High Calorie lunchbox ideas?

  1. Pickled eggs, peanuts & almonds are some of my go-to things. Apples, bananas etc can balance it out some. There are some tofu snacks at Asian markets that have the exact flavor and consistency of beef jerky that are very protein-rich without the salt content.

  2. Most of these he will have for snacks,. But by mid day his hands are pretty dirty so it gets a bit difficult to eat sandwiches. I think I could bulk out a burrito a bit though and if it's wrapped in plastic wrap he could still manage that

  3. Cold noodles are good. Stuff like sesame noodles or dan dan noodles are really easy to prep for since you can make the sauce and meat topping in advance in large batches.

  4. Here is what I’ve been doing lately: 8 oz deli cups of hummus, chicken, tabbouleh, pickled red onion, and crushed pita chips. In a lunch box with one of those reusable frozen pouches so everything stays cold. When lunch time comes I throw it all together in a bowl and mix it up and eat it with a spoon. I can eat it while driving which is nice.

  5. You can wrap a sandwich and eat it from the wrap. But that does take some finesse, and if he's just eating to stuff food down his neck, probably not an option.

  6. I like to cook up small pieces of chicken and bring a dipping sauce. You can keep them in a cooler with an ice pack and won’t have to worry about bacteria. I like to make bbq seasoned chicken and bring bbq or ranch. I also make a soy marinated chicken with a peanut dipping sauce. You can cut up carrots to dip as well!

  7. Invest in a thermal insulated lunch bow. That way you can pack salads with meats without having to worry about spoilage. Protein is very filling, and keeps you full for a long time.

  8. Rice balls (onigiri) stuffed with fried chicken or cooked salmon. They're preserved with salt and are meant to be eaten unrefrigerated. Look into Japanese inspired bento box lunches since they're made to not be refrigerated.

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