That sounds like it hurt

  1. Steering wheel is in the left side of the car (when facing the car). This likely means that they are somewhere in Europe and the car was driving the vehicle on the correct side of the road and the actual mother fucker is the guy on the motorcycle.

  2. once i felt with an scooter max 21 mph and my rips got bruised, after 1 day my rips hurts so much that i couldn't even laugh because of the pain, i dont wanna think about you or the dude in this video.

  3. You can ride as safe as you want but there will always be that one idiot in a car ending your riding career. Nearly every rider gets into an accident. Saw a scooter on the highway the other day get rear ended and EMTs were trying to revive the guy.

  4. Had a friend die in after a motorcycle accident a little over a week ago. Apparently paint on the road made him lose traction and swerve into a car. Sometimes life is just a game of luck 🤷‍♂️

  5. I just got home on my bike. It’s 1am pacific. I wish I hadn’t read this comment, but I also can’t say in any way it’s not true. God damn! I want to ride, but it’s only a matter of time I guess?! (Dread)

  6. As an avid motorcyclist for about 6 years now, riding mostly around NYC I can say to stay in this hobby you have to be un-naturally hyper aware to be on two wheels. I mean to the point where you’re making a recalibration every second and constantly scanning your surroundings 360 degrees. It sounds like work but becomes second nature and has actually made me a much better car driver S well. When I see a slow down ahead I’m getting on the brakes while looking at the cars behind me. If I see someone distracted or coming in too hot I lane filter and avoid the situation. Not putting any blame on the scooter rider but there’s a good chance they could have saved themselves from that situation. For me the reward outweighs the risk as riding is not just fun but straight therapeutic. We all make our own choices though.

  7. Just ride on race tracks. If you have a small cc bike (under 400) they’re also super fun on go kart tracks.

  8. That’s just emphatically untrue. It isn’t “nearly every rider”. There are just an endless supply of seemingly braindead morons with with seemingly empty pockets who crash multiple times a year and total several bikes. You can meet an overwhelming number of cruiser riders who have been riding for 50+ years with out so much as a drop.

  9. As a rider, you learn real quick how fucking bad people drive. In a turn like that, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Turning right would’ve probably led to him low-siding and still hitting the car because of how wide they turned. Feel so bad for this guy. Hope he recovered ok.

  10. I've been riding for 35 years and you become an insanely defensive driver. You assume that literally every car is going to make the stupidest decision and change lanes into you, turn without signalling, whatever. So it causes you to drive in a completely different manner than everyone else on the road.

  11. As a automobile driver, you learn real quick how fucking bad people ride, I don't think I've ever seen a biker obey the traffic laws.

  12. “We all walk around not knowing how we’re going to die and it’s terrifying. That’s why I’ve always been jealous of people who ride motorcycles.”

  13. Any time you see an accident where the individual continunes to move, or spin for a while after, its a much better sign theyre going to have less severe damage compared to an immediate stop.

  14. The vast majority of motorcycle accidents are not the rider’s fault. Yes, there are plenty of dumbasses that cause their own accidents, but people in cars are extremely irresponsible and almost always distracted.

  15. And this is why I don't ride motorcycles, and attempt to discourage anyone I know and/or care about from riding them as well.

  16. Yeah but like riding a motorcycle is some of the most fun you can have on the road. Even just riding to work or the store is fun.

  17. That dude who got hit was a squad leader in my platoon in Marine Combat Training. This happened before he was in the Marines. If memory serves correctly he received a major back injury from this and couldn’t walk for quite some time. Still didn’t stop him from joining the Marines though!

  18. If anything, it’s almost time to draw dicks all over his face with sharpies. As soon as he passes out (with shoes on) I’m going for it. Just gotta get that helmet off.

  19. Looks like the driver sits on the right side, so they might be used to left-hand traffic? That's why they were coming the wrong way.

  20. I believe what you are seeing are the airbags on the left side. sounds like american accents and no one in the north America's rides in the left lane.

  21. It's obvious they were speeding and driving in the middle so it'd be easier and they'd have more space. They just didn't expect anyone to come.

  22. Can someone explain what the driver did wrong here? I’m not sure what side of the road they were supposed to be on, if they were supposed to drive on that road at all. To me it seems like both parties were going too fast but it seems like the driver is getting most of the blame here so I must be missing something

  23. I accidentally turned my wheel into a boat trailer once. Flung me off and gave me a double skull fracture and Bell’s palsy. Some deep scarring on arms and legs. Don’t think I’ll ever get on a motor bike again.

  24. WTF was the driver doing taking a wide turn like he driving a truck... fucking moron hope the rider is ok cus he was screaming in pain

  25. I’d consider killing someone after that on such an isolated roadway after hitting my friend driving on the wrong side like that.

  26. I don't blame you at all. The worst part about these things is when these drivers maim or kill riders, they don't face any real consequences. We call it an "accident" and not negligent homicide like you would with anything else.

  27. I came to the comments specifically looking how long it would take to find someone who would try to blame this on the rider … you did not disappoint. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  28. Almost all group riders are crybabies like this I mean it probably hurt but he could've stopped or ride off to the side or just got up and cry about it later

  29. I would hate too have a friend that would rather yell and throw shit at a car instead of help me while I’m rolling around in pain.

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