Got out of bed and stepped on this bastard. The 3 prong plugs here are deadly

  1. Americans who complain about stepping on Lego will never know the pain of stepping on a 3 prong plug

  2. Oh my goodness. I feel your pain!! Same thing happened to me last month, three lovely bruises on the sole of my foot. Hurt like hellfire!

  3. Ahh and it was straight into the middle too! It’s one of those collapsible ones and it didn’t shut the one time I needed it to!!

  4. I once stood on one and got a foot infection, much to the hilarity of my work colleagues when I explained why I couldn’t drive.

  5. It's funny because just a couple of weeks ago, I actually did step on one and cut the bottom of my foot, it really hurt but now all it is is a scab but looks like gangrene tbh.

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