Mexican Marines retrieve El chapo (Footage)

  1. Idk where the full video is, this one seems edited, but there's a part where they're going upstairs and a motherfucker has an RPG pointed at the top just waiting for them. Luckily it jammed or didn't fire or something and they took him out, but Jesus Christ, this is just a safehouse, these are just soldiers, can you imagine walking upstairs and getting a rocket to the face? Insane

  2. Really? I've seen a bunch of different clips from this event and never heard of what you mention, any chance you could find it?

  3. Unless it's one really long staircase, any RPG fired from the top to the bottom probably wouldn't reach arming distance. Not exactly sure what damage an unexploded rocket would have if someone got hit with it, probably still death, but it wouldn't blow up and maim anyone else.

  4. It's funny to see where El Chapo is now. He's behind so many layers of security that he knows he's there forever, and that is a great though. No way for him to bribe his way out this time.

  5. Yep. That fucker lives about 45 min from my house. I've driven by his place at least 100 times. Dude has some sketchy roommates I hear.

  6. They really aren’t. I’ve done house and room clearing with special forces teams and delta and I have never seen such smooth individuals working together especially on planned and practiced raids like this would be. They may be great marines but that wasn’t a good job. Fucking with the grenade for like 30s, weren’t keeping contact while moving down hallway or clearing the top of the stairs, too much yelling, and they split up while maintaining the only egress route right through both teams’ fatal funnel. They got very lucky that they didn’t sustain more casualties

  7. Just gotta visist a couple of videos in narco subreddits to know how you could end up if the operation doesn't go well

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