Guy climbing sales force tower in San Francisco

  1. This is what it looks like when somebody misunderstands the term, “climb the corporate ladder “


  3. He was charged with trespassing and “Resisting arrest”.. cause you know, there’s a lot of fight left in a person after climbing a tower like that..

  4. Look I've been rock climbing for over 20 years, and physically this is not immensely difficult.

  5. And here I was, 40 feet up, building a bridge, giving my legs and asshole muscles a workout as I am borderline having panic attacks because I'm afraid of heights working construction, and 100% tied off with a safety harness. I'm pretty sure my butthole could have taken a clean bite out of a cucumber with how much I puckered it. I also had to go up in a basket on a 200 foot crane, I should have checked my poop for diamonds after that. This guy is crazy nuts! Respect.

  6. Missed opportunity to dress as The Human Fly. Probably didn't want to stay up all night the night before dyeing his underwear.

  7. Yeah honestly for a good climber, the actual climbing here is child's play. The impressive feat is stamina to climb for that long, and steady control of your nerves.

  8. I found his instagram and he’s a douchebag, but he’s climbed some difficult routes and definitely isn’t a noob. That being said, he’s still a dickhead.

  9. More likely an adrenaline junky. It is more intense than cocaine and he has to be an experienced climber. I used to work in extreme outdoor sports like climbing and it is genuinely a problem for some people. They get so used to it they can no longer properly assess danger and are just looking for whatever will fulfill that fix for their next adrenaline kick.

  10. (Child with cancer) "omg it's spiderman climbing outside our window 😃" (spiderman 5 minutes later "fwooomm" falls past as a red and blue blur) (child with cancer) 😶 😐😮😧😦😟😨😱😱😱😫😫😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. not true… if you’re correctly intaking the correct nutrients and stretch and you’re not dehydra you shouldn’t cramp mid climb

  12. What I think these people don't realize is that the siding and exterior fascia of buildings is not designed for lateral loads like a man climbing and pushing off the building to get a secure grip. Don't get me wrong, they are obviously structurally stable in themselves, but this guy could easily come across a weak anchor bolt or loose member and push on it just enough to release it from the building.

  13. For all those who aren’t aware, Sales Force owns the tallest building in San Francisco at over 1,000 feet. He’s an abortion rights opponent who made it to the top where authorities were waiting to arrest him.

  14. I live in a highrise apartment and the other day I saw a drone stop at my window for a split second while i was making spaghetti and that scared the shit out of me, idk what I’d do if a whole ass dude just pulled up

  15. Just watching this video makes my palms sweaty, my knees weak, and my arms heavy. Bleaghhh! 🤢I think I’m gonna be sick! Might throw up my mom’s spaghetti.

  16. Good for him that he feels so passionate about something (abortion). Amazed he can do it with no harness etc. Must be some very strong physical strength. Unfortunately this puts people on the ground at risk, as if he falls, he could become a big risk and hurt someone by falling on him/her/causing property damage.

  17. I don’t think that’s difficult enough. Cameraman should’ve fired off an air horn or at least jumped out from behind a pillar to scare him as he ascended.

  18. You know the homeless problem is out of control when they start climbing buildings like the zombies in WWZ

  19. Anyone else’s hands start sweating? Lol Damn, when his parents told him to find a hobby….I’m not sure that’s what they meant.

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