Girl anally raped by boy wearing a skirt in girls school bathroom, confirmed by rape kit, covered up by school, lets rapist continue to walk the halls, arrests the father, rapist getting a plea deal. Remember when the entire left said for years this wouldn't happen?

  1. How about we pass a law forcing children of only liberal parents to share bathrooms with boys? If they want to use a girls only bathroom, they'll need a passport proving they don't have liberal parents, and if they disobey, the child gets kicked out of school and the parents lose their jobs.

  2. This kid did it to two girls, right? They try teens as adults for murder, let's do the same for rape. Dad should sue the school board for covering up a violent crime.

  3. Two girls at two different schools. In a more perfect society he would have an appointment with a wood chipper.

  4. This rape was followed by another when they moved said rapist 2 miles away to a different school. I afraid I’d belong to the “free sex change with bolt cutters”club

  5. And his response on Hannity was “I love our boys in blue that protected my daughters rapist, and I also love tranners!”. Glad to see conservatives fighting for something

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