Father wants do date someone else

  1. I'm in the same situation, but it's been eight months. My dad is with a new woman, but he is still greiving. She makes him happy in the worst time of his life.

  2. I'm in the exact same situation - after 44 years of marriage my mum died suddenly 9 months ago. My dad starting 'seeing someone' a few months ago and it felt incredibly soon, but he's not rushing the relationship. He's just incredibly lonely. He hasn't been alone his entire adult life. It's really hard seeing them start to date again because it feels like they're moving on and forgettin, but that's not the case - they're just trying to solve a problem - the problem of being lonely and needing someone to care about them.

  3. My mom started dating within the year of my dad passing. They were married for 26 years and my mom was 50 when he passed. Don’t get me wrong, it was so hard to see her with anyone else, but she was too young to be a widow. If dating someone made her happy, then I want her to date someone. She’s now been with a new guy for 7 years and he’s a good friend to me. He doesn’t act like a father figure to me and I don’t treat him like one.

  4. My dad started dating someone 2 years after my mom died. After my mom's death, it's more apparent to me that my dad, while he's been a husband and dad for as long as I've been alive, is also just some guy. Some guy who is alone for the first time in 30 years, some guy who suddenly has no one to fuss over and has no one to fuss over him. I keep reminding myself that he's been with my mom for longer than my entire existence, and if I could have a mother-figure at my age to dote on me in her stead, I would do it too, and he would understand.

  5. It’s weird for sure. My dad has a “companion” as he calls it. It was a little uncomfortable for all of us at first but honestly, when I think about it a little more, my parents had been together since they were 20. I can’t imagine being with the same person for 42 years, taking care of her for 19 of those years while she had cancer, holding her in his arms as she died, and then just having no one around. That’s a level of loneliness I cannot even wrap my head around.

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