Moving to clearwater florida

  1. I would not suggest that specific spot. Clearwater beach is great to visit but to live on it? nope. You would be happier if you lived on Indian Rocks Beach or Down Reddington or Mad Beach. Clearwater Beach is a tourist location and not someplace to live. IMO. Here are some things I am talking about. There is no where to grocery shop, the two bridges in and out get jammed up with traffic. There are thousands of people in there 20s/30s but they are all looking for a parking spot. Did I mention loud. Do this instead. Check out Indian Rocks Beach and note that the trolly is free. It can take you anywhere you want to go.

  2. I second this. If they're really set on living ON the beach IRB or Reddington would be much more affordable as well as sensible. There's places to get groceries and other necessities where as on Clearwater Beach you'd have to go out of your way.

  3. Clearwater has a known habit of going to bed by 10pm. It isn't as young as say hyde park area in south tampa where u can get an apt for little more money but be smack dab in that younger scene u may desire. If not hyde park, I'd go for st Pete near downtown or central ave area. Dunedin is good balance of night life and lower priced still vs south Tampa

  4. Channelside-Sparksman'a wharf (whatever its called) is also great for your age range (near downtown tampa). Lot of pockets of this around, i.e. usf area

  5. Hola 27 m here. I have been living in the area for about 2 years. Unless if you are big on bars and extroverted you may have some trouble making friends. Plus the cost of living has skyrocketed the past year and doesn't show signs of slowing down. Just some things to consider ☺️.

  6. Are you a scientologist? If so - you'll love Clearwater. Otherwise, look into St Pete. LOTS of 20 to 30 year old people there.

  7. Hi! 22 year old who moved here immediately after graduating. I’d say scope out the area a bit before you take the plunge. If it wasn’t for my job, we would probably be closer to St. Pete (younger crowd, more bars, etc). If you are more into the sleepy beach town vibes, check out Dunedin or Safety Harbor

  8. Clearwater is a great place to live, St. Pete is a great place to socialize, Pinellas Park is a good place to avoid. Smack dab in the middle of Pinellas county, there is plenty to do within a 20 minute drive

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