Make sure you replenish

  1. I do this with my fam sometimes, dad complains about one of mom's bad habits and Ill be sitting in the background like "ya what the hell mom?"

  2. I think it's pretty clear she's also trolling (with only enough frustration to bring it up in the first place lol)

  3. This is Jewish humor in a nutshell. They're kidding but they're not kidding. But they're totally kidding. But they're absolutely fucking not. It's glorious. It's actually not that different from Irish humor, but it's less specifically mean.

  4. Yup. Forget to replenish the toilet paper one day. Then your kid goes to take a shit, and because there's no toilet paper they're late for their job interview. Then when they're late for their job interview, they can't get any money to go to the concert. Because they're Left Behind from the concert, they got to hang out with a shadier group of friends. While hanging out with these friends, they decide to try crack out of the blue, and it kills your kid.

  5. He not only took the last one, he pointed out to his parents that his cousin took it and didn’t replenish. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’VE EVER TAUGHT MY SON IN LIFE, IS TO REPLENISH.

  6. I love the way you worded this. “A shadow of truth but overwhelmingly loving.” I feel like that is really the only way to argue with respect, idk.

  7. They have a podcast! I’m struggling to remember the name but someone will hopefully come along and remind me :(

  8. The thing that I find so funny about this is the fact that the uncle says the word “replenish” in the exact same way as the rest of the family

  9. The magic of Jewish genetics, we either go bald on top or have incredible hair. There is no middle ground, either you need bobby pins for your kippah or a suction cup. God will decide.

  10. My dad always accused me of drinking all his cokes growing up for years. I moved out and now he thinks I come over and drink them while he's at work

  11. 'Listen.....I think it's probably a microcosm of more serious issues" is the most jewish thing i have ever heard.

  12. This has the same energy as the girl who is confronted by her mum and brother (who is filming and lmao like crazy) about how she planned to meet a guy she didn't know from MySpace

  13. I thought they were making fun of the wife's choice of words. Then I found out it was a tradition and the vernacular was passed down the family line.

  14. Hey!! This is hilarious and appreciate you sharing this to the world!! Gave credit in the comments but is buried under all the positive and funny great stories people are sharing because of this! Here’s an award for visibility!

  15. The way they keep saying "replenish" like it's a common thing that doesn't even need the context at that point reminds me of Larry David.

  16. I'm a bit confused about the family connections here. I mean going by the text I assume it's their nephew but they behave as if it's their son

  17. I was in the military in Iraq for a couple of tours, one of which I was stationed at Baghdad International Airport.

  18. Watch the podcast Take Your Shoes Off. This is a comedians family and they go on his podcast all the time. Super hilarious family

  19. I grew up in a primarly Jewish neighborhood with a lot of Jewish friends and by God this is exactly how every household would act. Absolute gems.

  20. Every bare paper towel roll, every lonely half ripped square of toilet paper staring at me from the brown paper arch that is the last toilet paper roll, every warm soda staring at me from the pantry shelf bc that’s my only option makes my head scream and replay this video inside it.

  21. I can just see Danny's kid doing this 20 years from now and Danny calls his laughing cousin, just like this guy called Bob. Of cos his cousin's gonna know the exact thing to say " you's a microcosm of other things"

  22. It means, that if you take a bottle/can out of the fridge/cooler you refill it with another one. So whenever you or someone else want a cool drink, there is one

  23. This isso American. I can't imagine my Irish mum or English dad getting annoyed over a lack of chilled cola.

  24. This is very familiar scene growing up. If you have any DNA from the Middle East this is basically your daily life.

  25. This entire family does episodes of their sons podcast on youtube if you wanna see more. Search “Take Your Shoes Off”

  26. Ok hear me out: what if i told you that this looks like every other family? Jewish or no? Now wait a second and hold that image in your mind. Now awaken.

  27. This doesn't look like every family at all. You and I might feel lucky that our families can interact like this but most families don't.

  28. It's the Glassman family the guy that recorded this has a great podcast(one of my favourite) and he did one with his father and uncle it's amazing y'all should check it out.

  29. Beginning to think my Muslim mom has jewish ancestry because she absolutely roasts the fuck outta me when I dont replenish

  30. What does this have to do with being jewish? Doesn't everyone replenish the fridge after taking drinks out?

  31. I had just bought a new pack of sprite. And I put it in the fridge the night before and was super excited to drink them after I went to classes the next morning.

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