives are more interesting than mine.

  73. I kick kids in the kneecaps as hard as I possibly can when I see them playing by roadsides, to give drivers and their parents peace of mind that they will not run into traffic

  74. When I park my fiat 500 I make sure to park it right, people think there is a free spot but there isn’t… helps people practicing their reflects.

  75. That fleeting moment of joy drivers of small cars provide in a normally frustrating time when finding a parking spot is priceless. Thank you.

  76. I fold up and move the "wet floor" signs to save a staff member the effort. Now the security guard in tesco likes to follow me to make sure the job gets done!

  77. Whenever the neighbours' kids send a ball over my fence I make sure to burst it to teach them the importance of land border defence

  78. I throw it in the other direction, into the other neighbours’ garden. It makes the kids think they are stronger than they thought and boosts their self-esteem.

  79. When I’m driving up to a roundabout or a junction, I never use my indicators so I can save on changing the bulb. Other drivers seems to think this is a good idea as they flash their lights and beep their horns to appreciate my genius.

  80. I microwave my fish for lunch every day in the office to remind my colleagues that seafood is brain food and they should focus on adding Omega Fatty Acids to their diets.

  81. When I’m eating out at a restaurant. I always make sure to lick the knife and fork I used clean and place it down for the next person. Just making sure it’s clean and ready. Helps both the staff and customers.

  82. When I was in reception I always wondered why the dinner ladies would wash my cutlery after use since I took such care in licking them clean.

  83. I hang my dogs poos up on the branches of trees so everyone can admire and appreciate his ample efforts.

  84. When everyone bunks off work early because the manager's not in I make sure I inform him the next day. That way people get to work through their lunch instead of napping. Good for the soul.

  85. I like walking really slowly with my two friends, taking up the whole pavement, perhaps even stopping sometimes for no apparent reason. I do this in the hope people who may be late for work etc, will take a minute to slow down and enjoy the beautiful sites of London.

  86. When a busy train full of people are getting off the train, I will stand right in front of the doors on the platform to block people that try to get on before everyone is off.

  87. When ordering a round at the pub I always leave the Guinness until last, so the bar staff can fully concentrate on pouring it without being distracted.

  88. If I only want to buy one or two beers, I always push to the front of the queue at the bar so people can be relieved I'm not buying a big round of complicated cocktails and they don't have to wait for ages.

  89. When an item doesn't scan at the checkout, I always cheerfully joke that it must be free. Gives everyone a chuckle.

  90. I throw the occasional brick through a neighbour's window. The nice breeze is very welcome this time of year, plus the shards and empty space left behind double as a handy free jigsaw puzzle.

  91. As soon as the sun comes up I crack on the lawn mower as the sound is a friendly reminder for the neighbours to mow their lawn too

  92. I take a long time to decide what I want to order when at the counter/bar to give the hardworking service staff a bit of a break.

  93. When I'm in a taxi after a night out, I always make sure to thoroughly quiz the driver on the night he's having. I can only imagine how little conversation he gets to have when working a night shift. And I'm a very talkative drunk.

  94. If I see someone standing alone at the urinals, I make sure to use the one right next to them so they don't feel lonely.

  95. I'm worried about my neighbour's weight, so I park my car right outside their house so they have to walk a bit further to and from their own car. It's the little things.

  96. Whenever I find a stain on my partners' clothing, I circle it with permanent black marker so that when the garment has been through the washing machine I can check the stain has gone afterwards.

  97. I've been on Reddit a few years now and never have i upvoted so many comments. This thread has made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. Thank you all ,coz you have warmed my cold soul with all your kindness

  98. I help my neighbours out every morning by letting the air out of their tyres. They always complain about going to work so I give them a reason not to. I don't like taking credit for being so generous so I tell them it was the other neighbour. Well I did until his house burnt down and he had to move.

  99. When my neighbors let their dogs poop on the lawn in front of my house I relocate the turd to their door step so they can check if the dogs‘ digestion is good. My vet says regular monitoring is key 👍

  100. I’ve noticed that local houses with plain walls and fences are often an invitation to vandals. When I pass them I make sure to spray paint a warning in an effort to ward off graffiti ‘artists’. Just a simple ‘Fuck off’, nothing too elaborate.

  101. I don't like to see anyone left out, so when my neighbours and I organise a street party, I make sure to invite everyone on the street. Once I even managed to negotiate a discount for them all. It brought the price of their share of the chicken down to 13 quid.

  102. Whenever I donate blood, I omit stating that I have syphillis, so any potential donor can acquire the resistance in a natural fashion.

  103. if i find a phone or expensive jacket in a pub,i take them home and list them in the lost and found website known as ebay, someone eventually comes and gives me a cash reward.

  104. Whenever I take my dog for a walk through a park, i always make sure to put their shit in a plastic bag and dangle it off the nearest tree branch. Instead of the shit being wasted (like disposing in a bin or biodegrading) it now can help strengthen tree branches through resistance training. It also improves the reaction times of runners as they swerve through hanging shit alleys

  105. When visiting the chemist I prick holes in packs of condoms so the users penis can breathe more comfortably in this hot weather

  106. When I'm on a bus, I always ring the bell for every stop just in case other passengers forget to do so. Don't want anyone missing their stop!

  107. Whenever I see someone washing their car or mowing their lawn I always ask if they'd like to do mine next to boost their self esteem so they'll think they're doing a bang up job.

  108. I keep my phone out and screen on bright in the cinema, just in case some breaking news alert comes in everyone needs to be aware of

  109. Times being hard, I try to help keep street sweepers in a job by always making sure to drop litter everywhere i go and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

  110. I walk round the A&E department at my local hospital switching all the machines off so the hospital can save money on electricity during these trying times.

  111. I make sure to speed through a zebra crossing when I see people waiting to cross so that they can do so safely once I am out of the way.

  112. When there are only two packets of biscuits left on the shop shelves I buy both even if I only wanted one, so that the person after me doesn't have to feel guilty for taking the last pack.

  113. Whenever I see someone homeless selling copies of the Big issue, I remind them that for me it's not a big issue as I actually have 4 houses.

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