Krogers New Anti-Theft Doors

  1. Newish at Graceland. My biggest issue is that it now corrals you straight into the waiting spiel of whatever cable or cell phone salesperson they've allowed in.

  2. I wish they wouldn't do that. If I can't sell food stamps or marykay out front why do they get to trick me into paying more for internet

  3. It's actually really easy to just say "no" and keep walking. They must get that a lot and I'm sure it doesn't hurt their feelings.

  4. I thought it was a social experiment to just see how many people ignore simple directions. The alarm goes off every 10 seconds.

  5. Reminds me of when my Kroger started making some stupid announcement of "security code 42" about every five minutes like we were supposed to believe there was some high-tech security watching everyone.

  6. 😂 I used to work at a retail store that would make announcements like that. They encouraged staff to call the office if you saw a suspicious person In Your department and they would make a"security to blank" announcement. In the end you could always tell where the brown person in the store was shopping by listening.

  7. ya, they are super annoying, when I go to the pharmacy, to get back out again, I have to go through the checkout area...

  8. i was wondering what that was for at the chambers rd Kroger I go to... I don't see how it's effective but ok.

  9. Honestly, people always find a way around them. But they normally don't even have to work that hard because they'll be out of order by then.

  10. S High has had them for a long time. They're aggravating to deal with when one entrance has no carts and you have to loop around to the other side. Luckily the guards there understand

  11. They have them at the graceland Kroger but every time I have been there they are deactivated or just pushed open and not working so you can walk right through.

  12. I was standing in line at the pharmacy in the Lewis Center Kroger the other day and must've heard it go off 15 times. Then when I left I made it go off again because fuck walking all the way around the registers to get out. Kroger can eat a dick. If anyone ever says anything to me I will just say, "Tell your bosses I said you guys deserve a higher wage"

  13. Fuck kroger. Giant eagle always used to be the most expensive store but I’ve noticed lately that it’s now kroger. They’re service is non existent, they’re raising their prices more than anyone else and now they’re merging with another giant grocer so you can take a guess what will happen to those prices then. Kroger can diaf.

  14. What's an anti-theft door? Are they putting a version of the club on the doors so kids can't take them off the hinges and run off with them?

  15. It's a flimsy one-way gate that automatically going in, and sounds an alarm if it senses you going the wrong way through an already opened gate. Seen them down in Cinci for a little while now. Added to the Graceland Kroger a couple months ago and it broke within days?

  16. Just wait until they have someone at the door checking receipts. Oh the fights that happen. Legally you don't have to stop for them to check your receipt because there is no contract signed that allows them to do it (unlike sams and costco where you sign a contract). So you could walk right out and ignore them.

  17. At the self-checkout you have the option of not printing the receipt, which is what I always do, so what happens if you just don't print it...?

  18. These have been at every Kroger and Walmart I've been to for over a year. They have the same effect as car alarms since everyone ignores them.

  19. I've seen them all over, especially from where I used to live. I'm familiar with them. But the Kroger's in this area - at least the ones maybe about 10 miles or so out just started getting them in the past month.

  20. It’s time to go to only screens in place of groceries. You touch what you want, and a person or computer behind the shelf loads up your cart and you pay at the end. I’ve seen TikToks of things like this in countries like Japan. You never touch an item until you’ve paid for it, but can still browse all you like.

  21. I used pickup for a long time. I won't anymore because they consistantly claim to not have things, give the morst quality of meat and veg, and I'll end up having to go in anyway.

  22. S High. I had my baby and carrier in the cart, realized they didn't have anything I was there for. I'm not walking all the way around the insanely busy registers to double back to the door so I pushed through the gate like the cops always tell us to. I didn't realize the cart wheel is going to lock up. So I pick up the rear of the cart and keep pushing, the front locks up. So I leave the cart in the middle of the entry and grab my baby. It tickles me even more that I know that destroys the security wheels. get fucked.

  23. I don't think it destroys the wheels unless you keep pushing the cart along, skidding the locked wheel, long enough to make a flat spot. The same radio-activated mechanism that locks them also unlocks with a different command from a control unit of some sort.

  24. They've changed my krogering routine = 0% since being installed. You still walk through the same door, you just have some fun metal arms welcoming you in now.

  25. Galloway Kroger added them recently but they are constantly getting tripped by people who ignore the red wrong way signs and try to exit from the entrance. Meijer doesn’t have them (yet, knock on wood)…they just have their greeters try to stop you from leaving with your wife, 18 month old daughter, and Meijer plastic bags full of the groceries you just scanned at the self check out unless you show them your receipt.

  26. Now just add a divider between the entrance and exit at Sams in the entryway and we’re good. Nearly every time I walk in the entrance some clueless fuck is coming out slowly with a few carts of processed food. They usually get a “this is the entrance lady” as I walk directly towards them and come within inches of running into them.

  27. Or the people coming in while I'm going out with a cart full of groceries because walking to aisle 13 from the entrance is so much hard work.

  28. Just noticed them at the Kroger on 665 / Hoover in GC last night. Considering I saw someone make a mad dash out the door with a cart full of groceries there a few years ago, I’m surprised it took this long.

  29. ive seen them at a few more locations recently too... I noticed them yesterday at the location on South High in Great Southern. and today I saw them at the Kroger on Harrisburg Pike too.

  30. I will admit that this still isn't anywhere NEAR the annoyance of the "Please make sure you scan all items before placing in your cart" pop up message.

  31. They have people load up carts of beer and wine and try to go "out" the "in" doors. The anti-theft gates prevent that.

  32. So, some vice president of Kroger thinks spending money on this will get them a bonus while the quality and selection of our neighborhood Kroger goes down.

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